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5 TDs Dallas Cowboys Should’ve Made Against Detroit, But Didn’t

Brian Martin



Missed TD Opportunities Nearly Cost Cowboys Victory Against Detroit 1

Make no mistake, Dallas Cowboys offense looked far superior Sunday afternoon against the Detroit Lions than they have at any point so far in the 2018 season. Having said that, they missed at least five opportunities at scoring a touchdown by my count, instead settled for field goals for the most part. It may be nitpicking, but it could've cost them the "W" against Detroit.

I don't know who's responsible for lighting a fire under Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan's rear, but his playcalling was pretty impressive against the Detroit Lions. He had the offense and Dak Prescott using much more an up-tempo pace, more pre-snap motion, and play action to get them back on track. It was enough to secure the victory, but just barely.

Because of missed touchdown opportunities, the Dallas Cowboys had to rely on Kicker Brett Maher to make a game clinching 38 yard field goal as the final seconds ticked off the clock. Maher ended up being the hero Sunday afternoon, but could've easily cost Dallas the victory. This is a game that never should have depended on the leg of Maher to begin with.

1st Missed TD Opportunity

Michael Gallup

Dallas Cowboys WR Michael Gallup

Just three plays later after Quarterback Dak Prescott hooked up with rookie Wide Receiver Michael Gallup on a 37 yard completion, the Dallas Cowboys missed their first touchdown opportunity when Prescott overthrew Gallup in the end zone on a 3rd and 9 play from Detroit's 14 yard line.

Gallup had a step on the Lions best defensive back, Darius Slay, but unfortunately Prescott's throw sailed out of bounds. It would have likely taken a nearly perfect throw into the back corner of the end zone to give Gallup a chance at securing the catch for the TD, but the opportunity was there nonetheless. Instead, the Cowboys had to settle for Maher's first FG of the game.

2nd Missed TD Opportunity

The Dallas Cowboys next missed opportunity to score a touchdown came in the second quarter when they were trailing the Detroit Lions 7-3.  This failed opportunity might just have been Dak Prescott's best throw of the entire game. Yes, I'm talking about the dime he threw to Tavon Austin in the end zone from 34 yards out.

Tavon drops TD pass

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In all honesty, Prescott couldn't have thrown a better pass to Austin.  It was somewhat surprising he was challenging Darius Slay once again, but Austin did have a step on him and probably should've secured the catch for the Cowboys first TD of the game. Instead, it bounced off his hands and fell incomplete. The result of this series once again ended in a Maher FG, bringing the score to 7-6, Detroit.

3rd Missed TD Opportunity

The Dallas Cowboys ended up scoring a touchdown on this particular offensive series, but it ended up being much more difficult than it needed to be. This is the series where Prescott hooked up with Geoff Swaim for his first career TD. But, Prescott could have made a much easier TD pass to WR Allen Hurns, who is standing wide open in the end zone just two plays earlier.

Prescott misses Hurns for TD

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Unfortunately, Prescott gave up on the Hurns just a millisecond too early. This was an excellent example of route running by #17, and it should've resulted in his first career touchdown with the Cowboys. Luckily though, the Cowboys were able to score a TD on this drive. But, it was still a missed opportunity regardless of the outcome.

4th and 5th Missed TD Opportunities

The Dallas Cowboys fourth and fifth missed touchdown opportunities came in their second to last offensive series in the fourth quarter. After an impressive 19 yard pass to Cole Beasley, the Cowboys were looking at first and goal from Detroit's 6 yard line. Let's take a look at how this failed TD opportunity played out…

  • 1 - 6 Ezekiel Elliott to DET 4 for 2 yards.
  • 2 - 4 Prescott overthrows Swaim on the right side of the end zone
  • 3 - 4 Prescott's pass to Rico Gathers falls incomplete
  • 4 - 4 Maher makes a 22 yard field goal

As much as I liked Scott Linehan's playcalling against Detroit, I hated this sequence of plays, mostly the second and third down plays. I have much more faith Zeke would've scored from 4 yards out than I do in Prescott's ability to connect with one of his pass catchers in the end zone. After all, Detroit didn't have an answer for #21 the entire game.

The Cowboys could've possibly scored however on either of the two passes to Swaim or Gathers. Swaim was open, but Prescott's pass was off target in large part due to the pressure he had in his face. Isolating Gathers, who is vastly unproven, was highly questionable. Yes, he had the size advantage over Detroit's smaller DB, but that's not a very high percentage play to make. That's especially for someone as inexperienced as Rico.


