2017 Cowboys Mock Draft: 7-Round Pre-Combine Edition

The start to the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine is less than a month away (March 3-6), so I thought it would be a good time to do another 7-round mock draft for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Scouting Combine generally shouldn’t have much of an effect on a player’s draft stock. It is just a way for scouts and general manager’s to get a close-up look at some of the strengths and weaknesses that they might’ve seen from different prospects when studying their game film.

Of course, this is still an important event for all of these players participating. All of these drills are designed to expose each players individual strengths and weaknesses. This event also allows coaches the opportunity to meet with some of these prospects in order to get to know them on a more person level.

It is nearly impossible to predict who the Dallas Cowboys will select in the 2017 NFL Draft come April, especially since we really don’t know what will happen in free agency.

Over the past several years, the Dallas Cowboys have chosen to try and fill as many holes in the roster as possible through free agency. That way they can approach the draft without any glaring needs and stay as true to their draft board as possible. I fully expect the same approach this year.

Keeping all of that in mind, use the arrow tool to see who I drafted for the Dallas Cowboys with each of their 2017 draft picks.

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I doubt Jerry will take a TE in the 1st. rd. The Cowboys did that once when they took a supposed great TE from LSU, I think his name was David LeFluer. I guess he was great at LSU, but he was a real stinker in the NFL. I believe he was out of football 3 or 4 years later.
    I think Jerry will address the defensive side of the ball in the first couple of rounds. They have no pass rush to speak of and most of their secondary are free agents. Carr is thinking about retirement, Claiborne can’t stay healthy, and they don’t think they can afford to keep Church.
    I think Jerry will go DL or DB in the 1st. Rd. and then DL or WR in the 2d. and then maybe TE or RB in the later rounds

  2. Overall, probably not my preference, but you make a good case. I would personally be against drafting a tight end, even as a BPA selection, in the first. Although I certainly get the appeal of Njoku, it still just feels like too much of a luxury pick. However, I am absolutely right there with you in rounds 2 and 3 with Moreau and Rivers, and in context, I would be much more okay with Njoku if they were the picks that followed. Likewise, I would probably be okay with Dupre in round 4. Not a huge fan, but I think that’s appropriate value and he would fill a potential need. I feel like the late rounds come down to personal flavor, but I think your 6 and 7s were solid choices. Good effort and write-up, Brian.

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