2017 Cowboys Draft: Should Dallas Target Jabrill Peppers? ⋆
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2017 Cowboys Draft: Should Dallas Target Jabrill Peppers?

2017 Cowboys Draft: Will Jabrill Peppers Be The Best Player Available?

NFL Draft

2017 Cowboys Draft: Should Dallas Target Jabrill Peppers?

2017 Cowboys Draft: Should Dallas Target Jabrill Peppers?

If I would have been asked at any point over the last two collegiate seasons if I would like to see Jabrill Peppers end up with the Dallas Cowboys, my answer would’ve absolutely been yes. But, as things stand right now I’m a little bit on the fence. Because of that, I have been wondering whether or not the Cowboys draft Peppers in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft when they are on the clock at 28th overall.

Jabrill Peppers is without a doubt one of the more intriguing prospects in the entire 2017 draft class, but it doesn’t really seem as if anybody really knows what position he should play in the NFL.

Is he a safety? Is he a linebacker? Is he a better offensive player?

If the Dallas Cowboys draft Peppers, they will have to be able to answer all those questions in order to get him on the field as soon as possible. That’s just what you would expect from a first-round draft pick.

In all honesty, I’m actually starting to come around to the idea that the former Michigan star might just be the best player available when the Cowboys are on the clock. The more I study and learn about Peppers, the more I think the Cowboys draft him if he is still available. Continue reading if you want to know why.

Cowboys’ Coaching Staff Familiarity

S Coach Greg Jackson and S Jabrill PeppersThe Dallas Cowboys may feel more comfortable drafting Jabrill Peppers than the majority of other teams around the NFL. That is because they may just have a little inside information because of their safeties coach, Greg Jackson.

Before becoming the Cowboys’ safety coach in 2016, Greg Jackson spent the 2015 season filling the same role at Michigan. That by the way was the last year Peppers played safety for the Wolverines before moving to linebacker in 2016.

Jackson may have a really good understanding of what Peppers is as a safety and where he needs to improve the most. That kind of knowledge is invaluable, especially when the team you work for is considering drafting that particular player with their first-round selection.

Not only can Jackson give advice about Peppers’ skill set, but he also has firsthand knowledge of his work ethic and the kind of person he is on and off the field. Again, this kind of information is invaluable.

Jabrill Peppers’ Intriguing Versatility

S Jabrill PeppersOne of the reasons Jabrill Peppers is arguably the most intriguing prospect in the entire 2017 draft class is because of his versatility to play several different positions.

He was recruited to Michigan as a cornerback, but also played safety and linebacker on defense for the Wolverines. Peppers also played on the opposite side of the ball as a running back and wide receiver. But, that’s not all. He is also dangerous in the return game as a punt and kick returner.

There are those that believe Peppers would be a better offensive player as either a running back or wide receiver in the NFL. They can certainly make a strong case for that, because he is dangerous anytime he has the ball in his hands. But, I think he is going to make a really good safety once he can buckle down and focus on one position.

The Cowboys are thin at the safety position with Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox leaving via free agency. Peppers could step in and start next to Byron Jones, but with Jeff Heath on the roster the Cowboys can afford to take their time before throwing him into the fire.

We all know the Cowboys like versatility in their players, and Peppers has that in spades. As a rookie he could end up being the starting safety next to Byron Jones. The Cowboys could also decide to use him as their primary return man or in certain packages on offense. He could even be used as a nickel linebacker.

There are so many ways that Jabrill Peppers can be utilized it almost seems as if it is a no-brainer for the Dallas Cowboys to draft him if he is still available. Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait until April 27 to find out.

Do you think Jabrill Peppers would be a good first-round draft pick for the Dallas Cowboys?

Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

  • EverybodyTalks

    Peppers would be a great choice at 28. We drop Lucky and put Peppers on returns. With that pick we have added help at LB, CB on special packages while filling a need at S or even SS. If Heath is getting his shot, then Peppers could be on Special teams. We will see if he is there at 28.

    • Brian Martin

      There are players I would like more in the first round, but I wouldn’t be upset if Peppers is who the Cowboys decide to go with.

  • Russ_Te

    If we are going high for an S, we’re talking SS to pair up with Jones at FS / after losing Church. I condone the pick if it is an impact SS and there was not a comparable impact CB on the board. Otherwise I’m going the project route, and as I mentioned I might want to look at Jaylon Smith at SS in camp, because of the physicality upgrade from Church.

    Peppers is 5′ 11″ / 213 lbs / 4.46 40 dash. But he was a track star, so he can run. If I think he is a hitter and intimidator then I’m trying to add about 10 lbs to play SS in the NFL. If he is my starter and can also break open kick or punt returns, then I’m not looking for him to always return the ball – too much injury risk. A player like that – think Darrell Green – is great in spot return duty, like in a close game in the second half.


    • Brian Martin

      I really find Peppers intriguing, but at the same time there a lot of players I like better that should be there for the Cowboys at 28. I’m really on the fence about Peppers. I like him because of what he could turn into, but don’t like him because he may never develop into a starter.

      Also, I don’t like the idea of playing Jaylon Smith at strong safety at all, especially since he not 100%. Leave him at LB and let him do his thing. I think he can be in All-Pro LB if he plays like he did at Notre Dame.

      • Russ_Te

        I like his write-up enough to think he has more talent at SS than whoever else will be competing there. But I think a CB of equal talent is more important in Round 1 – or if they get lucky with a DE falling, of course.

        Just think the look at Smith in camp at SS would be interesting, because of the size and speed upgrade from Church. The knee is an issue no matter where he plays, and he might suck at SS or be a natural. I really liked having the big SS with speed that was there with Roy Williams. He just fell apart when he had to turn and run with receivers. But that enforcer around the box is nice to have. Sorry to lose Wilcox, for that reason.

        • Brian Martin

          Russ, I actually think the complete opposite from you when it comes to the safety position. I would prefer two interchangeable safeties that can make plays on the ball. I think that’s kind of why the Cowboys moved on from Church and Wilcox to begin with. I think they want somebody that isn’t as much of a liability in coverage.

          Honestly, I would like to see Budda Baker paired with Byron Jones. That would allow Marinelli to get really creative with his coverages and Jones is also capable of playing that box safety position if needed.

          • jayray78

            Peppers makes a lot of sense and the Jackson connection is the same kind of insight that probably brought Jaylon to the Cowboys. They love to that that kind of familiarity with a player and really get into the intangibles. I think a lot of people are really over thinking Peppers. Just look what we did with Byron Jones. His last two years were at cornerback. We all knew he had the athleticism to play safety too. I see Peppers the same way. Imagine sub packages with Peppers covering running backs and tight ends. Best player available crossing roads with one of the best athletes in the draft, I wouldn’t be upset with this pick at all. In fact, I hope they pull the trigger on it. His position flex and athleticism tells me that he is RKG.

          • Brian Martin

            I completely agree, but there are players that I would draft ahead of Peppers. Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to get a good read on what teams think about him, especially the Cowboys

  • Deno Cobb

    I seriously hope they don’t draft him. He is OVER-RATED. He is a novelty and not a full time starter/producer. He would be interesting as a 3rd or 4th round pick but nowhere near the 1st.

    • Brian Martin

      I agree with you. The fact that the Cowboys haven’t worked him out or brought him in for a visit likely means are not very high on him.

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