I know a lot of these plays may seem like nitpicking to a lot of you, but the good teams around the NFL typically capitalize on these kind of opportunities. If the Dallas Cowboys want to be serious postseason contenders, they can't allow these failed touchdown opportunities to slip through their fingers. Kicking field goals instead of scoring touchdowns isn't the best way to win games.

What do you think of these 5 missed TD opportunities by the Dallas Cowboys?

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  • Ethan Chazin

    during the course of a game where your offense may have 65 plays there are going to be lots of missed opportunities. Having said that, good lord why is Dak missing so many open looks? In the nfl having a step on a defender is nearly “Wide Open” so what is the deal? Also it might help if the D could actually get a turnover. They have ZERO INTs…zero!

Game Notes

NFC East Showdown: Cowboys Offense Primed to Dominate Redskins

Brian Martin



Will Dallas' Recent Offensive Success Continue Against Washington?

The Dallas Cowboys are probably as confident as they have been all season as an offense after completely manhandling the Jacksonville Jaguars defense last week. They were able to put up 40 points on the Jaguar's top-ranked defense and now have to do the same against their division rival, the Washington Redskins.

I don't think there would be any argument if I were to say the Washington Redskins defense isn't nearly as talented as the Cowboys faced last week with the Jaguars. In fact, the Redskins are ranked near the bottom of the league in almost every defensive category, which should have Dallas' offensive players primed for this matchup.

As things stand right now, the Washington Redskins are giving up 21.2 points per game which ranks 24th in the NFL. They are also giving up 344 total yards (25th in the NFL) and 227.2 passing yards a game (24th). The lone bright spot of their defense is stopping the run, where they are currently ranked 12th in the NFL and are only allowing 116.8 rushing yards to opposing running backs.

Luckily, the Dallas Cowboys and Quarterback Dak Prescott looked to have found a groove with their passing game last week against the Jaguars top-ranked passing defense. With the Redskins ranked near the bottom of the league in passing defense, I think the Cowboys should and probably will build upon the success they had last week.

Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott

Now, I fully expect the Cowboys passing game to find success once again against the Redskins, but I also believe Running Back Ezekiel Elliott to dominate on the ground like he has in the past against Washington.

Zeke only played in one game against the Redskins last season, but absolutely dominated in that contest. He rushed for 150 yards and two touchdowns a year ago and I wouldn't be surprised if he is close to that milestone this week as well, even if it is against the strength of Washington's defense.

I'm really hoping I'm not a being a little overconfident here, but I guess I'm just buying into the success the Cowboys had on the offensive side of the ball last week. The offense finally started to do the things that have made them successful in the past and I'm expecting that to carry over into this week.

I believe we will see Prescott using his mobility once again, although I don't know if he will rush for 83 yards. I'm also expecting to see Wide Receiver Cole Beasley heavily involved in the passing game again because Washington doesn't have a defensive back who can cover him. Of course, let's not forget Ezekiel Elliott. I'm expecting him have a big game as well.

Overall, I really don't see the Washington Redskins defense giving the Dallas Cowboys any problems on the offensive side of the ball as long as they execute the way they did last week. I know when these two teams square off against one another it's usually a slobber knocker, but I think the Cowboys are the better team and is the one that comes away with the victory.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys offense will dominate the Redskins defense?

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Game Notes

Can Dak Prescott Continue His Washington Domination On Sunday?

Kevin Brady



Dak Prescott, Redskins

There has been a lot of change within the Dallas Cowboys since 2016.

Veteran playmakers like Dez Bryant and Jason Witten are no longer around, Tony Romo lost his starting quarterback job, and Dallas has jumped from league best to worst to average seemingly every week.

One thing hasn't changed these past two years, however, and that is the Cowboys beating the Washington Redskins. In fact, since Dak Prescott took over as the starting quarterback in Dallas the Cowboys are 4-0 against Washington. Even as the sky was falling in Dallas a year ago, and the Cowboys offense looked like the worst in football, they still found a way to dominate Washington 38-14 and snap their then-three game losing streak.

In his four career games against Washington, Dak Prescott has quarterback ratings of 103.7, 108.9, 82.2, and 93.4. To put this into context, Prescott's average quarterback rating this season is 85.5 and that is really driven by his outlier positive rating of 118.6 against the Detroit Lions. To be fair, however, his 54.5 rating against Seattle was also a heavy outlier.

