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10 Takeaways From The Cowboys Monumental Win Against The Bengals

Happy #VictoryPoloMonday, !

Once upon a time, in a pre-smartphone era, there were these three digits that you could call if you needed to know someone's phone number: 4-1-1.

The don't even need the last one there to know this information… they are 4-1 and sitting atop the . Huzzah! Huzzah, I say!

Such glory was only made possible by the Cowboys impressive victory at home over the on Sunday. We learned a lot about this team, and we're here now to discuss it all. Here are my 10 Takeaways From The Cowboys Monumental Win Against The Bengals.

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Ezekiel Elliott Is Living Up To The Hype… And Beyond

When the Cowboys took Ezekiel Elliott with the 4th Overall pick in the draft, the hype was unreal. You had , Dez Bryant, and the best in the NFL. How was this kid not going to succeed?

Five games into his NFL career, Zeke has already played a ton of football without Romo, Dez, , and La'el Collins… and he's still dominating. Sunday's game against the Bengals was just another example.

15 carries, 134 yards, and 2 touchdowns. One of which was a 60-yard spring that Zeke ripped off in the third quarter. What young Ezekiel has done just five games into an NFL career is astounding. I'm so happy that he's ours!

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This Was The Best The Offensive Line Has Looked In A While

If we're being honest with ourselves we would likely admit that through the San Francisco win the Cowboys weren't playing like the best offensive line in the NFL. We all know that they are the best, it just hadn't happened.

On Sunday the Cowboys had their way with the Bengals. Remember that this team hadn't surrendered a single rushing touchdown before hitting the turf, but the Cowboys scored three on them. This O-Line has clicked and things are about to be fun.

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Terrance Williams Is Stepping Up

For the second consecutive week – the only two games Dallas has played without Dez Bryant – the Cowboys leading receiver in terms of yardage was Terrance Williams. Hmm.

There are a handful of Cowboys that seem to be magnets for criticism in Twitterland and Facebook (if you choose to venture there), Terrance is undoubtedly among them. It's time for all of us to eat a little crow on this one and admit that T-Will is ballin' and being just what his rookie QuarterDAK needs in the absence of Dez Bryant. Way to go, Terrance!

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Jason Witten Is Stronger Than Average Humans

Have you ever thought you were strong enough to do something and failed? So have the Bengals.

may have only had 3 catches for 43 yards – not to mention an insane shimmy move he put on a Cincy defender – but the dude is seriously superhuman. Witten refuses to show any signs of age, save for his occasional whoopsie during a game, and he is now at a point where he literally doesn't flinch at opponents. Bravo, sir.

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Dak Prescott Isn't Perfect After All

Cowboys Headlines - 10 Takeaways From The Cowboys Dominating Win Against The Bengals

The Cowboys big-time rookie QB Dak Prescott still has yet to throw an interception in his career, an incredible achievement through five full games, but he did finally have his first turnover – a fumble.

In the world of truth this is a demerit for Dak, but overall he had a fantastic game. It's no secret how well Prescott has played on the way to a 4-1 record, but this fumble was a glaring indication that even he is susceptible to the occasional mistake. Oh well.

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Morris Claiborne Has Arrived

Last week here at Inside The Star, I wrote about AJ Green and the Bengals posing the toughest test for this Cowboys and .

Considering that AJ Green – one of the NFL's best receivers – only finished with 4 catches for 50 yards, a lot of which came late, I'd say that the test was passed with flying colors. is out there locking up everything. He had a couple of just absolutely incredible pass break-ups that saved big plays for the Bengals, and he is arguably this team's Defensive through five games.

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DeMarcus Lawrence's Impact Was Felt

The Cowboys managed to “bend but not break” through four games without their best pass rusher. Thankfully they got to play the Bengals with the full services of DeMarcus Lawrence at their disposal.

Lawrence may not have had a big box score day, but he broke up many plays that the Bengals were trying to run. This is impressive for a normal day at the office, but considering that it was DLaw's first game back it's all the more unbelievable. Tank is wreaking havoc!

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The Defensive Line As A Whole Is Fairly Decent

Cowboys Headlines - 10 Takeaways From The Cowboys Dominating Win Against The Bengals 1

, , and all got at least a piece of on Sunday. That's pretty amazing when you actually think about it.

It's amazing because this defense on paper – no jive here – should be one of the worst in the NFL, specifically the . The Cowboys have, for the last few seasons now, submitted themselves to a “ can make anybody work” philosophy, and you know what? Rod Marinelli is making it work! The Defensive Line is getting it done, and that effort was certainly aided by the return of DeMarcus Lawrence.

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We Now Know Why Cole Beasley Has Been Returning Punts

had a not-so-Lucky play during this contest, a fumble on a punt return (which was recovered by Whitehead himself).

The idea of Cole Beasley returning punts was, while not totally strange, a bit of a chin-scratcher for most of us. Considering that Lucky Whitehead had trouble getting a hand on the ball, it's obvious that the doesn't totally trust him when gigantic things are on the line. Thank God for .

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Jason Garrett Is In The Running For Coach Of The Year

Think about this for a second.

has, since , lost his MLB, RDE, QB2, QB1, WR1, LT, and perceived CB1… and his football team is 4-1. That is unreal!

Do I believe that the Cowboys Staff and have acted arrogantly recently? Absolutely, but arrogance isn't always bad. If you can back up what you're saying then you have every right to be arrogant. So far Jason Garrett and Co. can be as arrogant as they want, they've backed it all up.

What were your takeaways from the Cowboys monumental win against the Bengals? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @RJOchoa!

RJ Ochoa
RJ Ochoa
I like long walks on the beach, mystery novels, no just kidding those suck. The Dallas Cowboys were put on this earth for us all to love and appreciate. I do that 24/7/365. I also love chicken parmesan. Let's roll. @RJOchoa if you wanna shout!

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