Addressing the Cowboys Tackle Position

With a lot of holes for this team it would make sense for the Cowboys to try and fill some of the holes in free agency. However it may not be the best option. Most recently the Cowboys have been linked with former Atlanta Falcon’s Tyson Clabo. Could he be the next aging free agent to sign with Dallas?

It would be good for Jerry Jones to steer clear of this signing. Now it could be just a smoke screen or the Cowboys doing their due diligence but it could mean that they are getting a backup plan in place. Could it be possible that they don’t draft the eventual replacement for Doug Free?

It is a well-known fact that the Cowboys need to address the tackle situation but signing another aging player is not the best way to do it. The Cowboys only have $5 million in cap space and one could expect that Clabo would command more than Dallas could play.

With the amount of starter quality tackles in the upcoming draft it wouldn’t be wise to throw money at Clabo. You can get a starter with a team friendly contract that will allow Dallas to focus on signing their impending free agents in the coming years.

Rather than spend that money on free agents such as Clabo or Andre Smith, the Cowboys should start negotiating with Sean Lee and Dez Bryant. The future of the Cowboys will hinge on this decision. Championship teams are built through the draft, not spending money like you are the New York Yankees.

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Written by Patrick Conn

Patrick Conn is the founder and creator of Valley Ranch Outsiders. His work has been seen on, FanSided, Yahoo and Blue Star Times. He is an avid Cowboys fan and NFL Draft analyst. He currently hosts a podcast about the Dallas Cowboys.


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