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2013 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys Draft Day Mock

The draft is today and I thought i'd give this one more shot. The truth is that none of these matter, they're just a way to be more engaged with the draft.

So without further adu, this is my “I'm totally wrong, but what the heck” .

Round One: (Minnesota trades first (25) and third for Dallas first 18 overall) , DT, UNC

The Cowboys are able to land Williams who was the same guy they would have selected if Minnesota hadn't come calling.  With Williams, the ‘Boys get a versatile interior lineman who can play both the 1- and 3-technique in the Tampa 2. Williams has a non-stop motor and excellent work ethic.  A rags-to-riches story ends with Williams fulfilling his dreams and the Cowboys filling one giant need.

Round Two: , G, Kentucky

Warford is a wall of an interior lineman who plays with a nasty streak.  He would instantly upgrade the Cowboys but most importantly he would keep the pocket intact for . Warford was given a grade just shy of the elite guys and he's an excellent consolations prize for a team that badly needs help on the .

Round Three: Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall

Dobson is the best value here.  He is a big outside receiver that would allow into the slot to ravage teams.  Dobson could eventually become a dangerous compliment to but more importantly another big weapon for Tony Romo.

Round Three (From Minnesota): Barrett Jones, C, Alabama

Jones falls because of an that has definitely caused concern to scouts.  That shouldn't detract from the versaitility that Jones has shown in his college career playing all three positions along the offensive lne.  Jones isn't an athletic specimen by any means but he has an exceptional football IQ, great character and tremendous skills.  The Cowboys could use an upgrade at and Jones could be the anchor and leader needed in a huge youth infusion.

Round Four: Stepfan Taylor, RB, Stanford

Underrated, Taylor is as well balanced a back as there is in this class.  He isn't a guy who is going to wow scouts with his measurables but he has good vision, falls forward, and can be explosive through the hole. Taylor is also solid in pass protection and as a receiver out of the backfield. Eventually I could see Taylor replacing Murray in this lineup.

Round Five: , FB, Harvard

DCN Columnist Todd Werley loves this guy. Juszczyk is one of the best “pure football” players in this draft. He blocks well, can be a dynamic receiver and understands the game well. Some would argue that fullbacks aren't needed in today's NFL, but for the Cowboys, who rely on a solid running attack, is a big need. Vickers isn't promised anything moving forward and Juszczyk would be insane value in the fifth for a team that needs a guy who could play fullback and blocking .

Round Six: Earl Wolff, S, NC State

The Cowboys haven't given up on and I believe he eventually starts.  However, I can see where Wolff could great competition at the position. Wolff is a rangy with good range.  He has good instincts and can be a playmaker at the next level if put in the right situation. He'll be exciting to watch develop.

Bo Martin
Bo Martin
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