2016 Dallas Cowboys Draft Class: The Power Of 4

I’m a big fan of the Madden franchise.

Every year I get the new one and start a new franchise mode so that I can lead the Dallas Cowboys to Super Bowl glory.

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While I love me some Romo, I also love me some me (to quote the great philosopher Terrell Owens, that is). Typically the quarterback of the Cowboys on my digital team goes by the name RJ Ochoa and wears the number 4 on his jersey. It’s my favorite number, after all.

It’s partly for this reason that I was particularly excited when Dak Prescott decided to wear #4 as a Cowboys QB just like I do (you can see all the rookie jersey numbers right here, if you’d like).

People were curious why Dak chose to sport numero quatro at first. He wore 15 in college, which is currently occupied by Devin Street, so it was quite the head scratcher. I hypothesized that maybe it was because 4 is the difference of 5 and 1, or maybe it was because he was a 4th Round Draft Pick.

As it turns out Dak is wearing this number to honor his late Mom, who’s birthday is September 4th. That’s certainly a noble reason and great way to commemorate his Mother’s memory, but before knowing that I had so much fun speculating why he’d chosen it. I love numbers, and I love connecting them to stories.

The number four seems to stick out a lot to me when it comes to the 2016 Dallas Cowboys, and here’s exactly how.

The Dallas Cowboys Finished 4-12, 4th In The NFC East

After a spectacular 2014 season (hey a 4!) when the Cowboys finished 12-4 (another one!) the Cowboys pulled a complete 180 (which is divisible by four, FOR what it’s worth!) and ended 2015 4-12. This abysmal performance earned them last place in the NFC East. Just so you know, last place in an NFL Division is synonymous with finishing 4th in it, too. Interesting.

4th Overall Pick: Ezekiel Elliott

I can see you scratching your chin as you begin to connect these dots. This is freaky, right?!

The Cowboys were just outside of the Top 3 when it came to the 2016 NFL Draft as their first selection was the 4th Overall Pick. By now you certainly know that that pick was used to select the stud Running Back from The Ohio State University – Ezekiel Elliott.

What else about this pick is particularly four-y? Well that guy the Cowboys took, Ezekiel… what’s his nickname again? Zeke, you say? Z-E-K-E. 4 letters. Boom. Also four letters. Just like the acronym for his school, tOSU.

34th Overall Pick: Jaylon Smith

These are all facts. I’m just connecting dots. I promise!

If there is a home run (which is good for four bases, by the way…) lurking in this Draft Class it is in Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith, who is now a professional linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. Jaylon was selected 30 picks after Zeke was at #4 Overall, making him the 34th pick in the draft. There are so many fours!

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We already covered how Dak Prescott is going to be wearing #4, but Jaylon is just adding a Grant to that. Smith will be rocking #54 in the blue and silver, the mirror number of his brother Rod Smith who wears #45.

4th Round 4s

Dak Prescott kicked this discussion about fours off quite nicely, didn’t he? The 4th Round Pick who is now wearing #4 pretty much served as the entire inspiration for this whole shebang.

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What about his Cowboy teammate who was taken ahead of him in the 4th Round? Charles Tapper? The Defensive End from Oklahoma? Much has been made about a Dallas Cowboys Draftee with a basketball background, his name is Rico Gathers and he’s going to try become a boss TE, but Tapper has some hooping experience as well.

While in high school at Baltimore City College Tapper was a pretty solid forward. Oh, and he wore number 24. No big deal.

Charles Tapper is a proud alum of the Four Club, and he proved that with his 4th Round Selection just like the #4 inspiration, Dak Prescott.


At the end of the day these are all merely coincidences, but they’re a lot of fun to highlight and speculate on. Considering how badly we want a Super Bowl in the Tony Romo (both first and last names have four letters FYI…) era, any edge helps.

Edge is also four letters. I just can’t help myself!

What do you make of all these fours? Let me know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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