gets more shit flung his way than patrons at a monkey zoo, and if you’ve ever been to one, that’s a lot of shit. If he throws for four touchdowns, four hundred yards, zero interceptions and the Cowboys lose, it’s always his fault — according to anyone not associated with COWBOYSNATION, of course.

Anyone who knows anything about the Cowboys already knew what Romo means to Dallas, and now it’s pretty evident if you thought otherwise.

Even though the Cowboys made the switch to last week (and the did improve), the truth of the matter is the Cowboys still lost another game that they should have won. Is Cassel all to blame? No. But he didn’t help either — throwing three interceptions, one of which as we all know, was returned for a Giants touchdown.

If Romo would have been playing, I firmly believe that the Cowboys would be sitting at 5-1 at least, if not 6-0, instead of everyone saying the Cowboys just need to figure out how to win a game.

So here in lies my point: To me, the letters MVP mean the player who is most valuable to his team. Not the guy that throws the most touchdowns, has the most sacks, or scores the most touchdowns in the whole league.
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Say what you will about and Tom-gate Brady, the Packers and the Patriot-gates. They have won in seasons when both Rodgers and Brady-gate have gone down for an extended period of time.

Is the Cowboys and staff to blame for the Cowboys losing ways without Romo? Absolutely. But there again, it just proves my point!

Tony Romo is proving in 2015 that he is indeed the Most Valuable Player and that goes for any year and all teams. And that’s with him sitting on the bench.

Don’t take this wrong way — I do not believe the season is lost. I still believe that somehow someway the Cowboys will find a way to win the and bring home the Lombardi trophy. But it will only happen if the Cowboys can pull out a couple of wins until the returns.