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A Better Look At Harrison

Bryson Treece



NFL Blog - A Better Look At Harrison 1

For anyone that missed it, and I'm talking about the personal foul on James Harrison during the Super Bowl, here's a brief animated image I found showing the whole deal for you. You can find my original post about it here, and you can find the image on the original author's site here.

James Harrison Super Bowl XLIII

What a punk ... even I lost count of how many times he fouled that dude.


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  • Bryson Treece

    Like I said before, even if Ware doesn’t get it, Harrison doesn’t deserve it either. Though I imagine a lot of people would pissed off if he were to stripped of it. Doesn’t matter though cause Goodell won’t do it, he loves the Steelers … apparently.

  • Joe C

    Yeah I agree, Harrison had a pretty good season though and Ware is still young and if he steps up and plays like this again next year I guarantee he will get the award. Hell he might even break the sack record next year, he smells blood and is hungry.

  • Bryson Treece

    It’s called a defenseless player, kind of like blocking in the back? You know, that thing the Steelers do about 3 times a game? Learn at least some of the NFL rules or shut up dude.

    Harrison got called for that play by the officials, the broadcasters, several national and local media outlets ………. it was a foul.

    The question was whether or not he should have been ejected for the continued attack of a defenseless player when neither player was anymore involved in that play. That also wasn’t the only time Harrison was flagged for a personal foul in that game.

  • Bryson Treece

    I would also add that MANY players in the last 20 years even have been “beasts” on the field, but they were beasts within the rules, especially during a championship game. Harrison was frustrated that his team was losing, and took out on that Francisco guy.

  • Rick

    Show me where the foul is you retarded idiot……. remember it’s a live play he is blocking Da!
    It is football and he is a beast remember what he did to Romo? lol lol

  • jeff

    well thats why the gave that thug def player of the year…… d-ware deserved it…… but they were afraid harrison would go home and beat on his wife again, worse yet, beat up his gay buddy ben rothelisberger.

  • Rick

    It was a foul at the end but he did not know it was a fair catch (his back was turned). The media was making a big deal because it look like a punch……. as did the refs. However, with further review obviously you can see it was an open hand push/shove or in the football world we call it a block.
    Defensless? please give me a break he has pads on doesn’t he? And he was attepting to get up and proceed down field. Is he not! Penalty at the end cuase the play was dead YES! but ejectment NO!
    Obviously the Steelers take football a little more serious these days than they do at camp cupcake! Cowboys got abused at Heinz feild simply way more physical team from day one!
    Pittsburgh is linebacker central for a reason. Rememeber guys like Jack Lambert??
    Football is a violent sport! with guys like Harrison bigger and stronger and faster than ever it will only get more and more violent. It’s a mens sport for Real men. Let them play the game!

  • Bryson Treece

    How do you fair-catch a punt on the 2 yard line? That penalty ended up being a 1 yarder because it was half the distance to the goal. It wasn’t a fair catch that I recall, but rather a Cardinal downing the ball near the goal line.

    The punch is at the very beginning of that clip above, he punched his lower-left shoulder blade, then he threw him back, and then he pushed him again.

    He was balled up when he was punched in the back, and he was not actively doing anything other than trying to get up which makes him defenseless by NFL rules. He started to rock backwards to get up when he was thrown to the ground, the whistles had already blown the play dead by that point, I know Harrison can hear the whistle.

    And what are you doing on a Cowboys fansite anyway? The fact that you are here trying to defend Harrison proves that you see reason for him to be defended, and you can’t have that reason if he did nothing wrong. Sounds to me like you agree that he fucked up and just want to start some shit.

    I have no problem with you starting shit here either, but at least get your facts straight.

    By the way, that game showed that the Cowboys can keep up with the physical Steelers, they won it with interceptions, and contact is the last cause of interceptions. None of his three picks were thrown under duress, pressure maybe, but not because he was hit. Did you even watch that game?

  • Bryson Treece

    Hey now … I work in real estate =P

  • jeff

    i agree treece, he does’nt like it that some people are saying bad things about one of his beloved steelers…….. we deal with it everyday, for years. it comes with being americas team. something steeler nation is desperatly seeking…. it kills them that even after winning the superbowl that the cowboys are still the team everyone is interested in, i guess even in pittsburgh…. why else would he be on a cowboy site.. he’s probably a fat, bald, real estate employee that drive around in a black yukon with steeler stickers all over it……i live in pittsburgh i see these morons everyday.

