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And With The 16th Pick The Cowboys Select… Wait, Not Johnny?

For all the huge hype that the gets these days – with the three-day prime time coverage – it truly comes and goes faster than you can say . Of course, this brings me to my topic.

Let's set aside a moment to thank Jerry and and  for resisting the temptation to draft another polarizing ; this one named . We already have our QB, as Jones and company have stated countless times.

Still, as the A&M standout was still on the board at the 16th pick, I was terrified that this draft could turn into a nightmare full of Aggies, Romo-haters and Skip Bayless. Instead, the Cowboys did what I had a feeling they would do all along; they drafted an offensive lineman, .

Not gonna lie , I gave a huge fist pump when I saw this selection. There are several reasons why you should LOVE this draft pick.

  • The first is that Martin was the guy they wanted if the four defensive standouts we were looking at had already been selected. When those defensive guys went off the board Martin was definitely who the Cowboys wanted and really, he might have been the guy anyway. The Cowboys had a plan going into this draft and they stuck to it. I believe this is another example of how Jason Garrett's methodical and stoic approach to football is changing this program.
  • Secondly, Dallas secured a solid for years to come. Three of the last four drafts the Cowboys selected an offensive lineman with their first-round pick. , and now Zack Martin. All of these guys are young but very capable protectors. Without big trades and without spending tons of money the Dallas staff is building a very solid, if not great offensive line.
  • Thirdly, this kid is just flat-out talented. If you've had the chance of seeing him play a game, he just doesn't get beat that often. He may not totally destroy a but he's just not going to get beat either. Also, much like Travis Frederick, Martin could play at any position along the offensive line. Versatility is a tremendous asset, especially as the season wears on and players fall to .
  • Fourthly, this pick kept the Manziel circus from coming to Dallas! I don't think Manziel was the best QB available in this draft, but I think he could've learned a lot wearing a headset here in Dallas. But we all know that at the first multi-interception game, the masses would be calling for Johnny Football to go in and I, for one, could see that kind of attention making the season a living hell for die-hard .

Great pick Dallas.

Completely solidified our offensive line and avoided a possibly miserable season of Skip Bayless saying Manziel should be the starting quarterback of the . I'm ready to see Martin lineup with Smith and Frederick this next season as a starter.

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