1Mincey's Bonehead Move

was critically stupid last night, getting baited into a personal foul by Ereck Flowers after a play that set up 3rd and short.

Giants got an automatic first down and continued to march down the field. It didn’t end up being a factor – thanks to a no-call illegal contact on in the end zone on 3rd and goal – but Mincey has to control himself, because that boneheaded move almost started Dallas’ season at 0-1.

2Running Game

I wasn’t particularly thrilled what I saw from any of the Running Backs. was fine as a Richie Anderson-type of receiving threat but I was otherwise underwhelmed. I believe performed slightly better than , but that’s not saying a whole lot.

3Sophomore Rushman

I need to re-watch the game, but stood out to me. There was a moment on the final Giants drive where he got airborne leaping over a blocker and allowed Jennings to bust a big run, but he was getting some good pressure.

I expect he’ll start finishing those hurries off in no time.

4Romo's Still Got It

I’m going to miss when he’s gone. What a performance down the stretch.

5The Perennial Cowboy

I’m going to miss when he’s gone. He is so automatic in situations like last night.

6Receiving Threat Diminished

Losing hurts a lot.

I’m not sure how the Cowboys respond to this in terms of roster moves (Perhaps AJ Jenkins is given a shot) but one thing is for sure: and need to step up. T-Will as a number 1 option, and Devin Street with a much heavier workload.

Beasley, I don’t believe, is required to adjust as much as these two are.

7Setback For Gregory

Losing is also a painful one. 4-6 weeks seems like a particularly long time to be sidelined with a sprained ankle, so I’m wondering if he can’t work his way back after 2 or 3 weeks. Time for to step up and fill that void.

8Vanilla Pass Attack

Even without Dez Bryant, the Cowboys cannot afford to be that vanilla moving forward. Dinks and dunks with a suspect committee is not a recipe for success.

When watching the All-22 footage later, I’ll be interested to see what the Giants were doing in coverage since Romo seemed to have little interest in trying anything past the first down marker.

9Taking A Look Elsewhere

I think will be active next week. The Cowboys need to see if he’s a better option in the rotation than any of the other three.

10Giants Done, Eagles To Come

I predicted during that the Cowboys would lose the 2nd game of the season against the Eagles; I still think that holds true.

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