Prescott isn't the only Cowboy who has exercised this dominance over Washington, though. As Staff Writer John Williams has pointed out, Jason Garrett is 11-4 against the Redskins since becoming the Cowboys head coach, and Dallas has won six of their last eight against Washington since 2014.

So heading into Sunday's rematch with their division foe, history says the Cowboys should be feeling rather confident, right?

Well there's another streak occurring the Cowboys will actually be looking to break on Sunday. That, of course, is their winless start on the road this season.

Ironically the Dak Prescott-led Cowboys have actually been a good road team until now, going a combined 12-4 the past two seasons. And, since the new stadium opened in 2009, the Cowboys have been historically better on the road than at home, making this year's 3-3 start even more bizarre.

To put it simply, "somethings gotta give" on Sunday. Either Dak Prescott and the Cowboys will continue to beat up on the Redskins and get a leg up in the NFC East, or this horrendous road start will continue for another week.

Either way, I'm sure the takes will be hot on Monday morning.

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Game Notes

Cowboys Defense Getting Players Back at the Right Time

John Williams



Could Any of These 3 Cowboys Disappoint Cowboys Nation in 2017?

The Dallas Cowboys have played really well on defense this season allowing the seventh fewest rushing yards per game, the third lowest yards per carry, and the eighth fewest passing yards per game this season. They've done it for most of the 2018 season without Defensive Tackles Maliek Collins and David Irving, and Linebacker Sean Lee, who's missed the last three games with a strained hamstring.

This week the Cowboys play the NFC East leading Washington Redskins, making this a very important matchup for the Cowboys playoff chances. The Dallas Cowboys are 2-2 in the NFC in 2018, so a win against the Washington Redskins on Sunday carries much more importance. If the Cowboys have hopes of making the playoffs, they're going to have to improve their record against the NFC and they can on Sunday with their defense getting back to (nearly) full health.

Still awaiting word on Chidobe Awuzie's availability for this week.

Antwaun Woods, Tyrone Crawford, and David Ross have held up really well on the Cowboys defensive interior without Irving and Collins, which makes their return even more important. Better depth along the defensive interior is only going to help those guys have more productive snaps. Both Collins and Irving are explosive penetrating defensive tackles that give interior offensive lineman fits with their combination of strength and quickness. They play the run and pass with equal effectiveness and make life a lot easier for the linebackers and the defensive ends.

In their first game back in week six, Irving and Collins combined for two quarterback pressures, a quarterback hit (Irving) and a sack (Collins). Irving also drew a holding call on a punt.

Getting them back takes so much pressure off the defensive ends to generate pressure in passing situations. With better pressure from the interior of the defense, DeMarcus Lawrence and the other defensive ends will have better opportunities for sacks because opposing quarterbacks won't be able to step up in the pocket with as much ease as they have through the first five games of the season.

The linebacker duo of Jaylon Smith, and Leighton Vander Esch have been one of the best position groups for the Cowboys this season. As good as they've been, Sean Lee is still one of the better linebackers in the NFL. Though he's leading the Cowboys in solo tackles with 43, Leighton Vander Esch probably sees a decrease in his snaps with Lee returning. They'll all play, however, and the Cowboys will look for ways to have them all on the field together.

Getting Lee, Irving, and Collins on the field at the same time with the defensive parts that the Cowboys already boast in Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Byron Jones is going to make playing offense nearly impossible.

How do you attack these guys?

The Washington Redskins rank in the bottom third in passing yards, yards per attempt, and are 18th in the NFL in passer rating. Washington ranks in the top half of the league in rushing yards per game, but rank 23rd in yards per attempt.

If there's an area where the Dallas Cowboys defense has been susceptible this season it's against the pass and having all of their best defensive players available for this week seven NFC East matchup is going to make all the difference. They'll be able to generate pressure with fewer blitzes because of the ability of Irving and Collins to generate pressure from the interior.

Though the Redskins have had some success on the ground in 2018, it's going to be tough sledding for Adrian Peterson and the Redskins run game. Lee, Vander Esch, and Smith all play the run extremely well and with the improved talent at defensive tackle, Peterson is going to find very few open lanes against the Dallas Cowboys defense.

The elite defense that we imagined this team could be may be right around the corner. Having everyone healthy and on the field together as the Dallas Cowboys get ready for the stretch run of the NFL season is huge.

Get ready NFL. Points are going to be really hard to come by.

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