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A Better Look At Harrison

Bryson Treece



NFL Blog - A Better Look At Harrison 1

For anyone that missed it, and I'm talking about the personal foul on James Harrison during the Super Bowl, here's a brief animated image I found showing the whole deal for you. You can find my original post about it here, and you can find the image on the original author's site here.

James Harrison Super Bowl XLIII

What a punk ... even I lost count of how many times he fouled that dude.


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  • Bryson Treece

    Like I said before, even if Ware doesn’t get it, Harrison doesn’t deserve it either. Though I imagine a lot of people would pissed off if he were to stripped of it. Doesn’t matter though cause Goodell won’t do it, he loves the Steelers … apparently.

  • Joe C

    Yeah I agree, Harrison had a pretty good season though and Ware is still young and if he steps up and plays like this again next year I guarantee he will get the award. Hell he might even break the sack record next year, he smells blood and is hungry.

  • Bryson Treece

    It’s called a defenseless player, kind of like blocking in the back? You know, that thing the Steelers do about 3 times a game? Learn at least some of the NFL rules or shut up dude.

    Harrison got called for that play by the officials, the broadcasters, several national and local media outlets ………. it was a foul.

    The question was whether or not he should have been ejected for the continued attack of a defenseless player when neither player was anymore involved in that play. That also wasn’t the only time Harrison was flagged for a personal foul in that game.

  • Bryson Treece

    I would also add that MANY players in the last 20 years even have been “beasts” on the field, but they were beasts within the rules, especially during a championship game. Harrison was frustrated that his team was losing, and took out on that Francisco guy.

  • Rick

    Show me where the foul is you retarded idiot……. remember it’s a live play he is blocking Da!
    It is football and he is a beast remember what he did to Romo? lol lol

  • jeff

    well thats why the gave that thug def player of the year…… d-ware deserved it…… but they were afraid harrison would go home and beat on his wife again, worse yet, beat up his gay buddy ben rothelisberger.

  • Rick

    It was a foul at the end but he did not know it was a fair catch (his back was turned). The media was making a big deal because it look like a punch……. as did the refs. However, with further review obviously you can see it was an open hand push/shove or in the football world we call it a block.
    Defensless? please give me a break he has pads on doesn’t he? And he was attepting to get up and proceed down field. Is he not! Penalty at the end cuase the play was dead YES! but ejectment NO!
    Obviously the Steelers take football a little more serious these days than they do at camp cupcake! Cowboys got abused at Heinz feild simply way more physical team from day one!
    Pittsburgh is linebacker central for a reason. Rememeber guys like Jack Lambert??
    Football is a violent sport! with guys like Harrison bigger and stronger and faster than ever it will only get more and more violent. It’s a mens sport for Real men. Let them play the game!

  • Bryson Treece

    How do you fair-catch a punt on the 2 yard line? That penalty ended up being a 1 yarder because it was half the distance to the goal. It wasn’t a fair catch that I recall, but rather a Cardinal downing the ball near the goal line.

    The punch is at the very beginning of that clip above, he punched his lower-left shoulder blade, then he threw him back, and then he pushed him again.

    He was balled up when he was punched in the back, and he was not actively doing anything other than trying to get up which makes him defenseless by NFL rules. He started to rock backwards to get up when he was thrown to the ground, the whistles had already blown the play dead by that point, I know Harrison can hear the whistle.

    And what are you doing on a Cowboys fansite anyway? The fact that you are here trying to defend Harrison proves that you see reason for him to be defended, and you can’t have that reason if he did nothing wrong. Sounds to me like you agree that he fucked up and just want to start some shit.

    I have no problem with you starting shit here either, but at least get your facts straight.

    By the way, that game showed that the Cowboys can keep up with the physical Steelers, they won it with interceptions, and contact is the last cause of interceptions. None of his three picks were thrown under duress, pressure maybe, but not because he was hit. Did you even watch that game?

