2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft

The 2016 NFL Draft is finally upon us. We have officially started draft week and are now just days away of finally figuring out who the Dallas Cowboys and the rest NFL decide to make members of their football teams.

If you are anything like me, you truly enjoy reading different mock drafts and seeing who could possibly become members of your favorite team. You may not always agree with the selection, but that’s one of the reasons that mock drafts are so entertaining.

Well, since we are just a few days away I decided to take a shot in the dark and play general manager. I’m sure I will get crucified for a lot of my selections, but overall I think I would be happy if this was the way the Cowboys draft actually turned out.

There are so many different unknowns and variables that make predicting a teams draft nearly impossible, but below is how I decided to use the Cowboys nine draft picks in 2016.

Round 1- Pick 4

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio StateCowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft

My analysis: I can’t tell you how much I struggled back-and-forth between selecting Jalen Ramsey or Ezekiel Elliott, but I ultimately decided to go with Elliott because I believe he is the biggest difference maker between the two players.

There really are no weaknesses to Elliott’s game and he would immediately become the #1 RB on the Cowboys depth chart. He is a three down back and can do everything that will be asked of him at the NFL level.

I have previously written an article making a case for drafting Ezekiel Elliott that you can read to see in more detail why I believe Elliott is the right choice.

Round 2- Pick 34

Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio StateCowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 1

My analysis: If my selection of Ezekiel Elliott in the first round didn’t make curse words spew out of your mouth, I’m sure my choice of drafting Michael Thomas with the Cowboys second round draft pick will.

After watching the abysmal play from the Cowboys wide receivers in 2015, I am convinced that the organization will try and address the position at some point in the 2016 draft. Unfortunately, the wide receivers in this draft class are littered with players that are best suited to play out of the slot and that is why I selected Thomas in the second round.

I think Thomas is undervalued in this draft class and can develop into a true #1 WR in the future. He has the size and speed to win against cornerbacks in the NFL and will help to stop teams double covering Dez Bryant.

Round 3- Pick 67

Charles Tapper, DE, OklahomaCowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 2

My analysis: It’s no secret that the Dallas Cowboys are in desperate need of help at the defensive end position.

Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence could miss the first month of the season due to the four-game suspension handed down by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Lawrence is however appealing the suspension and if he wins he wouldn’t miss any games.

Charles Tapper is a LDE, which would move Lawrence back to the right side, but Tapper is exactly the type of DE Rod Marinelli loves to have on his team. Tapper has the athleticism and nonstop motor that will make him a welcomed addition to the defense, but he does need help on his technique  and pad level. That however is easily correctable with coaching.

Round 4- Picks 101 & 135

Joe Thuney, OL, NC State (101)Cowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 3

My analysis: The Dallas Cowboys already have one of the best offensive lines in the entire NFL, but the depth behind the starters is something that will probably need to be addressed.

They tried to do this by signing Joe Looney in the off-season to play backup C/G, but Jason Garrett believes in competition and that is why Joe Thuney was my selection with the first of the Cowboys fourth-round draft picks.

Thuney has played center, guard, and tackle at NC State and provides the kind of versatility that would be a huge benefit to the game day roster as a backup offensive lineman. He is probably better suited to play center/guard in the NFL, but I wouldn’t rule out seeing how he does at the offensive tackle position.

Maurice Canady, CB, Virginia (135 compensatory pick)Cowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 4

My analysis: With the first of the Cowboys 4 compensatory picks I decided to address the CB position with Maurice Canaday out of Virginia.

Canady has the size (6’1″, 193) and speed (4.49) that NFL teams have come to covet in their cornerbacks and is a good value pick in the fourth round.

Canady needs to work on his footwork and technique, but that is something that can be coached up in the NFL. He’s also not quite as physical as you would expect for someone his size, but after creating 10 turnovers in college he would be a welcome addition as a playmaker. That is something the Cowboys secondary could definitely use.

Round 6- Picks 189, 212, 216, & 217

Anthony Zettel, DT/DE, Penn State (189)Cowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 5

My analysis: Anthony Zettel was somewhat overshadowed by his teammates (Austin Johnson & Carl Nassib) at Penn State, but is exactly the type of defensive lineman that Rod Marinelli loves to have in his rotation.

Zettel has the position flexibility to play anywhere along the defensive line and has a nonstop high motor that will make him a key contributor in the NFL.

He continually made plays in the backfield while at Penn State and will continue to do so in the NFL because he explodes at the snap of the ball and has the first step quickness to become a destructive force.

I can see him rotating at either defensive end positions, the 3-tech, and at the 1-tech in 2016.

Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah State (212 compensatory pick)Cowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 6

My analysis: It might be a stretch that Nick Vigil is still available this deep into the six round, but this would be tremendous value if he is still available.

I have seen him projected to be drafted anywhere from the late third round to the early seventh. I have him as a late fifth-round early sixth in my personal ratings.

Vigil possesses exceptional read/react skills and trust his instincts showing very little hesitation in his game. He has the speed to be a sideline to sideline linebacker in the NFL and could possibly be the Cowboys future at the middle linebacker position.

Deiondre’ Hall, FS, Northern Iowa (216 compensatory pick)Cowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 8

My analysis: In a six round I decided to add a versatile defensive back. Hall played both CB and FS at Northern Iowa, but  in my opinion he projects better as a safety in the NFL.

Hall has the arm length of a left tackle (34 3/8″) and uses that length to his advantage to fight off blocks and knock down passes.

However, he possesses a thin frame and will need to add muscle to be able to stand up to the vigorous physicality required to play in the NFL. He also needs work on his footwork and technique, but most defensive backs entering NFL need work in this area.

I could see him as a centerfield type safety with the Cowboys and would be a good pairing to go alongside Byron Jones.

Vernon Adams, QB, Oregon (217 compensatory pick)Cowboys Draft - 2016 Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft 9

My analysis: Vernon Adams to me is an intriguing prospect and if not for his size he would probably be a day 2 draft pick.

We all know that the Cowboys are looking for a QB to develop behind Tony Romo, but honestly I don’t see that player in this draft. I think the majority of the quarterbacks in this draft class are backup QBs at best and I’m against using a premium draft pick on a backup.

Adams can make all the throws in the NFL and knows how to move around the pocket to buy time to complete a pass down the field. He reminds me a little bit of Russell Wilson, but doesn’t quite have the speed to be as big of a threat when scrambling as Wilson is.

Don’t overlook Adams, I think he will have a successful career in the NFL.

Well, there you have it. Please feel free to use the comment section below to express your thoughts and opinions. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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