  • Bryson Treece

    Then we agree … can’t be a fair catch if no catch is made.

    So you know, I’ll be editing out the comments about Jeff … just looks bad bro.

    Harrison had a good year, true, or else he wouldn’t have even been in the running for the def. player of the Year, but it still kills me that you won’t acknowledge the punch, not the shove, but the punch. It was what he did to hold the guy down, as you say.

    There are players that had better stats and play in 08 though that didn’t have any personal fouls called against them. That’s my beef, in part, and I realize expecting too much leads to frequent disappointment. Time for these elite players to act like it on and off the field. Tired of hearing about players getting arrested, tired of hearing about fines for hitting or spitting, or whatever.

    The arrests, penalties, fines etc. all happen because of the choices a player makes, and we shouldn’t be rewarding bad choices. Something the Cowboys front office needs a little more practice in. They’re getting it right a little with Tank Johnson and Pacman.

    The simplest truth is though, even with a sixth ring, the Cowboys still top the Steelers on every headline, regardless of what the story is. I think it’s players like Harrison that cause that.

  • Rick

    I was drawn here by the gay JEFF he sent me the link. just to aggravate me …. after aggreeing that it was a o.k. play in person………… And first of all I know that it was downed and that it was half the distance to the goal penalty…… but if you really watched the video you will see #21 Mewelde Moore signal for a fair catch………. at the same moment also notice that cards players are still going full speed flying around passing the Harrison/ Francesco duel. As he tried to get up Harrison held him down and then as he attempted to get up ….. with a completely open hand (glove black on top and gray on bottom) he pushed/shoved him in the chest. Comepletely legal and this is a play in which a coach would appluad his player on every level. it’s the after the play antics that usualy get the penalty……… And please find a copy of the video of the entire play and others between the two……… you will see that he took a cheap knee shot at harrison and punched him in the balls……. too knowbodys talking about those. I think it is a little ridiculas that it has drawn so much attention. I believe that it really came from Maddens comments in which he admitted that he really spoke to soon…… If it was that bad he will get fined by the NFL as did joey porter…… hines ward…….. etc.. Madden is still upset about the Immaculate reception! lol
    I love the NFL and those Steelers are my beloved since I was a little baby. through thick and thin I remain a fan always will. I do not jump band wagons and i do not hate other teams. I travel to other stadiums to see the away games especialy florida games. Steelers fans are everywhere and travel better than any other in comparison. For a small market team they are an extremely succesfull and well respected sports francise maybe the most succesfull ever!
    Pittsburgh is a football town. I do not want to take away from others but if you watch the away games look at the fans in the stands….. it’s crazy and every sports announcer has mentioned these facts. Every football town has steeler fan clubs and steeler bars. And sure the migration of the colapsed steel mill industry played a major roll in the steeler nation arise in prominence I took lots of video footage as I headed down south it was crazy every rest stop on the way was packed and people from every where even lots who have never been to pittsburgh surpriseingly….. but to even discuss it with JEFF???? FOO-EEE He gave up on his Cowboys…… He denounced them and swore to never watch them again after the embarrassing losses this year. He even stated that he would never watch football again. I even took his Stupid cowboy star upon his wish and destroyed it for him. Oh yeah it just makes me wonder???? but I won’t let this one loser be the judge of all cowboys fans cuase I know there are some loyal true fans. But for Jeff the fag! WAKE UP YOU LIVE IN SIXBURGH BABY! lolololololololol I tell the truth never lie….. he always lies but you decide. but if I was you I wouldn’t even let this loser post any more comments or call himself a fan. He will go down as many do and just be classed as another Steeler Hater! OH by the way if your ever in a little town Beaver Falls PA. (home of Joe Nameth) stop by his Rinky Dink Dirty Little Dump of a car repair shop where you can’t work there unless your a slender young boy and even if your car isn’t broke it will be by the time you get it back ($2,000.00 and 6 weeks later on a flatbed)it will be!

  • Rick

    Just give Harrison a break man he had one hell of a year!