  • Bryson Treece

    Hey now … I work in real estate =P

  • jeff

    i agree treece, he does’nt like it that some people are saying bad things about one of his beloved steelers…….. we deal with it everyday, for years. it comes with being americas team. something steeler nation is desperatly seeking…. it kills them that even after winning the superbowl that the cowboys are still the team everyone is interested in, i guess even in pittsburgh…. why else would he be on a cowboy site.. he’s probably a fat, bald, real estate employee that drive around in a black yukon with steeler stickers all over it……i live in pittsburgh i see these morons everyday.

  • Bryson Treece

    Then we agree … can’t be a fair catch if no catch is made.

    So you know, I’ll be editing out the comments about Jeff … just looks bad bro.

    Harrison had a good year, true, or else he wouldn’t have even been in the running for the def. player of the Year, but it still kills me that you won’t acknowledge the punch, not the shove, but the punch. It was what he did to hold the guy down, as you say.

    There are players that had better stats and play in 08 though that didn’t have any personal fouls called against them. That’s my beef, in part, and I realize expecting too much leads to frequent disappointment. Time for these elite players to act like it on and off the field. Tired of hearing about players getting arrested, tired of hearing about fines for hitting or spitting, or whatever.

    The arrests, penalties, fines etc. all happen because of the choices a player makes, and we shouldn’t be rewarding bad choices. Something the Cowboys front office needs a little more practice in. They’re getting it right a little with Tank Johnson and Pacman.

    The simplest truth is though, even with a sixth ring, the Cowboys still top the Steelers on every headline, regardless of what the story is. I think it’s players like Harrison that cause that.

  • Rick

    I was drawn here by the gay JEFF he sent me the link. just to aggravate me …. after aggreeing that it was a o.k. play in person………… And first of all I know that it was downed and that it was half the distance to the goal penalty…… but if you really watched the video you will see #21 Mewelde Moore signal for a fair catch………. at the same moment also notice that cards players are still going full speed flying around passing the Harrison/ Francesco duel. As he tried to get up Harrison held him down and then as he attempted to get up ….. with a completely open hand (glove black on top and gray on bottom) he pushed/shoved him in the chest. Comepletely legal and this is a play in which a coach would appluad his player on every level. it’s the after the play antics that usualy get the penalty……… And please find a copy of the video of the entire play and others between the two……… you will see that he took a cheap knee shot at harrison and punched him in the balls……. too knowbodys talking about those. I think it is a little ridiculas that it has drawn so much attention. I believe that it really came from Maddens comments in which he admitted that he really spoke to soon…… If it was that bad he will get fined by the NFL as did joey porter…… hines ward…….. etc.. Madden is still upset about the Immaculate reception! lol
    I love the NFL and those Steelers are my beloved since I was a little baby. through thick and thin I remain a fan always will. I do not jump band wagons and i do not hate other teams. I travel to other stadiums to see the away games especialy florida games. Steelers fans are everywhere and travel better than any other in comparison. For a small market team they are an extremely succesfull and well respected sports francise maybe the most succesfull ever!
    Pittsburgh is a football town. I do not want to take away from others but if you watch the away games look at the fans in the stands….. it’s crazy and every sports announcer has mentioned these facts. Every football town has steeler fan clubs and steeler bars. And sure the migration of the colapsed steel mill industry played a major roll in the steeler nation arise in prominence I took lots of video footage as I headed down south it was crazy every rest stop on the way was packed and people from every where even lots who have never been to pittsburgh surpriseingly….. but to even discuss it with JEFF???? FOO-EEE He gave up on his Cowboys…… He denounced them and swore to never watch them again after the embarrassing losses this year. He even stated that he would never watch football again. I even took his Stupid cowboy star upon his wish and destroyed it for him. Oh yeah it just makes me wonder???? but I won’t let this one loser be the judge of all cowboys fans cuase I know there are some loyal true fans. But for Jeff the fag! WAKE UP YOU LIVE IN SIXBURGH BABY! lolololololololol I tell the truth never lie….. he always lies but you decide. but if I was you I wouldn’t even let this loser post any more comments or call himself a fan. He will go down as many do and just be classed as another Steeler Hater! OH by the way if your ever in a little town Beaver Falls PA. (home of Joe Nameth) stop by his Rinky Dink Dirty Little Dump of a car repair shop where you can’t work there unless your a slender young boy and even if your car isn’t broke it will be by the time you get it back ($2,000.00 and 6 weeks later on a flatbed)it will be!

