The is a funky time in the National Football League.

Hope exists within the halls of each and every franchise's headquarters as they all prepare thinking, “This is the year.” Each moment of every day right now is being devoted to the preparation towards a run in 2016 as most teams have put the 2015 season behind them.

Perhaps no team has buried the 2015 season deeper than the who, after much hype following a very successful 2014 campaign, suffered a litany of and fell flat on their face in a 4-12 puddle.

The 2015 season differed from 2014 in more ways than an inverse record. There were a handful of Cowboys a year ago that, during , defected towards new homes with higher salaries and supposedly greater opportunities for success.

, the 2014 Executive of the Year, and the Cowboys have faced scrutiny from the uneducated for a long time. People tend to recycle the same old arguments that “Jerry doesn't know what he's doing,” or “Jerry's just in it to sell ,” when really that's quite silly.

The Jones Regime has proven that they have quite the eye for talent. It takes extreme skill and precision to identify talent and a poker player disposition to draft them at the right spots/value. Thankfully for , Jerry Jones embodies all of that.

Jones has also woven that impeccable business acumen that people laud him for into his General Management decisions (not to mention that he recently led the charge on the NFL's return to Los Angeles).

So what exactly am I talking about? We've done quite the bit of dancing so far and you don't even know what song is playing.

As much as it is indisputably true that Jerry Jones & Co. have had extreme success in their investments in the since 2000, they have also made great “business” decisions when it comes to where they don't invest – this business being football.

This Front Office has passed on re- supposed stars that many chastised them for letting get away. Here are some of the “big name” guys that they let walk a year ago:

Player 2015 Team (After 2014 As A Cowboy) New Contract
, LB 4-year, $20.5M
, LB 3-year, $10.8M
, WR 5-year, $17.5M
, DT Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-year, $3.75M
, RB 5-year, $42M
, OT 5-year, $32M
, DE New York Giants 1-year, $1.4M
, DE 1-year, $950k
Sterling Moore, CB Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-year, $1.5M

At one point or another, the Dallas Cowboys were ridiculed for not keeping each of these players just one year ago. That's 365 days. 525,600 minutes. It's only been that long since people threw their hands up in the air, like they just didn't care, and said that the Cowboys had no idea what they were doing.

I suppose that it's somewhat understandable when you consider the 2014 season that some of these players had, but not to the 2014 Executive of the Year… he knew better. Here is the same list updated with their status as of today.

Player 2015 Team (After 2014 As A Cowboy) New Contract 2016 Status
Bruce Carter, LB Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-year, $20.5M (Cut by TB)
Justin Durant, LB Atlanta Falcons 3-year, $10.8M (Cut by Atlanta)
Dwayne Harris, WR New York Giants 5-year, $17.5M New York Giants
Henry Melton, DT Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-year, $3.75M Free Agent (Not Re-Signed)
DeMarco Murray, RB Philadelphia Eagles 5-year, $42M (Traded)
Jermey Parnell, OT Jacksonville Jaguars 5-year, $32M Jacksonville Jaguars
George Selvie, DE New York Giants 1-year, $1.4M Free Agent (Not Re-Signed)
Anthony Spencer, DE New Orleans Saints 1-year, $950k Free Agent (Not Re-Signed)
Sterling Moore, CB Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-year, $1.5M (Not Re-Signed)

A startling two out of the nine “big name” players that left the Cowboys just a year ago are still on the team that lured them away. Two were outright cut by their new team, four were not re-signed (three of which are still looking for work), and a certain was traded away after causing too much drama in his 2015 home.

This is the talent that people pounded the table for Jerry Jones to re-sign. Seriously.

The last year has taught us that Jerry Jones and his Entourage know exactly what they are doing. They know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. They are masterful poker players and we have the privilege of watching them handle their business.

So the next time someone gives you hard time about Jerry Jones having no clue what's going on with regards to the team that he owns and operates… just give them a taste of reality. At the end of the day facts win, and the facts say that the Dallas Cowboys know what they are doing.

What are your thoughts on how the 2015 Dallas Cowboys have done? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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