2014 Offensive Position Battles for Training Camp

Pos. Starting Player
WR 1
WR 2
TE 1
TE 2
Starting positions largely secured heading into training camp.

[tps_title]Offensive Position Battles[/tps_title]

Since took over in 2010, one of his main objectives was to breed competition at each position on the team. He wanted players that would push each other and make sure that every starting position was earned the hard way. This year, the list of offensive position battles is a little less competition than we’ve seen in recent years.

There are several positions on offense  that are simply locked up with big names and proven up-and-comers, so we’re not gonna spend a lot of time on them.

If the bug skips training camp (also known as the dreaded “Goat Mouth”) for Dallas this year then the list to the left is pretty much a partial . That’s a really good sign when you can go into training camp and all but one position has been settled in your base offensive formation.

Let’s take a closer look at the X’s.

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Written by Brian Leatherman

Brian has been a football junkie from the time he was 5 years old. He lives, eats and breathes the game. Brian is a college graduate living in the south who loves his faith, his family, and his Dallas Cowboys.

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