7 Dallas Cowboys That Will Effect 2017 Draft Decisions

If there is one thing I love more about the process than players and building my own board, it is the philosophy behind what is this sport’s best way to obtain talent and build a contending team. With jobs constantly on the line, 32 NFL teams all evaluate a massive pool of college prospects differently, and put their strategy of talent acquisition to the test with the pressure of a ticking clock inside the war room during the NFL Draft.

Some teams excel in the draft, others fail entirely, but most are relatively good at landing a few starters for their team each year. In 2016, the Dallas excelled in the draft, and if they do it again this spring – a dynasty could very well be in the making in Dallas again.

The foundation for the perennial power the could soon become is obviously the current members of America’s Team though, and thus they will affect the 2017 draft process.

Here are seven names to keep in mind. Use the arrows to get started.

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Sean Martin

Written by Sean Martin

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