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5 Offensive Players To Watch In Training Camp

The , like the rest of the NFL teams, are now just a little more than two weeks away from kicking off their practices. To be more precise, the Cowboys will start on July 28 in , California, which if you do the math is just 20 short days away.

I don't know about you, but it sure seems like a long time since the Dallas Cowboys have taken the field. I know I'm personally anxiously awaiting the kickoff for training camp, because to me that finally signals that the start of the is just around the corner.

The players will finally put on the pads and we can now get a much better evaluation of not only the new additions join the Cowboys roster, but some of the veteran players we would like to see step up their game.

Training camp is where the really intense practices start to happen and players and coaches alike are more focused on the task at hand of preparing for the season that is fastly approaching.

We will hear the news coming out of training camp of players scuffling or yelling at each other, but that isn't anything new. What I want to hear though is how some of the Cowboys offensive players are progressing.

Here is a list of five players I will be following closely throughout training camp.

Dez Bryant

Cowboys Headlines - 5 Offensive Players To Watch In Training Camp
(AP Photo/Matt Strasen)

You may be wondering why is on this list, but I for one will definitely be paying very close attention to how he's performing in training camp.

Bryant is mostly on this list because I want to see how he is able to get in and out of his routes after struggling with a foot for nearly the entire 2015 season. I also want to see if the Cowboys will have some sort of pitch count on him so that he doesn't overdo it.

We all know that Bryant is a competitor and never wants to come up the field, but it won't do anybody any good if he ends up getting injured in training camp before the season even gets underway.

I can also make the same argument for . I ultimately decided to leave him out because he was able to take part in OTA's and mini-camp practices and the word is he was moving around better than he has the past several seasons.

Ezekiel Elliott

Cowboys Headlines - 5 Offensive Players To Watch In Training Camp 1Who won't be keeping a close eye on in training camp?

Elliott has already had a lot of high expectations placed on his shoulders, and he has yet to even have a single professional practice in the NFL in pads.

Well, will finally get see why the Dallas Cowboys decided to draft him 4th overall and also what he can do behind the talented .

Training camp provides the opportunity for Elliott and the offensive line to build a good working chemistry. That chemistry should carry into the season and we all know that the Cowboys are planning on relying on the heavily in 2016.

I honestly can't remember a rookie player that I have been this excited about seeing what they can do in the NFL, and it makes it even more intriguing because he's a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Brice Butler

Cowboys Headlines - 5 Offensive Players To Watch In Training Camp 2I'm personally really looking forward to seeing what can do now that he's more familiar with the playbook and has had a chance to work with Tony Romo.

Butler could possibly challenge for that #2 spot, but he will have to prove without a doubt is better than Williams in training camp. I don't personally see it happening just yet, but that doesn't mean he can't have a big role on in 2016.

Butler could possibly help open up the field for the Cowboys offense because he could provide that speed dimension that has been missing. He has the talent to be a really good WR in the NFL, but for some reason he hasn't been able to put it all together yet.

Maybe everything will start falling in place for him at training camp in Oxnard. He still has a lot to prove, but the talent is there to work with.

Chaz Green

Cowboys Headlines - 5 Offensive Players To Watch In Training Camp 3 is still a mystery man with the Cowboys. He is entering his second year in the NFL, but last year was pretty much just a redshirt year for him because of a hip injury that required surgery.

It was somewhat surprising that he didn't receive any game experience towards the end of the season when there wasn't much worth playing for, so it kind of makes you wonder how much faith the staff has in him.

Green's probably a player that the Cowboys are hoping can be the swing in 2016 and then maybe take over for at some point, but he's going to have to prove himself and stay healthy.

This could be a huge training camp for him.

Rod Smith

Cowboys Headlines - 5 Offensive Players To Watch In Training Camp 4
(Paul Spinelli via AP)

It is said that converted and are competing to see who can possibly be the starter at . I for one am really interested in seeing what Rod Smith can do once the pads come on.

Maybe it's the storyline that I like the most of possibly seeing Jaylon and Rod Smith (brothers) playing together at some point with the Dallas Cowboys.

This is a new position to learn for Rod and this will be a really important training camp for him if he wants to stick with the organization.

Rod Smith could possibly add yet another offensive weapon for to play with if he can prove he's capable of playing fullback. I'm really looking forward to seeing how he could possibly be used in some creative offensive packages.

What offensive players will you be keeping a close eye on?

Please feel free to use the comment section below to share your thoughts and opinions. I really look forward to hearing your answers and getting your feedback on mine.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Bernarr hamm

I am curious to see how Dak Prescott evolves. What his role will be

Jess Haynie

Me too, man. Now, let's get back-to-back and prepare ourselves from the onslaught from Kellen Moore Truthers…

Jess Haynie

I'm very curious about our backup tight ends. I think Hanna will do very well and could prompt Dallas to simply release or trade Escobar when he comes off PUP (assumed). Plus, what does Rico Gathers have to offer? He has so little football experience but great physical tools; always a fun kind of guy to watch this time of year.


Street and the UDFA receivers are the ones im looking forward to seeing how they do. Been seeing a lot of good things printed about the UDFA guys. Hope it translates to practice and gameday. Would love for the coaches to have a hard decision on final cut down day.

sam knight

Would love to see Ryan Mack show something at RT…Free not getting any younger

Juan carloa

I want to see if tony Romo will stay healthy enough to finish the season??? And if will actually being a Super Bowl to Dallas .. He only has 3 more years and most!! Mr Fozzie bear


Hoping the Boys go out and get a better middle. Linebacker than they currently have As good as McClain is he is a cancer in the locker room Release him


I am going to be watching the 6th round pick Jackson …I am interested to see if he can take McFadden or Morris spot

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