  • Rick

    Just give Harrison a break man he had one hell of a year!

  • Bryson Treece

    And that’s where we disagree … one of the points … Ware was more valuable to the Cowboys D than Harrison was to the Steelers D and he had better stats.

    It wasn’t bad because it was violent, it was bad because he disregarded the rules and the idea of player safety. You notice that guy nearly fell on his own leg that first big shove, and the shove wasn’t warranted, which is why he was flagged. It was low-class for him to do that, just as it would for any other player to do it. This isn’t personal toward Harrison.

  • Rick

    About your beef well I understand but it used to be alot worse think of guys like Deacon Jones… Dick Butkis, Night trian Lane, Jack Youngblood, Lyle Alzado and the list goes on and on these were beasts of the same sort and they had to change the rules of the game. Given that society in general has become way more violent in nature I would commend the NFL for giving us fans the greatest sports league in the world bar none. They do a great job of giving us just enough violence to keep us happy with-out it getting out of contol. i just can’t see what was soooooo bad both times that he hit him it was with an open hand and he didn’t put a shoulder into him or nothing like that he just shoved him down a few times lol….. but we love it here in Pittsburgh and we love im-poseing our will on other teams. Most do not even know that Harrison was cut before and was brought back twice before making the line-up last year.
    the Rooneys do not play around just remeber Bam Morris found to be guilty gone same day. Cedric wilson admitted guilty gone that week and others. I think that the Cowboys problems begin and end with JERRY JONES he needs to stay off the feild and out of the locker room. He screws things up and remember there are less than 300,000 people in the city of pittsburgh and all of it’s surrounding suburbs very small market wouldn’t you say? How many live in Dallas?
    We had over 300,000 show up for the victory parade…. that is loyalty bro’

  • Rick

    better stats yes but it’s about the value of the individuals play to the entire teams success in general…… MVP

  • Joe C

    Wow someone send this guy a copy of the rule book please, I understand sticking up for your team, but even when a Cowboy does stupid shit like that I deface them, so please own up to it was a dirty shot, along with all the other bullshit he did in that game.

    Thank you and goodnight.

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Cowboys Bow to Seahawks – Hoping to Tame Lions in Week 4



Cowboys Bow to Seahawks – Hoping to Tame Lions in Week 4

The Cowboys are now sharing space in the NFC East cellar with the Giants but are hoping to move out next week with a win against the Detroit Lions. Before they can do that, there is quite a bit that needs to be fixed and most of it comes on the offensive side of the ball.

Dak Prescott was 19-of-34 for 168 yards and it was the ninth time over the past 11 games, dating back to last season, that Dallas failed to pass for 200 yards. In a league where 300-yard passing games are not uncommon, and young guns like Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes are tossing four touchdowns a game, it's quite concerning that Dallas’s aerial attack is more like a mild affront.

Ezekiel Elliott has done his fair share of the heavy lifting for the offense this season and chewed up 127 yards of real estate in Sunday’s game with an almost eight yards per carry average. But even Elliott is experiencing his share of brain cramps in this offense after he was flagged for stepping out-of-bounds before making what would have been a touchdown reception, and then coughing up the ball in the fourth quarter causing a momentum-killing shift that sealed the deal for the Seahawks.