  • Bryson Treece

    And that’s where we disagree … one of the points … Ware was more valuable to the Cowboys D than Harrison was to the Steelers D and he had better stats.

    It wasn’t bad because it was violent, it was bad because he disregarded the rules and the idea of player safety. You notice that guy nearly fell on his own leg that first big shove, and the shove wasn’t warranted, which is why he was flagged. It was low-class for him to do that, just as it would for any other player to do it. This isn’t personal toward Harrison.

  • Rick

    About your beef well I understand but it used to be alot worse think of guys like Deacon Jones… Dick Butkis, Night trian Lane, Jack Youngblood, Lyle Alzado and the list goes on and on these were beasts of the same sort and they had to change the rules of the game. Given that society in general has become way more violent in nature I would commend the NFL for giving us fans the greatest sports league in the world bar none. They do a great job of giving us just enough violence to keep us happy with-out it getting out of contol. i just can’t see what was soooooo bad both times that he hit him it was with an open hand and he didn’t put a shoulder into him or nothing like that he just shoved him down a few times lol….. but we love it here in Pittsburgh and we love im-poseing our will on other teams. Most do not even know that Harrison was cut before and was brought back twice before making the line-up last year.
    the Rooneys do not play around just remeber Bam Morris found to be guilty gone same day. Cedric wilson admitted guilty gone that week and others. I think that the Cowboys problems begin and end with JERRY JONES he needs to stay off the feild and out of the locker room. He screws things up and remember there are less than 300,000 people in the city of pittsburgh and all of it’s surrounding suburbs very small market wouldn’t you say? How many live in Dallas?
    We had over 300,000 show up for the victory parade…. that is loyalty bro’

  • Rick

    better stats yes but it’s about the value of the individuals play to the entire teams success in general…… MVP

  • Joe C

    Wow someone send this guy a copy of the rule book please, I understand sticking up for your team, but even when a Cowboy does stupid shit like that I deface them, so please own up to it was a dirty shot, along with all the other bullshit he did in that game.

    Thank you and goodnight.

Star Blog

Does James Hanna’s Retirement Make TE a Draft Priority?

Brian Martin



Does James Hanna's Retirement Make TE a Draft Priority?

The Dallas Cowboys depth at the tight end position took a little bit of a hit this past Friday when James Hanna announced to the world that he planned on retiring. The Cowboys will now move him to the reserve/retired list, thus creating questions as to who will be Jason Witten's primary backup in 2018?

Before James Hanna's retirement announcement, it was rumored he could end up getting cut to get some salary-cap relief. The Cowboys fortunately didn't have to make that decision, but Hanna's retirement has the same impact on the salary-cap as it would have if it would've been released.

The downside of all of this is that the Dallas Cowboys now have to find out who will now become their backup tight end this season. This is definitely an important decision because Jason Witten is no longer the threat he once was, and his age could make him start becoming susceptible to injuries, although he has been an Iron Man the majority of his career.

I don't know about you, but there's really not anybody currently on the Cowboys roster who inspires a lot of confidence. Geoff Swaim will likely step into James Hanna's vacated role behind Jason Witten, but the depth behind him creates more questions than answers.

The Dallas Cowboys are supposedly pretty high on Blake Jarwin, but he will be entering his second year and hasn't really received a lot of playing time as of yet. Then, there is Rico Gathers, a fan favorite, who flashed his ability in preseason last year.

Rico Gathers, Rams

Dallas Cowboys TE Rico Gathers

Gathers mere size and athletic ability makes him a mismatch against anybody who tries to cover him, but I just don't know how committed he is to his football career. He seems much more focused on trying to become a rapper than he does improving his craft. Hopefully, that's not the case and he can take the next step in his development.

The Dallas Cowboys current situation at the tight end position is a little depressing. In fact, I really think it's holding the Cowboys offense back and it's past time to do some upgrading.

Fortunately, there is an event happening this week that could improve the entire tight end position… the 2018 NFL Draft. If the Dallas Cowboys weren't planning on drafting a tight end before James Hanna's retirement, they should seriously consider it now.

Jason Witten isn't going to play forever and if he was to get injured, the Cowboys offense would seriously be in trouble. We all know he's not the player he once was, but he is still the best and most dependable option currently on the roster.

