Cowboys 2007 Position Grades: Quarterback

This time of year is such a transition time of year as football season is over ( except for the pro bowl) basketball season is just beginning to become worth watching, and baseball well we still have some time before spring training begins. So I have decided to do a positional breakdown year-end review! This will be a weekly series starting with the quarterback position. I will do my best to analyze each position as accurate as possible. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s begin from the bottom up here! So that brings us to:

Richard Bartel(3) Richard Bartel

Richard Bartel in 2007 was a member of the practice squad as the Cowboys consider him a project player. Bartel who played collegiate at Tarleton State was an undrafted free agent pick up for the Boys. He went through training camp and was then released.

The team however did sign him to the practice squad where he tries to improve his game to make the squad next season. Obviously the Cowboys see something in this kid as they recently resigned him. Bartel possesses excellent size at 6’4” 233lbs. excellent arm strength (cannon!) and accuracy.

He needs to work on his technique and mobility (can you say statue!) to give him a chance of making this team in 2008.

Overall Grade: I (incomplete not seen enough to grade)

Brad Johnson(2) Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson in 2007 was the veteran backup to Tony Romo and this should not change in ’08. Brad provides much-needed insurance, and experience behind Romo.

Other than carrying a clipboard we did not see much of Brad this past season and let’s hope it stays this way (no offense Brad!). He provides leadership and post season experience (although we could use more of him to break this December crumble that we have going).

All Brad needs to do this year is what he has been doing for 16 years now and that is just have himself mentally and physically ready to play.

Overall Grade: B

Tony Romo
AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

(1) Tony Romo

Tony Romo in 2007 had a breakout year he was stellar all year minus a game here and there (see buffalo WOW). This was supposed to be the year that he unraveled! With the bobbled snap in Seattle in ‘06 everyone thought he would not recover. Recover he did became the first Cowboy quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards (pretty impressive when you consider the company) and he made great strides in becoming the leader of this football team.

I know some of you will point out his somewhat childish fit in the playoff loss to the Giants but I will give him a pass on this due to the fact that you would be pissed off too if everyone you threw the ball to could not catch! (Patrick Crayton, Anthony Fasano) I expect nothing but improvement from Tony over the summer.

I will say this again Jessica Simpson has absolutely no effect on his performance so everyone stop with it already (maybe they will badger Tom Brady for a while now). I would like to see Tony work on his decision-making skills before next year begins to cut down on some of the poor decisions ( like throwing the ball away instead of taking the sack!)

Overall Grade: A- (did a lot of good but still more work to do)

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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