49 Super Bowl Rings: 1981 San Francisco 49ers

The 80s were a weird time. Neon colors were in, perms were the go-to hairstyle, and the San Francisco 49ers took hold of the NFL.

You’d think that the city who boasts the “Golden Gate” bridge would be the authority on gold, right? That the whole California gold rush thing would somehow be engrained in their DNA and that they could put together a nice little trinket.

Think again, and check out the next Super Bowl Ring in our Countdown To Super Bowl 50.

Super Bowl Ring #45: 1981 San Francisco 49ers

NFL Blog - 49 Super Bowl Rings: 1981 San Francisco 49ers

It all started with one game, one play, one horrendous catch in the 1981 NFC Championship Game. It’s been 34 years, 9 of which I wasn’t even alive, and I’m still not over it. Nevertheless, it is an iconic moment in NFL History and punched San Francisco’s first ticket to the promised land.

Their date to the big dance was the Cincinnati Bengals who were also playing in their first Super Bowl. This was like two teenagers on their first date. Both unsure of when to go for the hand hold, who’s supposed to pick up the check, and make sure you don’t have gunk in your teeth. The 49ers bested them 26-21 and earned their first Super Bowl Ring in franchise history.

Is this ring nice? Sure. Is this ring cool? Sort of. Is this ring reflecting of the home of the California GOLD Rush? Absolutely not. Go nuts with the gold! It’s in your team colors! If it weren’t for them literally spelling it out, you would have no clue who this ring belongs to. Come on, San Francisco!

#45: No Golden Rings

Thankfully for the Bay Area, Joe Cool stepped in and handled his business in Super Bowl XVI. He took care of those Cincy Kitties and started his march to becoming the greatest quarterback to ever live. Fun fact for all of you who enjoy NBC’s Sunday Night Football… analyst Cris Collinsworth had 5 catches for 107 yards in a losing effort for the Bengals.

The Niners would return to, and win, three more Super Bowls in this decade. Be on the lookout for their other three rings on our countdown!

Check back on Friday when we unveil Super Bowl Ring #44!

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