Unfortunately, we witnessed firsthand just how bad things can get when a starter goes down and the depth behind them isn't capable of stepping in and handling the job. That is why the Dallas Cowboys should have a better contingency plan in place if something were to happen to Witten.

The good news is that this year's TE draft class is pretty deep and the Dallas Cowboys should be able to take one to not only replace James Hanna, but hopefully become Witten's successor as well.

Should the Dallas Cowboys draft a tight end?

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Star Blog

Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Series to Shed New Light on HC Jason Garrett

Sean Martin



Dallas Cowboys "All or Nothing" Series to Shed New Light on HC Jason Garrett

You likely already know by now that the 2017 Dallas Cowboys season -- by all accounts, a forgettable one for fans, coaches, and big-name players -- will be documented forever thanks to NFL Films' latest All or Nothing series.

Effectively, All or Nothing is a new spin on the popular Hard Knocks series with one major difference. This Amazon Prime exclusive doesn't just follow a team through training camp, as NFL Films gets inside team meetings and games throughout the entire season.

The 2017 Cowboys yielded just nine wins, creating more than enough drama for television along the way. This was yet another season where Head Coach Jason Garrett's job was put on the line, although early reviews of All or Nothing (available to the public April 27th) paint Garrett as the lead antagonist.

Jon Machota on Twitter

Jason Garrett drops at least 10 f-bombs in the first show. Before the Broncos game in Week 2: "You want to quiet the game down? Hand the f---in' ball to 21 and knock their ass off the ball.

Watching the Titanic and expecting a different outcome is a surefire way to set yourself up for disappointment, as will be reliving a frustrating season in Dallas. By the end though, Cowboys fans will have a much better understanding of where the 2018 team stands - particularly in the eyes of a Head Coach they looked to fire once again this offseason.

Jason Garrett has long been described as a "players coach", one that his Cowboys teams want to fight for. Whether or not the Cowboys have gone too far in constantly churning their roster in Garrett's image for little end result will likely be determined this season.

This is a Head Coach that has been in place for the departure of DeMarcus Ware, Tony Romo (serving as a pivotal decision maker for the Cowboys choosing Dak Prescott as their full-time starter in 2016), and most recently Dez Bryant.

An added bonus to All or Nothing will likely be that it captures Dez Bryant's final moments with the Cowboys.

Jon Machota on Twitter

Garrett to Zeke at practice after Broncos loss: "I want that f---in guy at Ohio St. who was running down on that kickoff. Remember after you played your 2nd play in the NFL against the Seahawks, you came over to me and you said, 'Give me the f---in ball!'

The Cowboys did not just lose Ezekiel Elliott in 2017 (serving his six game suspension), and All or Nothing will remind every one of just how much talent came off the field for Garrett's team last season. Coming out at the same time as the Dallas hosted 2018 Draft, Cowboys fans can build their excitement for a 2018 triumph back to the playoffs.

Anything short of this likely costs Jason Garrett his job, although everything he means to the Dallas Cowboys will be put in better-than-ever perspective by All or Nothing.

David Helman on Twitter

I don't wanna spoil the "All or Nothing" TV show more than what you've already seen or heard. But if you watch it, you're going to get a great look at: 1. Jason Garrett's actual persona 2. The dynamics of Dez's relationship within the team 3.

Tell us what you think about "Dallas Cowboys “All or Nothing” Series to Shed New Light on HC Jason Garrett" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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Cowboys en Español: Definiendo la Urgencia por un WR este NFL Draft

Mauricio Rodriguez



Pre-Playoff 7-Round Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft
Andrew Dieb / USA TODAY Sports

El líder en recepciones de anotación en la historia de la franquicia más emblemática en la historia de los Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant, ha visto su tiempo portando la estrella solitaria llegar a su fin. Un fin, por cierto, que dejó a algunos cuantos aficionados, administrativos y jugadores en un estado de descontento.

Por más que me gustaría entrar a detalle de si el veterano receptor merecía ser recortado o no, si el equipo tomó la decisión correcta o no, el NFL Draft está a menos de una semana de distancia. Así que, en vez de hablar de lo que pudo haber sido, hablemos de lo que puede ser. 

