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3 Dallas Cowboys UDFAs Who Could Earn a Roster Spot

Dallas Cowboys undrafted free agents who could earn a roster spot.

When it comes to undrafted , the Dallas are a team who have found some hidden gems over the years. Tony Romo, , , , La’el Collins are just a few names who’ve gone from undrafted to NFL starters and the Cowboys would love to strike that kind of gold with this year’s group of undrafted players.

Going undrafted of course wasn’t the way these prospects were hoping to start their NFL career. It’s harder to earn a spot going this route, but not impossible. This year’s UDFAs actually have a better chance to to obtain one of those coveted roster spots then other players in their position in years past. They can thank the new Collective Bargaining Agreement () for that.

The new CBA has expanded NFL roster limits from 53 to 55, meaning with two extra roster spots up for grabs UFDAs of making the team have improved. Two extra roster spots may not seem like a lot, but it does allow teams around the league to go a little deeper at a position they probably wouldn’t have in the past.

Now, the Dallas Cowboys have very few available jobs up for grabs right now. On nearly all of the starting gigs are taken and there’s not much up for grabs on the defensive side of the ball either. That means incoming rookies – whether drafted or undrafted – are competing for backup roles or must be standouts on . That’s likely their best chance of earning a roster spot.

Below are the Cowboys incoming rookies hoping to earn a roster spot…

Dallas Cowboys 2020 Draft Class

Dallas Cowboys 2020 Undrafted Free Agents

  • , OT, Texas Tech
  • , WR, Mississippi State
  • Aaron Parker, WR, Rhode Island
  • Charlie Taumoepeau, TE, Portland State
  • Kendrick Rogers, WR, Texas A&M
  • Darius Anderson, RB, TCU
  • Sewo Oloniua, FB, TCU
  • Rico Dowdle, RB, South Carolina
  • , TE, Michigan
  • Garrett Marino, DT, UAB
  • Ron’Dell Carter, DE, James Madison
  • Ladarius Hamilton, DE, North Texas
  • Francis Bernard, LB, Utah
  • Azur Kamara, LB, Kansas
  • Luther Kirk, S, Illinois State

Which UDFAs have the best chance to roster spot?

The Dallas Cowboys are a team who have hit on a number of undrafted free agents over the years and they hope 2020 is no exception. Of the 15 they’ve officially signed after the completion of the NFL Draft, I think there are three who have a really good chance of earning a roster spot.

LB, Francis Bernard

Francis Bernard
Dallas Cowboys LB Francis Bernard

“Bernard needs to improve his take-on technique to earn a meaningful role in the NFL, but he is an aggressive run defender with promising reps in coverage, projecting as an NFL rookie backup who will eventually compete for starting reps.” –

Francis Bernard was Dane’s 14th ranked and he gave him a 4th-5th round grade. Bernard was likely one of the players the Dallas Cowboys still had a draftable grade on, so to get him as an UDFA is a pretty big deal. He provides much-needed LB depth and should be a standout on special teams, the latter of which is his best chance to stick to the roster.

RB, Rico Dowdle

Rico Dowdle
Dallas Cowboys RB Rico Dowdle

“Dowdle is a hard-charging runner with agility on cutbacks to quickly get North-South, projecting as an NFL running back worth a roster spot if he can prove to be reliable and healthy.” – Dane Brugler

Rico Dowdle was Dane’s 19th ranked running back and he gave him a 6th-7th round grade. He’s had some fumble issues and trouble staying healthy during his time at South Carolina, but he has an intriguing skill set that could prompt the Cowboys to carry more RBs than they have the past few years. As the RB3 behind and , he’ll have to prove he can contribute on special teams though.

WR, Kendrick Rogers

Kendrick Rogers
Dallas Cowboys WR Kendrick Rogers

“Rogers has intriguing physical traits with his length and athleticism, but he leaves you wanting more as his game lacks sophistication, toughness or consistency, projecting as a late round or undrafted flier.” – Dane Brugler

Kendrick Rogers was Dane’s 42nd ranked and he gave him a 7th-Priority grade. Rogers has some highlight reel catches during his time at Texas A&M, but lack of production and consistency due to poor QB play likely caused him to go undrafted. Beyond the top three of , , and CeeDee Lamb the WR depth is a huge question mark for the Cowboys. If Rogers can contribute on special teams he could earn a roster spot and quite possibly earn a role as a weapon, somewhere he excelled at with the Aggies.

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. Aaron Parker is not better than Kendrick Rogers. Neither of them may make the team initially they are loaded at wide receiver not to mention they have a pass catching tight end. Look at the size strength RAC hand size and determination of Rogers. He did lack consistency but he’s big strong fast he could easily play special teams but he’s far better than Parker. Look at his highlights. It’s not just numbers it’s coaches and systems. I hope they both turn out great but Rogers has the tools to someday play in the NFL. The one guy to watch in the UDFA Dallas class is the linebacker Francis Bernard from UTAH!

  2. Why isn’t anyone talking about Aaron Parker he is the best wide receiver he’s better than Rogers y’all need to check his stats. He’s strong and productive listen Dallas fans check this kid out he balls out he is hungry and he proved himself at the combine and the four years he was at Rhode Island look he will make the roster and Rogers will not make the roster.

  3. I think Luther Kirk has the best chance to make this team…. Safety is still our biggest need right now…. We only have 4 on the team and there’s only 2 of them that are starting caliber safeties…. And those 2 will be free agent’s after this season, so we need safety help!! I do like a couple of the receivers and running backs and 1 tight end, and I like the edge rusher and both LBs, but we have a ton of edge rushers and LBs already and I don’t think we’ll waste roster spots on another RB or tight end, but I think we mite keep one of the receivers, but that’s a long shot too cause we have so many of them too!! So I think Luther Kirk has the best chance of any of them to make the roster and then one of the receivers has a slight chance, but other than that I don’t think any of the others have a chance!!

  4. I like Dowdle and Rogers here. Both seem to have position opportunity and traits that are needed. To be honest, I dont know there stats off the top. But if I recall, they’ve both got skills that are missing currently

  5. I loved the Cowboys draft great job and they UDFAs were a success too. I watch a lot of Pac 12 football and Francis Bernard is the real deal he will play hopefully for the Cowboys but if not somewhere in the NFL. Problem is they are pretty stocked now at the linebacker spot.

  6. I think Kindricks is a Gem and Guidry too I like both they can be good for special teams and backups I like the Defensive FA they can definitely be Backups. I like the QB who was drafted in the 7th round he has the arm and size and mobility you want he will compete for backup spot.

  7. Rico Dowdle looks like a really good prospect. Good size, speed, cutting ability, great stop-start accel., and powerfully finishes his runs. I admit I have not looked at all the other undrafted players yet, but hope this RICO makes the roster. I think he would contribute.

    Bernard came on strong in 2019 with 85 Tackles, 7.5 TFL, even 2 INTs. Good instincts, solid tackler. Good depth and who knows, they may need him if things go afoul with LVE’s health, etc.

    Others having liked the DE pick ups.

    • Remaining healthy would definitely help his chances, so would better ball security. If he can clean up those two things he’s absolutely got a chance to earn a roster spot.

  8. I like the FB from TCU. Can play Special Teams and a cheaper option. Smiling Dopey Opie is gone so hopefully a new FB can actually play in the new system

    • I think he’s definitely got a chance to earn a roster spot also. If the Cowboys hadn’t have picked up Jamize Olawale’s club option, I think Sew Oloniua could’ve possibly earned a starting job.

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