Romo Breaks Clavicle

The hurts dearly, but this is proving to be a poor division and the Cowboys still have a lot of positives – particularly on – that they can build on. I expect them to have a winning record while Tony is out.

Closing The Deal: Ground Game

The still looks pretty terrible and that's a legitimate area of concern. Randle, Dunbar, and McFadden will need to step things up in the absence of Tony and Dez. I would be willing to bet a significant sum of money that is active for the Falcons game.

Big Mo Riding A New Tide So Far

, once again, looked fantastic. We spoke at length on Cowboys Cast during the  about Mo's improved perspective and attitude. It appears to be improving his play on the field.

Closing The Deal, Defensively Speaking

The defense needs to start finishing off some of these . They're getting a lot of pressure, but they're still a half step from a sack on a number of occasions. Much improved, but still need to finish things off.

General Lee Back In Action

How great is ? On a number of occasions yesterday he reminded why he is such a critical piece of this defense's success.

LBs To Come: Rolando McClain & Sean Lee

Speaking of Sean Lee, it's going to be pretty fantastic when we finally have Sean Lee and  on the field at the same time.

Hampered Defense Still Getting It Done

It should be noted that yesterday's fantastic performance on defense was done without Orlando Scandrick, , , and Rolando McClain. This defense will only get better as the year goes along.

Cover Corners That Can Cover

We've already spoken about Claiborne, but has also had a really nice start to the season. If Claiborne and Patmon keep up their current pace the Cowboys will win a lot of games this season, with or without Tony Romo.

What A Boss

is a total boss for punking on the sideline. Worth the flag to see him pushing DeMarco.

Week 3 Prediction Versus Atlanta

The 2-0 Falcons come to town next week and I feel confident – even without Dez and Tony – that the Cowboys will be 3-0 a week from today.