Los Cowboys, a pesar de ser conocidos como una potencia ofensiva en las últimas temporadas, necesitan a un wide receiver. Sí, Dallas consiguió al agente libre de Jacksonville Allen Hurns, pero siendo honestos, no parece ser suficiente talento para un equipo que quiere construirle una ofensiva amigable a su quarterback, Dak Prescott.

Si el roster sólo tiene a Allen Hurns, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, Ryan Switzer, Noah Brown y Deonte Thompson; se necesita un WR. Incluso con Bryant en el equipo, se necesitaba un receptor. Lo cual lleva a la gran pregunta: ¿el despido de Dez significa que a los Cowboys les urge aún más un receptor? ¿Significa que definitivamente buscarán mejorar la posición con su selección de primera ronda?

Algo queda claro, la administración sabía lo que sucedería. Dez Bryant no estaba en los planes para el 2018 y claramente sus planes para abordar el NFL Draft no se verán cambiados por la partida del apasionado #88.

Estas estrategias se plantean por meses y más meses. Los Cowboys se han fijado mucho en la posición de receptor, desde que fue el NFL Combine hasta las visitas privadas que toman lugar a lo largo de Abril.

Es un hecho que tienen en la mira a los receptores. Claramente, quieren añadir más talento a la ofensiva para Dak Prescott.

En una clase de prospectos que cuenta con bastantes receptores, otra pregunta naturalmente, es ¿lo harán en primera ronda o más tarde? Me sorprendería demasiado si el equipo espera hasta la tercera ronda. Sin duda, es algo que tienen que atender con una de sus dos primeros picks.


En el primero, la selección #19 global, podrían encontrar a uno de los tres mejores receptores del año. Calvin Ridley, de Alabama; Courtland Sutton, de SMU; DJ Moore, de Maryland. Si buscarán el "remplazo" de Dez Bryant en uno de estos tres jugadores, definitivamente será uno de estos tres prospectos.

Todos tienen lo suyo. Sutton es un receptor estilo "X" (como Dez Bryant) mientras Ridley, por ejemplo, es claramente un receptor "Z" (como Terrance Williams). DJ Moore brinda un poco de versatilidad entre ambos roles, y podría ser un jugador de impacto en cualquiera que se le juegue, aunque probablemente brillaría más si se le permitiera jugar como un "Z."

Afortunadamente para Dallas, el recién firmado Allen Hurns también es capaz de tomar cualquiera de los dos roles. Esto le da flexibilidad a los Cowboys de tomar al que más les guste, o en su defecto, a quien esté disponible.

En mi segundo Mock Draft del año, simulé a Courtland Sutton, producto de SMU a los Cowboys con el pick #19. Los coaches de la Estrella Solitaria han mostrado bastante interés por el producto local y no me sorprendería nada verlos aterrizar un receptor como él la próxima semana.

Ahora bien, si Dallas decide esperar hasta la segunda ronda para conseguir a un par de manos confiables, encontrarán talento. Definitivamente. James Washington, DJ Chark, Michael Gallup, Anthony Miller, entre otros podrían estar ahí en la selección #50 (segunda ronda).

Cowboys Draft: Should Cowboys Consider WR James Washington?

Oklahoma State WR James Washington (Rob Ferguson / USA TODAY Sports)

Si el equipo quiere tomar talento para otra posición en la primera, lo podrán hacer sabiendo que encontrarán un WR talentoso al día siguiente.

Afortunadamente, esta ofensiva se basa en Ezekiel Elliott y el juego terrestre detrás de la línea ofensiva. Los receptores son importantes, por supuesto, pero no es necesario tener algo tan dominante como lo fue Dez Bryant en el 2013 y el 2014, por ejemplo.

Por ahora, sólo falta esperar como abordan los Cowboys esta necesidad la próxima semana cuando el NFL Draft del 2018 tome lugar en el mismo lugar en el que este equipo juega sus partidos e intenta pelear, el AT&T Stadium.

Con un poco de suerte, estrenaran el campo este 2018 obteniendo su primer victoria del año la próxima semana.

Tell me what you think about "Cowboys en Español: Definiendo la Urgencia por un WR este NFL Draft" in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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