Fantasy Football Blog - 5 things to know before your fantasy draft

[tps_header]Your : The day you've been waiting for since that bitter taste of defeat hit you last December. The day you've been waiting for to start the journey to becoming champion once again, or the day you've been waiting for since being asked to join a league.

In any case, here are some tips to prepare for your 2014 draft.[/tps_header]

1. Have a plan

Do some , or simply look at a ranking of players, but make sure you know which players you like in each round.

There's nothing worse than having a mini-panic attack because you have 10 seconds left and can't find a player you like in a certain round, so know your pick well beforehand. Or even better, write out a list of your picks and by each one write 3-5 players you would take at that spot.

Most leagues only give you an hours notice but even if you only have an hour, you should try to lay out a plan based on .

Being prepared in August is what gets you the trophy in December.

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