A Cowboy Nation’s 2009 War Room

I have been compiling a list of players who could be available to the Cowboys when they pick in the second round of the upcoming draft. Some of the players on this list will be there when Jerry and Stephen make their selection. Others will involve some “horse trading” to allow them the opportunity.

So we know our priorities. Right? Well my list of priorities rank in this order.

  1. Run Stuffing Nose Tackle
  2. Ball Hawking Safety
  3. Offensive Line Help
  4. Solid Inside Backer
  5. Depth at Receiver
  6. Capable Backup QB

Now while I still believe the rule of take the best player available when it is your turn to pick. There are certain areas that we are in good shape. So my advice this year would be take the best player available, and hope that guy is in a need position! This draft class while not overly strong at any one position, it is deep in a lot of our need areas.

Lets look at my 2009 top ten by need!

  1. B.J. Raji – Nose Tackle – Boston College – 6’1″ – 323: No shot at being there when the boys pick in the 2nd Round, but if the right deal comes around and they can go get him. GO GET HIM!
  2. Michael Oher – Tackle – Ole Miss – 6’5″ – 318: Big physical tackle that could push Flo and Colombo
  3. Andy Levitre – Guard – Oregon St. – 6’3″ – 317: Can play either guard position, would immediately upgrade O-Line depth and push Kosier for starting spot.
  4. Max Unger – Center – Oregon – 6’5″ – 300: Very Tall Center, quick on his feet, could be moved to the Guard position. Would be a great asset pulling out in front of Felix Jones!
  5. Sean Smith – Safety – Utah – 6’3″ – 214: Listed as a corner, but this guy will be an outstanding ball hawking safety, 9 INT over his sophomore and junior seasons, big physical, would be a significant upgrade to anything currently on the roster.
  6. Ron Brace – Nose Tackle – Boston College – 6’3″ – 324: Sizable drop off in talent from Raji but still a very solid run stuffing Tackle, will not get much from him in passing situations but can be a very good lane plug.
  7. William Moore – Safety – Missouri – 6’1″ – 230: Reminds me of Roy Williams (the bad one) in a lot of areas some ways of the old Roy (hard hitting, very aggressive) and some of the new ( slow to react in coverage, misses tackles, and slow) would need to be used properly.
  8. Rashad Johnson – Safety – Alabama – 6’0″ – 187: Outstanding in coverage, natural Leader, reads and reacts quickly, high motor guy, but do not expect much from him as far as run support goes.
  9. Darry Beckwith – ILB – LSU – 6’1″ – 232: Tough, hardworking guy, very quick sideline to sideline, very good in coverage, excels against the run. Concerns with his durability, not a great pass rusher, but the Cowboys need this type of player to allow Bradie to run free after the QB. Would be a great addition.
  10. Louis Murphy – WR – Florida – 6’3″ – 205: Fits to a tee what the Cowboys look for in a receiver, big, tall, good hands, exceptional speed, and can work in traffic. His routes have been suspect at times, was not very productive in college, but has a lot of room to grow.

If the Cowboys stand pat, make no movement from there current draft position, and anyone of these ten are available I will be extremely happy with any of these guys selected. I have a list compiled of about another 40 players on it, I will post another 10 in a few days. Thoughts? Do you have a wish list of your own? 

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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