After three weeks of play, Dak Prescott has just two touchdown passes and both were to Tavon Austin. The offensive line, once regarded as the league’s gold standard, has struggled with rookie Guard Connor Williams, a second-round pick out of Texas, getting schooled more than a few times thus far after making the shift from college tackle to NFL guard.

Center Travis Frederick’s absence is being felt as well but the glimmer of hope is that once he gets back to feeding the ball to Prescott, the offensive line will more closely resemble the impenetrable unit to which we’ve become accustomed.

Dwelling on a bad loss and wringing our hands about a lack of offensive production will only get us so far, therefore, whenever we look ahead to what awaits we check over a review of Bovada one of the most trusted and reliable online sportsbook in the industry. The oddsmakers are already dealing lines on next week’s game with the Lions and despite Detroit’s impressive win over New England and Dallas’s disappointing defeat to the Seahawks, we see that the Boys are 3 ½ point home favorites in the early betting.

That’s an odd number considering the Week 3 results but the Dallas passing attack has to get better because it can’t get much worse.

As long as Zeke can move the chains the Cowboys have a chance, but their offense has become too predictable, as has their play calling. Head Coach Jason Garrett has to get more creative and make his players accountable for bone-head penalties of the variety that Defensive End Randy Gregory took when he shoved Seahawks’ Center Joey Hunt’s head directly in front of the referee’s line of vision. It was a 15-yard flag shortly before the first-half and allowed the Seahawks to tack on another three points instead of punting the ball away.

Garrett had this to say after the game regarding Gregory’s penalty:

"You have to keep your poise regardless of what anybody did to you, said to you. You cannot respond like that. Typically what the officials see is the second thing and obviously that drew the flag. That was a poor play for us prior to the half."

Hopefully the line next week at Bovada is a good omen for the Cowboys. Dallas is back at home and the last time they met the Lions, December of 2016, the Cowboys won in a romp by the score of 42-21. In addition, let’s not forget that Detroit may get caught in a letdown situation after a huge win over the Patriots and a game looming with divisional foe Green Bay after their Week 4 showdown in Dallas.

It’s a good spot for the Cowboys in what is shaping up as a trap game for the Lions. Expect a big bounce back performance from Dallas as they roll over their Motown rivals this Sunday afternoon.

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Next Day Rant: NFL is Killing Football to Protect Quarterbacks

Jess Haynie



Next Day Rant: NFL is Killing Football to Protect Quarterbacks
Shaban Athuman/The Dallas Morning News

Over just three weeks of the 2018 season, the NFL's new rule about hitting quarterbacks has stirred up as much controversy and angst as any amount of anthem kneeling ever did. Tyrone Crawford and the Dallas Cowboys can now add themselves to the list of perplexed victims of the league's misguided legislation.

On the Seattle Seahawks' first offensive series yesterday, Crawford made what in past years would have been a clean, textbook hit on Russell Wilson just as the ball was released. But out came the flag, claiming that Tyrone didn't make enough effort to avoid putting all his weight into the quarterback as he brought him down.

This flag came on a 3rd-down play with Seattle backed up on their own 12. Instead of punting, and likely giving Dallas excellent field position for their next series, the Seahawks got to continue the drive and eventually punt it from midfield.

That consequence may not sound like a big deal, but it robbed the Cowboys of their earned opportunity to get points on the board early. It changed the tone of the game early, and who knows what ripple effect that had the rest of the way.

The real issue here, though, is that that call can even be made. The NFL has finally taken QB protection too far, to the point that defensive players are left with no logical or physically possible way to do their jobs.

Next Day Rant: NFL is Killing Football to Protect Quarterbacks 1

Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews has become the poster boy for the NFL's new hit rule.

Before the Dallas game came on, I watched as the Packers' Clay Matthews got flagged yet again for the same type of call. It was the second time in as many games that Matthews has been given a foul for a clean hit.

Matthews' frustration after he saw that flag was clear. He looked disheartened, and part of me wondered if he might just walk right out of the stadium. In fact, I almost wanted him to pull a Vontae Davis just to help make the point to the league.

