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2018 NFL Draft: Two WRs Cowboys Could Target Early On

This weekend, the host the in what could potentially be an play-in game when things are all said and done. Each team is currently on the outside looking in to the NFC playoff picture, but both Dallas and Seattle have chances to sneak into the sixth seed.

So, this Sunday is a rather important test for the 2017 Cowboys who have really been in “playoff mode” since after – when they fell to 5-6. With that being said, I actually want to take a quick look at the 2018 Cowboys, and give you guys a couple of names I'd love to see Dallas target in the 2018 .

If one thing became clear during 's six game , it is that this corps is not good enough as a whole. Or, at the very least, they don't fit 's playing style enough to make them a worthy group.

The Cowboys have to take a hard-look at the wide receiver position this , and while I don't believe they'll go with a wide out in round one, here are some potential targets if they did think about making the move.

Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

Yes, is a talent. And yes, that talent is far from a secret around the league. But depending on how these final two games go for the Cowboys, it's possible they could be picking early enough to draft him in the .

Ridley is a 6'1″ 190 pound receiver from arguably the top program in the nation. While I certainly don't think he will match the talent level of a different first round Alabama receiver (), I do think Ridley is the best pass catcher in the 2018 draft class.

He is an excellent route runner, and is also incredibly impressive with the ball in his hands. Cowboys' receivers have struggled mightily getting yards-after-catch this year and Ridley would provide an immediate upgrade in this category. Prescott also needs to find an efficient target in the , and Ridley could be that target.

To be honest, the Cowboys would have to lose their remaining two games to even have a realistic shot at Ridley. And even at 8-8, it's doubtful to me that he would fall far enough for Dallas to snag him. Regardless, he is a guy to keep an eye on as this process moves along and we head towards the 2018 NFL Draft.

Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis

The All American receiver from Memphis, put the world on notice this season by racking up game numbers. Miller caught 92 passes for 1,407 yards and a ridiculous 17 touchdowns in 2017 as the most dynamic weapon on one of the best offenses in the country.

Like Ridley, Miller is explosive with the ball in his hands. An excellent athlete on tape Miller created big plays out of wide receiver screens and underneath throws routinely. I also saw him win down the field often, mostly due to his speed.

Miller is a controlled receiver, and at 5'11” 190 pounds, he could be the hybrid offensive threat the Cowboys appear to be lacking both on the outside and in the slot.

Anthony Miller has been a riser all season. I think his and Combine will be important to where he's projected to be taken. While he is a step below Ridley on my board, he would certainly be a heck of a consolation prize for the Dallas Cowboys if they were able to draft him in 2018.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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We need new Coaches…Fire Garrett, he’s worthless…He will be a good OC for a team, but he fails miserably short being an average HC at best in the league…Keep the talent we have now and if we can steal a WR in Round 1-3 then certainly grab 1; however, we still have needs for the DL, DB…We must continue to beef up our Defense…We should also be looking for another OL…We should always be looking for an OL in every draft, to ensure our run game if we have any significant injuries during the season…We only need Dak and Cooper as QB(s), everyone else should go at that position…Keep Smith as Elliott’s back-up and start to play Gathers at TE more…I thought they should have naturally moved him to DE after they drafted him…It starts with our Coaches

Jorge Sure

Exactly that would be ideal but JJ said he was satisfied with the mediocre level of JG so I do not think there is a change, I think he missed the season since our CDs and CO did not have a change in the settings of the other teams and we continued to play mediocre, so while they are those useless we will still be lost and having seasons like this …


JJ should honestly look into hiring Tony Romo as the OC and promoting him to HC after one season…Tony Romo’s knowledge of the game is incredible…This is also why Dak was so successful last year because he had Romo advising him…Or just hire Tony as the HC…Jerry Jones does a real good job of getting in his own way…


Tony has said, on more than one occasion, that if he would go into coaching, he would want to be open the defensive side. It makes sense, as a QB, you are constantly trying to figure out what the defense is going to do. You hear it in his broadcasting. He can see what is coming, what are the tendencies of the defense. I just don’t know, if he would give up the booth for coaching, especially with a young family.


Romo is the past, let it go, now breath.


I was replying to “the truth hurts”…..try to follow along if you can,. If not, ask for directions.


It was Mark Sanchez not Romo, that elevated Dak’s game in 2016.


The dumbest thing said on the internet today…It was Romo who advised Dak last year you moron…Sanchez couldn’t help himself and lacks the knowledge of the game…Dak even came out and said that Romo helped him last year with reads…Stay off the internet with your stupidity…


This coaching staff will probably pass on drafting a wide receiver in the 1st round. Jerry has already stated that he believes that Dez, still has juice. In other words, nothing to see here, move along, more of the same. Mediocrity rules in Cowboys nation.

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