A Win Without Class, Thanks Harrison

How's this for class … on two plays towards the end of the game, while the Steelers were losing, James Harrison, Mr. Defensive Player of The Year, showed us exactly why he should have never won that award.

On a holding call against the Cardinals on Harrison, he stood right on the field mere yards away from Warner, who still had the ball and was looking to throw it, and never once tried to go after him. He didn't try to rush him a little. No he just stood up and looked at the officials waiting for the call. I understand wanting the holding to get called, but who gives up like that?

Better yet, what player has ever gotten a holding penalty either called or ignored? None! So why was Harrison even trying that?

But the big thing was how he trounced on who ever that was, I believe Francisco, during the Cardinals punt. He not only punched the guy in the back, then rolled him over after he was out of the play, but then he shoved him to the ground and got called for unnecessary roughness.

Just goes to show, Ware should've won that award with his better stats, better play, inability to give up on a play, and professional attitude at all times. That pisses me off to see such a loser get recognized with such an award. And I stand by this whether Ware was the runner up, or not.

We need more class on the field than that.

What do you think?

Bryson T

Written by Bryson T

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