49 Super Bowl Rings: 1999 St. Louis Rams

Last night there was a platter of preseason football action for all of us to enjoy. For one team, that ride will end with confetti raining down on them in the aftermath of Super Bowl 50.

The players will get a parade, championship caps, championship shirts, and if they’re lucky they might even make the cover of a cereal box. We all know that besides the Vince Lombardi Trophy there’s only one thing that the players want, a Super Bowl Ring.

Today we’re continuing our countdown to the golden anniversary of the big game, Super Bowl 50, with the 46th best Super Bowl Ring in existence. Keep in mind that this is not a ranking of the teams that earned these rings, it is an analysis of the rings that they received upon winning.

Let’s roll.

Super Bowl Ring #46: 1999 St. Louis Rams

If you can’t tell… it says Rams somewhere in the middle of all of that mess. I appreciate that the St. Louis council decided to put something bold on the front that represents their team, but man did they whiff.


NFL Blog - 49 Super Bowl Rings: 1999 St. Louis Rams 2The Vince Lombardi Trophy in the background is a nice touch, but beyond the atrocity of the way that Rams is made there are – I know this sounds crazy – too many diamonds.

It’s almost hard to decipher where the cuts of the ring break and where the Rams logo begins. At first glance, it just looks like a bunch of collective diamonds.

What’s particularly unfortunate is that they decided to go with Rams written out. In 1948, a player on the Rams (then in Los Angeles) by the name of Fred Gehrke decided to put something on their boring brown helmet. He designed the logo of the Ram horn himself, baking the paint into the helmet. It would become the first logo used on helmets in professional football.

Throw that magnificent Ramshorn on here! It’s iconic! It would look so much more glorious than a barely recognizable “Rams”.

#46: Greatest Show On Turf

The 1999 St. Louis Rams are remembered for their extremely potent offense that was engineered by the incomparable Kurt Warner. The likes of Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Ricky Proehl performed together as one unit… The Greatest Show On Turf.

Unfortunately, their crowning achievement of winning the Super Bowl resulted in this ring. I’m still bitter about there being no Rams logo or anything that says my name on it!

Come on back next Wednesday when we reveal Super Bowl Ring #45!

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