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The NFL Should Focus On Officiating Not Los Angeles

After being HNP (have not participated) the last few days, it has come to my attention that a lot has gone on and some interesting discussions have taken place. But, before we get into talking about the , draft, , or one Funny Money Manziel, let's have a little different discussion.

The NFL owners have been meeting in Dallas. The majority of news coming out so far has been about compensation picks and, of all things, Los Angeles. REALLY? Los-effing-Angeles — I couldn't care less about L.A. at this point in time.

Want to discuss something? Talk about how completely and utterly disgusting your officials and rules have become. What is a catch? How does a guy sack the ? How does a player actually stop the clock when attempting to get out of bounds?

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I could.. go on forever, but I'll stop.

Maybe I'm way off base and the meetings in Dallas weren't meant for . But if you're going to change the rules regarding compensation picks, then you sure as hell have time to look at the rules of the game and the people officiating those said rules.

and have become a complete waste of oxygen. Their inabilities to hold themselves and the mistakes of others accountable have become a joke. Instead of admitting and owning up like a real man, it's all about the cover up or the justification of one's actions or lack of.

If the NFL wants to continue down this road of non-accountability and muddled mess, then so be it. Maybe we will get lucky and Vince McMahon will bring back the XFL so we can have something that resembles football.  Anyway, thanks for letting me rant.

Shane Denney
Shane Denney
Lifelong Dallas Cowboys and horse racing fan. You can generally find me at the top of a mountain or on a frozen lake. Born and raised in Idaho and for those still wondering, we do have color tv and cell phones.

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