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Dallas Cowboys

A New Head Coach In Dallas

Bryson Treece



With the latest and shameful coming out of Valley Ranch this week, it makes sense finally to put some of these pieces into place for next season. One of my favorite speculations at this point is coming from MSchmidt64 is the author, and you can also find him over at Here's a piece of his article followed by a link to check out the whole thing.



Many of the more level-headed among us had a feeling that this team wouldn't open up Yet-To-Be-Decided-Corporate-Sponsor Stadium with Wade Phillips at the helm. Or at least, that's what we hoped.

Come on. Wade Phillips? A head coach who has never won a playoff game in his long, long, NFL career? A man who has just presided over quite possibly one of the most embarrassing seasons ever for your Dallas Cowboys? A character who, in terms of the always important marketability angle, is more likely to cause fans to part with their hard earned dollars for a multitude of various prescription and non-prescription drugs as opposed to personal seat licenses?

So it was no real surprise when I logged onto the interweb recently and found out, officially, that he's no longer running the show. Sure, there had been evidence before. Hints dropped here and there. But now we know for sure. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Head Coach for the 2009 Dallas Cowboys will be.... Jerry Jones.

Head Coach Jerry Jones. To be honest, I wanted to come up with a catchier moniker for the old-new big man, one that would appropriately characterize his role as Owner/General Manager/Head Coach/Team Physician/Quality Control/Character Consultant for the organization. But with "slash" already taken by Kordell Stewart, and "solidus," while appropriately sinister, sounding more like one of the Transformers, I'm just not creative enough to do better (aside: work in Jerry Jones reconstructive face surgery angle here? Take this down). Maybe Jerry/Jones? Ehh.

So Head Coach Jones it is. And why not?

  • He already decides what schemes we'll run (Was Phillips the best coach available? Or the best 3-4 coach available?).
  • He already decides if players are being utilized correctly.
  • He's already refused to bring in much needed help for former head coach Wade Phillips, and, in refusing to hire him a Defensive Coordinator, essentially relegated him to that role.
  • He already sets the fines for players who break team rules.
  • He's already the guy that players go to when they have complaints about other coaches or players.
  • He's already the guy that gives pre- and post-game pep talks in the locker room and on the sidelines.
  • He's already the guy that looks at the X-Rays on injured players.
  • He already sits next to Wade during Press Conferences and probably has provided him with note cards with what he's supposed to talk about on them.


You can see the full article and comment on it by going to While you're there take a minute and sign the petition to have Jerry Jones hire a real GM. We're really starting to gain some support, so you won't be alone. Sign The Petition.

Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside the Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter - @InsideTheStarDC

  • Shaun Wellman

    Head coach Jerry! Come on man.

    This is complete conjecture based on the opinions of a pissed off fan.

    Dont get me wrong now, at this point in time we are all pissed off fans. Of course that is to be expected after this seasons flop.

    There was so much hype surrounding this team being the champion-elect that after the season was over we needed to know why. Those of us hardcore fans that live and die with this team cant understand how it all went wrong. We are all left with a big hole in our hearts and we are fillig that hole up with anger. We want and need answers. We want to know who is to blame. We want to know who it is that needs to be strung up and made example of, so that this never happens again. We are ready to form a Lynch Mob.

    There are several news sources that are rushing around like idiots to give us those answers, but they cannot be relied upon to tell us, because they dont know either. Is it T.O., or Romo & Witten drawing up plays in the dirt? Is it the Roy Williams trade? Is it Wade being too soft with the team? Is it that Garrett forgot how to call an offense? What about the up and down defense? Is Jerry micromanaging the team and trying to be the coach?

    The list of things that the media would have us think are the cause of this teams downfall goes on and on.

    The fact is that in the end, none of that shit matterrs. The fact is that bottom line, from the owner to the towel boy, and from the starting Q.B. to the last reserve player on the practice squad, the entire organization did not get the job done. Everyone should have done a better job and they did’nt.

    Thats why they failed this year. They were not men enough to step up and be the team that the media and all of us fans thought they had become.

    You can’t blame all this shit on Jerry Jones. It’s the easiest thing to do, but making him the scapegoat for everything that is fundamentaly wrong with this team is obsurd. We as fans of the Dallas Cowboys are supposed to be better than that.

    There is no scapegoat. It is up to us all to decide why we think it happened, and then move on and get ready for next year. Along the way watch for news that indicates they are doing things to correct the problems that you each think they have, and then start to get your confidence up that this team is headed in the right direction for next season.

    That really is all we can do as fans.

    Signing some petition isn’t going to accomplish anything except to show the world that we really only support our team in name only, and I think that would be shameful.

    It’s almost march. They just conducted the NFL combine. Draft day is just around the corner. Mini camps are just after that, then O.T.A.s and training camp, then BANG! the season starts.

    I know last year hurt more than most, but after it is all said and done it is still just last year.

    A team is more than just the palyers, coaches, and personel. Fans are a part of the team too.

