Welcome to the greatest weekend in sports.

Yea I said it.

The NFL Divisional Playoff weekend typically features the most back and forth games with relentless fight that we get to see all season long.

No other professional sport offers the drama that can be found in the National Football League . There is no series, no best of situation, no tomorrow… it is truly win or go home. The Divisional Weekend historically personifies that mantra more than any other.

As I'm expecting this weekend to be particularly epic, my have to match that level of intensity.

So if you think you've seen me get bold before… you're in for a surprise. Vamonos!

Malcolm Butler Finishes The Chiefs Exactly Like He Did The Seahawks In Super Bowl XLIX

The Chiefs and Patriots will get the weekend started in just a few hours, and last year's hero is getting us started here.

Kansas City has won an astonishing 11 games in a row, and part of the reason for that is how well has taken care of the football. This game is going to be a slugfest what with the Chiefs being so limited offensively and undoubtedly eliminating from the game.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend

Julian Edelman and are two huge question marks in this game. It seems doubtful that they'll just jump in and push the Patriots to the 40-burgers that we saw in the days of September and October, so this is going to be a close one down to the end.

Close your eyes and see it now. (You can open them to read this, though!).

The Chiefs are trailing 27-21. Alex Smith is driving. He picks up a nice gain on a screen pass to Knile Davis. He rushes for 23 yards to put them on the New England 8-yard line. There's 39 seconds left.

Alex drops back, eyes Kelce, takes aim, and fires!

…right into the waiting arms of Malcolm Butler.


Carson Palmer Throws Less Incompletions Than Aaron Rodgers Does Touchdowns

There are two indisputable truths regarding the 2015 NFL season:

  1. has played at an elite level.
  2. has not.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend 1

I've been very critical of Aaron Rodgers over the course of this season, and he hasn't done anything lately to show me why I shouldn't have been.

Oh he beat the Redskins? Let me call so they can take a group photo of all the guys that did that this season!

Aaron Rodgers is going to struggle against these Cardinals – just like he did on December 27th, 2015. And Carson Palmer is going to ball out – just like he did on December 27th, 2015.

Now that day Carson had nine incompletions and Aaron Rodgers only had one touchdown, so this is a pretty big stretch of a prediction. But that's why we don't call them “5 Totally Reasonable And Plausible Predictions“, am I right?!

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend 2

Palmer is going to go something like 34/36 for 428 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Rodgers is going to stumble his way to a 29/43 for 313 yards and 3 touchdowns performance.

And it's going to be glorious considering it was this very weekend of the 2014 season that Aaron and Co. caught a ginormous break concerning the Dez Catch.

Julius Peppers Will Retire Following A Green Bay Packers Embarrassing Loss

If you read my Division Game Picks yesterday then you know that I took the Cardinals to win this game by a score of 42-17… although if you read directly above this then you know how strongly I am vibing against the Pack.

When the Packers lose this game a lot is going to be called into question:

  • Is this the beginning of Aaron Rodgers' decline?
  • Is the problem?
  • Can I erase my memory and re-watch “Making A Murderer”?
  • How are the Packers going to replace ?

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend 3

Peppers, Julius not green or jalapeno, was drafted Second Overall out of North Carolina by the hometown all the way back in 2002.

He's had quite the career. His 136 career tie him for 9th on the All-Time Sacks Leader list with a current Carolina Panther… Jared Allen.

Peppers sniffed another Super Bowl appearance last year up in Seattle, but then the Packers made a series of mistakes more implausible than the hope that the Eagles placed in .

When the Packers are emphatically eliminated from the Playoffs, he'll hang 'em up and call it quits. You heard it here first.

Russell Wilson And Cam Newton Will Combine For The Most Rushing Yards In A Single Game By A Quarterback Duo

Man… this game is going to be awesome.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend 4

Superman versus The All-American Hero.

The Legion Of Boom versus .

Pete Carroll versus Ron Rivera.

And can you imagine an actual fight between a Seahawk and a Panther? How incredibly epic/awesome would that be?

These two teams are practically carbon copies of one another. There's a supremely talented, and mobile, coupled with a strong run game and a cast of suspect on both offenses. There's a crazy , elite linebacking corps, and stout on both defenses. Holy moly!

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend 5

This game is going to come down to who wants it more. And they both want it really bad.

and are going to have to take this game over if their respective team has a chance at winning. You know it. I know it. They know it. Doug Pederson knows it.

They're going to run all over the field all day long.

Peyton Manning Will Be Benched For Performance Reasons

Gary Kubiak panicked when he went back to in the regular season finale two weeks ago.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend 6

The narrative of Peyton Manning had finally died down what with Brock Osweiler quarterbacking the Broncos to legitimate success. So what did ‘ol Kubes figure the smartest thing to do was? Reignite the flames and shoot them with a water gun filled with kerosene.

Do you realize that Peyton Manning was second in the NFL during the 2015 regular season in interceptions with 17? Despite only playing in nine games? THAT is the source of hope that Gary Kubiak turned to.

As a result of the Broncos smashing the glass and pulling the fire alarm they have, largely out of political reasons, had to roll with Peyton as the named starter for this game. It's just the first outpour of the can of worms that they opened on that fateful day against the Chargers.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend 7

The last time that we saw Peyton Manning start a game was against the on November 15th, 2015. He was 5/20 with 0 touchdowns and interceptions before leaving the game with an “” (probably to his pride more than anything).

This is all really weird for me to feel and think because I love Peyton Manning. He's been so great for the game for such a long time, but as much as I love and respect Pro Football… the decision to go with him is going to blow up in everyone's face.

He'll come out, play bad, and Brock (or something called Trevor Siemian) will be called upon to save the day. You can see this coming from a mile away at Mile High.

Here's A Fun Fact For You…

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Divisional Playoff Weekend 8

Peyton Manning is currently tied with for the most wins all-time by an NFL quarterback. And the way that wins are calculated, the wins are credited to the quarterback who starts the game.

So two weeks ago when Peyton came in and relieved Brock against the Chargers? The Broncos won that game, but because Brock got the start he was credited with the win.

Should the lose then Peyton Manning would end the 2015 season, and perhaps his career, one win shy of standing atop the all-time wins mountain all by himself. Draaaaaama!

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