The NFL wants the best of both worlds. They want these players to go max effort when the rules allow and then pull it back in very specific, split-second situations. It's more than the human mind and body can do.

You can't ask these defenders to use everything they've got to get through a blocker, and then immediately rein it in once they get their hands on the quarterback.

You can't ask them to avoid going high on the QB, and then always know when the ball has been released. They don't have eyes in the top of their heads.

You can't ask them to come full force on a blitz or rush and then cool their jets within a second or less. Forget mind and body, even the basic laws of inertia don't work that way.

The NFL is asking for the impossible; a safe form of violence. That's like asking for non-toxic poison.

5 NFL Rule Changes That Need to Happen

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

I understand the league's current global dilemma. They are looking down the barrel of rising CTE awareness, lawsuits from former players, and the diminishing participation in youth football. They're trying to save the game from extinction, or at least from falling off the throne as America's modern pastime.

But this rule isn't about that. This is about trying to keep star quarterbacks healthy so that fan engagement and TV ratings don't go down when an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady gets injured.

The NFL is in the entertainment business, so I get their concern. Quarterbacks are the lead actors of the sport. You'd be disappointed if the next Mission Impossible movie was mostly Ving Rhames.

Protecting quarterbacks, given their vulnerability at times on the field, has its place. Some of the rules make sense, even if at times they lead to frustrating penalties.

But now they're messing with the core formula of football. If the Colonel got rid of one of his eleven herbs and spices, KFC chicken might not taste the same anymore. Coca-Cola might suddenly be worse than Pepsi (hard to imagine, I know) if they started changing the syrup.

The NFL isn't tweaking here. They're changing games and putting the burden on defensive players, in the heat of battle, to try to have machine-like precision.

Again, they're asking for the impossible.

Tyrone Crawford

Dallas Cowboys DT Tyrone Crawford

Tyrone Crawford is no Vontaze Burfict. He's not a loose cannon. He's one of the genuine good guys in the NFL, who does everything the right way on and off the field.

You can only imagine his frustration right now, or that of Clay Matthews and anyone else hit with one of these penalties. Imagine what some of these guys, who aren't a Crawford or Matthews, might do if that frustration boils over.

You could hear it even in the commentary yesterday. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were clearly disgusted by the calls, both in the Cowboys-Seahawks game and what's been happening so far this year. This was FOX's premier broadcast team openly bashing the NFL in a nationally televised game.

And if you think the players and commentators are frustrated, imagine how that translates to fan response.

The league is trying to avoid losing viewers from quarterback injuries. In the process, they may lose a lot more by damaging the game we love.

Playing football is an accepted risk. Players get it. Fans get it.

The NFL has to get it, and soon, before this conversation takes over in a way that past controversies haven't. The anthem kneeling was an overblown, media-driven story that never hit the bottom line they way they wanted you to believe. None of it mattered once the ball was kicked off.

But now the game is being damaged. Football is becoming less fun; a game of rules and penalties rather than action and intensity.

If something doesn't change, the NFL's self-preservation efforts just might lead to its demise.

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Seahawks’ Tight End Will Dissly Flying Under the Radar

John Williams



Seahawks' Tight End Will Dissly Flying Under the Radar

The Seattle Seahawks are in need of a big win this weekend to stay a game or two back of the NFC West leading Los Angeles Rams. The Dallas Cowboys hope to extend their one game winning streak to two, but to do that, they'll have to win certain matchups on both sides of the football. One player that the Dallas Cowboys will have to be aware of and contain is rookie Tight End Will Dissly.

With Doug Baldwin injured in week one and out week two, other players have had to step up in their lead wide receiver's absence.

Brandon Marshall and Tyler Lockett are the names that most everyone will recognize, but Dissly, is the name that Cowboys Nation should keep an eye on come Sunday.