    Get ready to strap your fanshit on, because after this off-season is over the team is going to need us more than any other year in recent history. And when I say need, I mean really Fuckin NEED us this year. Lets get off their backs and get the fuck on their side. Let’s be the best fans in the NFL again. Let’s stand together with our team and present a unified fucking front to the world!

    Then we will know as fans that we are doing our Goddamn part.

  • Bryson Treece

    Well it’s nice to see that you are so fired up about it, I do however wish you would check things out a little bit better first.

    You’ve been reading my articles, right? And apparently you enjoy reading them or you wouldn’t continue to do so. Then you know that I’ve been all over the place with talk about why last year sucked, and that’s because the reasons for it are all over the place. I can only think of maybe 10 guys that didn’t have anything to do with it, but even they maybe didn’t do enough to help their fellow players.

    You say this is just conjecture from a pissed off fan, and you are absolutely right, but since when is something being conjecture the same as being wrong?

    Jerry Jones isn’t being targeted as he is by the fans because of last year, that was just another year. Another year where he exemplified the logic behind articles like the one I shared with you above. Another year where his contribution to the team, as GM, was more negative than good. Another year in which he demonstrated is lack of football knowledge.

    Nobody is saying that Jerry Jones is the reason last year sucked, the team sucked, no body executed the plays consistently and a lot of the time some of the coaches were obviously involved in that. Who put the coaches there? Who lets the players act like kings? Who’s words get twisted the most by the media? Who has been making mistakes for a dozen years now with this team?

    Point is that with all but two other teams in the NFL, fans at least get the comfort of knowing that if someone isn’t doing their job, they’ll be replaced. That includes the GM most of the time, but not in Dallas. No, instead we have a man that likes to be in control, and went so far as to fire a coach that had just finished giving him two Super Bowls in a row. I’d say Jerry Jones is the only reason that we didn’t get the third in a row because he changed the Head Coach. The team was still good enough since we went the following year after that, but had the same coach stayed for the 94 season as well, there would have been less adjustments. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Jerry’s blame is for many years, not just last year.

    Now as for the petition, you don’t really think that we expect it to work do you? We’re just trying to make enough noise so that maybe Jerry will get wind of it and think, “Damn, a lot of people think I suck as a GM, wonder if they’re on to something …”

    Planting the seed at a level beyond that of what his own employees can do, or his own family and friends, that’s the point. Opening his eyes to some of the Al Davis like things that he does each year could possibly instill a meaningful change in how he handles his duties as GM. Best case scenario is that he’ll hire a new GM, a guy that knows more about football than anything else.

    It’s not like this team … our effort still counts even if we don’t win.

  • Craig

    Bravo, Bryson. This this thing is catching hold, and if we can ever get the Dallas media to put it out there, it will spread like a wildfire.


  • Mike

    I love it.

  • Bryson Treece

    Yeah, I liked Hannah better too after seeing him last preseason … I was actually disappointed that they put him on the practice squad.

    But they’ve said it before, Bennett and Witten are both better at catching the ball than blocking for it, while Curtis is a much better clocker than receiver. Hannah is the same as Bennett and Witten.

    I’m not saying that I agree with the choice on Curtis, but I do think it’s the one they’ll make.

    You should check out the forum Nate, we can get more into the details over there.

  • nate

    this has nothing to do with this post, but i just saw you post a commenton dmnews that the cowboys should keep tony curtis because he is a better blocker than bennett. i have to disagree. i say let him go and keep our exclusive rights free agent rodney hannah whom the coaches believe has the better upside. he looked great in preseason. give em a shot!

Dallas Cowboys

REPORT: Cowboys DL David Irving’s Accuser Retracts Claims Of Domestic Violence

Kevin Brady



David Irving

After what was a rather crazy day which resulted in reports the Frisco Police Department were investigating Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving for domestic violence, the accuser has now retracted her claims.

This retraction comes after the mentioned reports of domestic violence claims against David Irving earlier in the day. Irving was neither arrested nor charged for the incidents, though two separate allegations were made.

Jobin Panicker on Twitter

BREAKING @FriscoPD confirms allegations made against Cowboys player David Irving were reported on April 22nd. At two separate times: 5pm & 10pm. Allegations made by girlfriend @wfaa

Irving has claimed through his own social media account that his accuser is an ex-girlfriend looking for retaliation over a breakup. Irving has already said he has changed the locks on his house in attempt to change behavior moving forward.

Whether or not Irving abused his reported ex-girlfriend is not for me to say, but it will be interesting to see how Roger Goodell handles the matter after she retracted her claims later in the day. As we know very well, the NFL can claim violation of the personal conduct policy even if the justice system pursues no charges.

And the results of both the Frisco PD's investigation and that of the league office will be intriguing over the coming weeks and months.

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Player News

REPORT: Cowboys DE/DT David Irving Suspected of Domestic Violence

Jess Haynie



David Irving

[4/24/18 UPDATE: Irving's accuser has since recanted with police. However, the NFL could still investigate under their domestic violence policy.]


Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving is under investigation by Frisco, TX police for charges of domestic violence, according to a report by Jobin Panicker of WFAA-ABC in Dallas.

The following was tweeted from Panicker's account not long ago:

Jobin Panicker on Twitter

BREAKING @FriscoPD confirms it is investigating serious allegations against Cowboys player David Irving. No arrests. Assault-Bodily Injury, Unlawful Restraint, & Assault-Impeding Breath and Circulation @wfaa

Jobin Panicker on Twitter

BREAKING @FriscoPD confirms allegations made against Cowboys player David Irving were reported on April 22nd. At two separate times: 5pm & 10pm. Allegations made by girlfriend @wfaa

The veracity of the accusations are certainly not ours to judge, but other recent events on Irving's social suggest he is in the middle of a breakup with his girlfriend. Posts early this morning on his Twitter account appeared to be from an unauthorized user, and David later posted on both Twitter and Instagram that someone had hacked him.

Furthermore, Irving shared that he was already taking steps due to the volatile situation.

David Ja Rodd Irving on Twitter

@DCBlueStar Changed the locks yesterday

While personal lives should stay that way, Cowboys fans are understandably concerned after what happened last year with Ezekiel Elliott. As we saw then, Roger Goodell's "justice" system allows for just an accusation to lead to a suspension. There is no burden of proof on the accuser.

And as in that case, even if the police dismiss the allegation, the NFL can still pursue the matter under the personal conduct and domestic violence policies.

It would be nice to just say "let the process play out," but the NFL commissioner doesn't hold himself to that standard. Therefore, we have to report this as it could mean consequences for David Irving and the Dallas Cowboys no matter how legitimate the claims are.

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Player News

Jaylon Smith Practicing Without AFO Brace

John Williams



Jaylon Smith Voted Cowboys' Ed Block Courage Award Winner 1

A lot of the talk circling the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL Draft is the need for the Cowboys to draft a linebacker as insurance to Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith's injury issues.

One of the questions, Sean Lee, will always be a question. When he's on the field, he's as good a linebacker as there is in the NFL. In 2016, he finally got in a near full season and rewarded the Dallas Cowboys with an All-Pro season that led the team to the playoffs. Talent has never been the issue with Lee. Keeping him on the field has been.

Jaylon Smith's question isn't his health as much as it is his recovery. The surgery to repair his ACL and MCL that he suffered at the end of his final season at Notre Dame was considered a success. There was a caveat, however, that there was no telling how much functionality would return because of the massive nerve injury that occurred.

Last year, Jaylon Smith actually played football games. No small step. In some games he made some plays and in other games, it was clear that he was still struggling with changing directions and running with receivers and running backs in coverage.

Time is Jaylon's biggest ally and another offseason removed from his injury should only help him get stronger and more confident in his recovering knee.

Lost in all of the Dez Bryant hoopla was a beautiful little nugget that Jaylon Smith teased Cowboys Nation with last week.

Jaylon provided a great look at his training regimen on the first day of team workouts and if you look closely, you'll see with a Clear Eye View that Jaylon Smith isn't wearing a brace, tape, or any other kind of support. On his knee or foot.

Jaylon Smith on Twitter

Focused vision, Determined belief, Earned dreams. #ClearEyeView

Remember that even after Jaylon was playing and practicing without a knee brace, he was still requiring an AFO brace to help with his foot drop.

Oh, how much one offseason can change things.

Mike Fisher, now of, quoted Smith as saying, "I have more power and more flexibility now. And the dropfoot (issue) is fading. Absolutely!'' over on, and there was this:

"As our colleague Bryan Broaddus has previously noted, it does seem that some of the testing is behind him, that the nerve is regenerating, that the repaired knee is stronger than ever and that more improvement is ahead of him. Smith's 6-2, 245-pound body is about as sculpted as is imaginable. His mind is sculpted, too, the result of his faith and his intellect and his personality and more. He suggests now that more improvement is inevitable, and that includes the medical improvement that is now, to him, simply "a matter of timing.'''

Mike Fisher - 105.3 The Fan and

There is still a lot of hope around The Star and Cowboys Nation that Jaylon Smith can return to the All-American form that was projecting him as a top-five talent in the 2016 NFL Draft. If he's healthy and moving with better lateral movement and agility than he was in 2017, that's a huge step forward for Jaylon Smith and the Dallas Cowboys.

The progression of his knee and his confidence in said knee is going to be a huge determining factor in Dallas' plans to draft a linebacker. If they feel confident that he will be a more functional linebacker in 2018 than he was in 2017, then perhaps they could wait until day two or three to address the linebacker position.

We can't fully know their intentions as we get closer to draft day. How they address the linebacker position in the 2018 NFL Draft could give us an excellent indication of how they feel about Jaylon Smith's progression.

What we do know is that Jaylon Smith will never give up working toward being an elite middle linebacker. Let's hope he can realize his dreams. Everyone will be better for it.

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