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3 Mistakes The Cowboys Need To Avoid This Offseason

Coming into this piece, I was prepared to write about how the Dallas Cowboys needed to resolve Amari Cooper's situation and provide a dialogue on why it would be a mistake if the front office moves on from him.

However, all hell broke loose when Senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter who is typically known to drop , better known as “Schefty Bombs”, tweeted out the Cowboys are likely to release Amari Cooper before his money becomes guaranteed on March 20.

After hearing the news, I admit I was angry and annoyed since Schefter ruined my argument I was about to craft, but also aggravated since the franchise seems fine with just being an “okay” team.

However, after some good ole' expresso and lunch I settled down and wrote up the three mistakes the Cowboys need to avoid this . So, without further ado, check it out below:

1. Not getting any compensation for Amari Cooper

The three mistakes that Cowboys need to avoid this offseason 2
Amari Cooper

In a logical world, if you're a of an NFL team you wouldn't outright release or trade one of your best players, right? Well, I guess I'm wrong and failed the first task of being a general manager since the Cowboys are preparing to release Amari Cooper, who happens to be their best wideout.

There had been rumors around his release, but it never felt the idea would transpire since it made no sense to take away Dallas Cowboys Quarterback 's top weapon.

With Cooper on his way out, the franchise has to realize they would be making an even bigger mistake if they let him walk for nothing since they traded a 2019 first-round pick for him to the then-Oakland Raiders three years ago.

Upon his arrival, the impact was felt immediately as he helped them win the next seven of eight games and was one of the biggest reasons Prescott's numbers jumped over the next three seasons.

The one trade idea that circulated through the internet before today's news was a scenario of moving Cooper to the for Cornerback , who is a former-All Pro corner, but is also recovering from an ACL .

It was seen as a move the Boys would be fine making since they would get a veteran corner who could run with Cornerback , but it's likely a trade isn't bound to happen.

Furthermore, if the Cowboys make it official and release their elite wideout, it should be seen as a massive failure from the front office who essentially let go of first-round talent for jack squat and gave up on someone they paid huge after three years.

2. Letting Safety Jayron Kearse walk in free agency

The three mistakes that Cowboys need to avoid this offseason

A few seasons ago, the franchise's situation at was considered one of their biggest problems and at one-point fans were pleading for them to go after Former Safety .

Thomas, who was considered an elite safety, even told the Cowboys coaches to “come get me” out of Seattle, but the club never made the move.

The club continued to search for solutions through and the and wound up drafting in 2019, and signed NFL veterans , , and Jayron Kearse last summer.

Based on early developments, fans seemed to be more excited about the more notable names in Hooker and Kazee heading into the season, but Kearse would surprise everyone by outplaying both of them and becoming a key piece on the defense.

According to PFF (), Kearse had a 76.8 grade that ranked him as the 13th-best safety in the NFL and finished with a career-high 101 tackles.

Kearse, who was once considered a journeyman, was able to overachieve in his one-year prove-it contract and undeniably earned himself a nice payday.

The Cowboys would be foolish not to bring back the safety next season since he proved to be valuable in guarding bigger tight ends in man-to-man coverage, flew all over the field, and you wouldn't have to restart the cycle of addressing the safety position.

3. Failing to address the offensive line

The three mistakes that Cowboys need to avoid this offseason 1

It's crazy to consider that we are having to address that the Cowboys need to beef up the trenches once again. It was just a few years ago when the title for the NFL's top-rated offensive line was given to the Boys, and they had three Hall of Famers in their lineup.

Now with retired, the two Hall of Famers that remain are Tackles and Zach Martin, but they can never stay healthy.

Beyond those two, the Cowboys have had Tackle La'el Collins and as players they could rely on, but both have been either injury-plagued or too inconsistent.

To address their offensive line woes, numerous mocks have the Boys going with an OL prospect in the , since they realize the team won't have enough money to go after any big-time targets in free agency.

Some names that have been mocked to the team included Iowa Center , Boston College Guard , Northern Iowa Tackle , and Tulsa Tackle Tyler Smith.

However, with the pending Cooper departure, it should be interesting to see what position the Boys will pick come April.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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The article misses the point entirely. The Boys fail because they keep their players too long and massively overpaying them. Cooper was a necessity that cost a first in 2018 because the Boys had lost their top receiver and tight end and failed to replace either in that offseason. Cooper then was overpaid by 50% which is why he cannot be traded. Cooper is nowhere near the top receivers in talent but is top paid. The offense line collapse caused the offense decline last season and again, that collapse had been happening but the team listened to the hype so did not address the problem.
Media is obsessed with safety but the real defebse problem continues to be failure to draft successfully at defense line.
This article misses the point on all 3 issues.

Shante Carver

This is what happens when you have a man child playing make believe GM.

michael Caira jr

To release him and get nothing in return for Cooper is a mistake,Kearse on the other hand is a better move and also id look to trade DLaw,there are good S prospects in the draft and if we can get DT Jordan Davis in the draft it would lessen the blow.Trevor Penning is a excellent fit for us at OT and has a mean streak like former Cowboys OT Doug Free,this guy is a must problem is both are 1st rd picks(most likely)and we might have to move up a couple of spots to grab Davis in the 1st but we must figure it out,finally a chance to actually have a guy in the middle to stop the run,something we havent done well you pair Davis with Gallimore in the middle and its a stone wall


What the 1st guy said…..’jerruh’ falls in love with guys and not only keeps but overpays them. Look at team like NE….. they trade a good player….. that player has a couple good years left and then it’s over for them. YET NE gets draft stock and/or another player…. smart football. The problem is for NE it’s about winning for the Cowboys it’s about $$… been that way for 25 years and the reason it’s nothing to change anytime soon. This organization couldn’t care less about actually winning or making fans happy….. they don’t care.

Dennis Keith

Dallas needs to keep Cooper and D-Law jerry Jones needs to step down as GM and son as well they are messing up the team real bad the head coach should be the one leaving not Cooper or D-Law just saying

Priscilla Marie Hayes

In my opinion, I think the cowboys need to keep Amari Cooper. They’re making a big mistake of letting him go if they haven’t already. Why let one of the best players go? I don’t understand the foolishness. The cowboys are my favorite and number 1 team.

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