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2017 Cowboys Draft: 6 Injured Prospects Dallas Should Target

When it comes to the , and the aren't afraid to wheel and deal in order to come away with the prospect they have their eyes on. We've also seen them take quite a few chances on players in the past whose draft stock has taken a hit because of off the field issues or because they are still recuperating from some kind of . I'm hoping the organization is starting to shy away from “troubled” players, but I think there are potentially six injured prospects the come April.

We have seen the Dallas Cowboys take chances on these type of players in back to back drafts. was drafted last year in the because of a devastating injury he sustained. After basically redshirting his first year in the NFL, the hope is he will be able to contribute in 2017. His injury is still a concern, but there is hope he can return to form.

The year prior to Smith's selection, the Dallas Cowboys took another chance in the second round on a talented player that was falling because of his off the field issues. Yes, you guessed it… . Gregory hasn't panned out like they hoped, and could possibly be seeing his chance to play in the NFL come to an end because of his off the field issues.

As you can see, there are no guarantees when it comes to drafting players, especially when there are already concerns to begin with. But, sometimes you have to “risk it to get the biscuit” to acquire talent that probably wouldn't have been available otherwise.

Use the arrow tool provided to navigate through the article in order to see the six prospects the Cowboys could target, despite the fact they are still recuperating from their .

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Ethan Chazin

No…no…no…no…no! No need for risky injured players. This draft must hit on at least THREE defensive picks: DE, CB, SS, then go try and get depth on O with WR, TE, RB. There can be no risky draft picks. Sorry.

Brian Martin

I don’t disagree, but the Cowboys seem to take a chance on one of these types of prospects every year. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they did so once again.


I would to see the Boys stay on course and grab the best available defensive player at each pick through the first 4 rounds. In fact, they need to concentrate on the secondary. You have Tapper for DE as your rookie. D. Lawrence is back and he knows he has to perform since this is the last year of his contract. That’s motivation. Go after Peppers or Bubba or Obi at 28 for Safety. If not, Conley or Kevin King may be available to shore up the CB ranks. No TE this year. We dropped Escobar and that leaves a hole for Rico to step up into. Hope he shines. If you want to go after Sydney Jones, then pray he is around at 92.

Brian Martin

Everything you said makes sense, but don’t be surprised if they draft an offensive player if he is the highest ranked player on the board. I honestly think they would have a hard time passing up on Corey Davis if he is available the first round. But, the focus will definitely be on improving the defense.


Ok. Agree. If Davis fell into our lap then it would be a tear-filled day for Brice Butler.

Brian Martin

They could keep Butler as the 5th WR. Bryant, Beasley, Williams, Davis, and Butler make up a really strong receiver group.


That would be a strong group. So Lucky runs out of luck or do they carry 6 WRs? …or Beasley goes back to kick/punt return? …. or We draft a returner and hope Adoree is available at #60?

Brian Martin

I think they should have moved on from Whitehead last year instead of cutting Darius Jackson. I haven’t really seen a reason to keep him on the roster. I think the return game is starting to get phased out. I’ll take a guy that doesn’t make mistakes like Beasley any day. Maybe find an undrafted free agent to come in and compete


I could not agree more. I have wondered why they let Darius Jackson go and kept Lance Dunbar. To me that didn’t make any sense. My only consolation is that we did get David Irving from Kansas City. Still, ad a fan, I just wish we would win all of those opportunities

Brian Martin

It was definitely a head scratching decision on their part.

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