5 Bold Predictions: Wild Card Weekend

Wild Card Weekend is always an annual tradition of excitement when it comes to the NFL.

Consider that last year during Wild Card Weekend… Tony Romo heroically led the Dallas Cowboys to a late-second victory over the Detroit Lions. It was, and still is, extremely epic.

Tomorrow the 2015 season’s Wild Card Weekend will kick off. Unfortunately the Dallas Cowboys won’t be participating as their season is done, but we still have some awesome football to enjoy.

Here are my 5 Bold Predictions for Wild Card Weekend.

Aaron Rodgers Will Have The Worst Game Of All The Weekend’s Quarterbacks

The Green Bay Packers are traditionally, over the last twenty or so years, one of the NFL’s top teams. That reputation sometimes trumps their actual play on the field as even when they’re slumping… people think they’re untouchable.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Wild Card Weekend

Aaron Rodgers is perhaps the coldest quarterback entering this weekend (Alex Smith, Brian Hoyer, Ben Roethlisberger, AJ McCarron, Russell Wilson, Teddy Bridgewater, and Kirk Cousins are the other QBs).

With very little offensive weapons, Randall Cobb isn’t scaring anyone, Aaron Rodgers has been reduced to mere mortal standards. Watch for him to have the least spectacular weekend of all the touchdown tossers.

The Houston Texans Defense Will Score More Points Than The Minnesota Vikings Offense

JJ Watt and the Houston Texans have arguably the best defense in the NFL right now.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Wild Card Weekend 1

Teddy Bridgewater and his offense score about as frequently as it’s going to be warm in Minnesota on Sunday.

Considering that the Vikings are going up against the Seattle Seahawks and Legion of Boom this weekend, it’s tough to imagine that this is the week things get fixed for Teddy and his crew.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Wild Card Weekend 2

Alex Smith is really smart with the football and rarely turns it over, but look for JJ Watt to force a fumble and for the Texans to get a defensive touchdown or two.

A majority of the Vikings points will come as a result of their own stout defense or special teams contributions.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receivers Will Combine For Over 500 Yards

Ben Roethlisberger has arguably the best corp of wide receivers at his disposal on the planet. Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, and Markus Wheaton are all top dogs.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Wild Card Weekend 3

This game would be more of a shootout if Andy Dalton, not AJ McCarron, were quarterbacking… but Pittsburgh is going to air the ball out a ton.

DeAngelo Williams might not even play which is going to emphasize this point even more.

Look for Antonio Brown to top 250 while Martavis and Markus make up the difference to put the Steelers over 500 yards!

Jordan Reed Will Have The Most Receiving Yards Of The Weekend

RJ… you just suggested that Antonio Brown would top 250 yards. Are you saying that Jordan Reed is going to beat THAT?!

I sure am.

We’re obviously Cowboys fans here at Inside The Star, but there’s no denying that Kirk Cousins is on Alicia Keys-type fire right now. The biggest spark to his flame is a tight end named Jordan Reed.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Wild Card Weekend 4

Washington is going to potentially have to go blow-for-blow with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. While I don’t think that Aaron is going to have a great game, this is going to open the door for Eddie Lacy to return to relevance. Kirk is going to have to compete with that and Jordan Reed is going to be on the receiving, no pun intended, end of that.

Get him in whatever fantasy lineups you’re playing this weekend – Jordan Reed is going off.

Russell Wilson And Marshawn Lynch Will Have More Rushing Touchdowns Than Russell Has Incompletions

There’s always a team that gets hot at the right time entering the playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks are, again, that team.

Russell Wilson very rarely has a game filled with mistakes and when he does it’s the 2014 NFC Championship and his team wins anyway.

Cowboys Blog - 5 Bold Predictions: Wild Card Weekend 5

Beast Mode is back for the ‘Hawks and that’s going to take this offense to another level. While the Vikings have had a pretty impressive defense over the last quarter of the season, the Seahawks are going to obliterate that.

Russell and Marshawn are going to have a day on the ground so impressive that it trumps his insane accuracy through the air.

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