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If Activated, Where Would Rico Gathers Fit Offensively?

The and their fans have already seen a seasons worth of disappointment through their first five games of the . There seems to be a cloud of negativity surrounding this year's squad, so any good news is  definitely a welcomed addition. That is why all of might be excited to learn that tight end Rico Gathers is eligible to return to practice.

According to , teams are able to designate two different players they have placed on and bring them back during the season. is a prime candidate to be one of these players for the Cowboys and is eligible to start practicing with the team after missing six weeks of the season. But, he cannot be added to the active roster until after Week 8 is completed.

With the NFL season entering Week 7, Gathers can now get back on the practice field with the Cowboys. In fact, he did just that Wednesday, although in a limited fashion.

This is certainly a step in the right direction for Rico Gathers, and quite possibly the Dallas Cowboys as well. Gathers now has two more weeks to get back into football shape and prove to the staff he is worth adding to the active roster.

The Cowboys hasn't been terrible by any means, but they could definitely use more production from the position. Future Hall of Famer leads the team in receptions with 27, but is only averaging a measly 8.5 yards per reception. and have just one reception between the two of them, although it did result in Hanna standing alone in the end zone.

Rico Gathers could possibly add a much needed spark to the tight end position if activated. He looked really impressive during the Cowboys first two games, catching seven passes for 106 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, his preseason was cut short due to the previous mentioned concussion.

Rico Gathers, Rams
TE Rico Gathers

Now, as much as I would like to see Gathers added to the active roster, I just don't know where he would fit in the offensive . All three TEs ahead of him on the are more reliable/prepared at this point in their careers, but none of them have his playmaking ability.

Would the Cowboys be willing to keep four tight ends on the active roster and how many would they have available on game days? Who would be the odd man out? These are questions the Cowboys will have to answer before making such a big decision.

Roster spots become more and more valuable as the season progresses. Carrying four TEs on the roster may be a luxury they can't afford. But, if they believe Rico Gathers can be another offensive weapon and perhaps a difference maker, it's an easy decision.

Gathers is after all 6'8″ and a mismatch for any to cover anywhere on the field, especially in the . He still needs work with his blocking, but adding yet another weapon in the for could help the entire offense be even more dangerous.

I'm personally torn on whether or not Rico Gathers should be added to the active roster. Thankfully, I'm not the one that has to make the decision.

What kind of offensive role do you think Rico Gathers can have with the Dallas Cowboys? Let me hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below or hit me up on Twitter @BrianMartinNFL.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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easy decision for me…activate AND utilize Gathers. Who wouldn’t want his playmaking ability on the field.

Brian Martin

I just wonder if OC Scott Linehan can find a way to work him into the game plan. He hasn’t been all that creative already this season. Plus, the Cowboys might need to add more depth to the defensive side of the ball. It’s a really a tosssup for me.

Travis Diggs

At this point you have to get him in there. What do you have to lose?? While this offense is potent at times, they are pretty predictable in most situations. Every fan at home knows where the ball is going which hurts to watch some games knowing the defense sees it too. Dez only runs three routes, t will is average, and witten’s routes are limited. We still have some good Defenses on the schedule(PHI twice, KC, SEA, NY) We have to get as creative as possible because this offense has to carry this team to a playoff run.

Brian Martin

Travis, the only problem with what you said is the bottom denominator… Scott Linehan. I’m not sure if he’s capable of finding ways of getting creative with Gathers. He’s already predictable enough with the pieces he has and I’m not sure that would change unfortunately. I can honestly come up with convincing arguments for why to activate Gathers and why not to. I think they probably will because he is such a matchup problem, but I’m not sure how involved he will end up being.


Wondering if Zeke going on suspension, be the slot that becomes available for Rico Gathers to be activated. Or simply, Zeke gets his Brady extension and one of the veteran RBs gets cut. “Come on down, Rico!” When you look at who has been cut so far this season, it has mostly been on the defensive side. Maybe it is time for the offense to chop somebody and send them on their way. I could also see Rico go for three weeks and then go back on IR for the rest of the year.

Brian Martin

The Dallas Cowboys currently have four TEs on the roster after calling up Blake Jarwin from the PS. I kind of doubt Rico Gathers is activated this year. I think the only way that happens is if there was an injury to the position. I don’t think Zeke’s suspension situation has anything to do with it.

I’m not sure what they will do with the vet RBs. Likely just keep them for insurance unless they need to add some more depth at another position because of injuries a little later in the season.

Also, the reason we see more moves being made on the defensive side of the ball is because it is much more unsettled compared to the offense.

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