Dissly, drafted in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft out of the University of Washington, came into the season with a reputation as a blocking back. Dane Brugler, of The Athletic, had Dissly ranked 98th overall and as the ninth ranked tight end in the draft. Just one spot behind Dallas Cowboys rookie Tight End Dalton Schultz.

Here is what Brugler had to say in his 2018 NFL Draft Guide.

"A one-year starter at Washington, Dissly spent his first two years at Washington on defense and his final two years on offense, lining up inline and wing in the Huskies’ offense. He was a blocker-first and receiver-second in college, which was a role he embraced with his hard-nosed toughness and competitive edge. Dissly uses his upper body power and base strength in unison to control the point of attack, displaying the core flexibility and length to keep defenders busy. While he flashed reliable hand/eye coordination and run power after the catch, he lacks the route-running experience or athletic deception to consistently uncover. Overall, Dissly is a project as a pass-catcher, but he will contribute early in his NFL career as an inline blocker and sixth offensive lineman."

Dane Brugler - Dane Brugler's 2018 NFL Draft Guide

To say that it comes as a surprise at Dissly's start to his rookie campaign would be a huge understatement. A Brugler notes, there was a chance he'd contribute early as a blocking specialist, but was thought to be a project in the passing game. He's been a big play threat in the first two games of the season, already taking the lead in Seattle Seahawks TE snap distribution at 65%.

Among tight ends, Dissly's is tied for 12th in the NFL in targets with 10, tied for 17th in receptions with six, fourth in the NFL in receiving yards, tied for first with 2 touchdown receptions, third in yards per reception at 24.5, third in yards after the catch with 90, is tied for fifth with five receptions for first downs, sixth in yards per route run, and hasn't dropped a pass this season. He's averaging five targets, three receptions, 73.5 yards, and a touchdown per game. He's been targeted twice out of the slot and has two receptions for 36 yards and a touchdown while playing 46% of his snaps from the slot.

When Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson has targeted his rookie tight end, he has a passer rating of 143.8.

He's been way more than they could have hoped.

Here's what SB Nation' Seattle Seahawks blog Field Gulls had to say about Will Dissly after the Seattle Seahawks week one loss to the Denver Broncos.

"Hot damn! Who saw that coming? Was that Will Dissly or a prime Jeremy Shockey? 3 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown for someone drafted primarily for his blocking abilities. Seattle has a new weapon on offense, and I doubt anyone saw that coming."

Mookie Alexander - Field Gulls, SB Nation 

It's likely that nobody, including the Denver Broncos or the Chicago Bears, saw Dissly's breakout coming this soon. Now with it on tape, the Dallas Cowboys will have their eye on Will Dissly.

Russell Wilson doesn't have a ton of established -- or still good -- wide receivers at his disposal, but Will Dissly looks like a fourth round steal for the Seahawks.

The Dallas Cowboys' linebackers will be tested on Sunday.

Four of Dissly's six receptions have come against linebackers, including a 34 yard reception (19 yards after the catch) against Chicago Bears' Linebacker Danny Trevathan and a 66 yard reception (52 YAC) against Denver Broncos Outside Linebacker Bradley Chubb.

The Dallas Cowboys seem fully capable of matching up with good receiving tight ends as Jaylon Smith showed on Sunday. Smith showed an ability to run with Odell Beckham Jr. in coverage on Sunday. No small task. We know that Sean Lee is good in coverage. Leighton Vander Esch's best trait coming out of Boise State is his coverage ability. I also wouldn't be surprised to see the Dallas Cowboys matchup Xavier Woods and Anthony Brown with the athletic tight end when he's lined up in the slot.

How the Dallas Cowboys defense does in coverage against the rookie tight end could be a major key to the game. With names like Brandon Marshall, Tyler Lockett, and Rashad Penny to keep an eye on, someone like Will Dissly could be easily forgotten.

You're going to hear his name called on Sunday. Let's just hope it's more for what he did weeks one and two.

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