It's official. 's 5yr/$40 million deal with the Eagles confirms for us that is, in fact, not coming to Dallas anytime soon.

For one, A.P. is a Minnesota Viking until further notice. He has 3 years worth an average of $14.75 million a year remaining on his contract with the Vikings. He cannot join any other team, no not even the , unless the Vikings either cut him or him.

But since the topic keeps coming up, let's just take a look at those options real quick so that everyone is clear on this moving forward, shall we?

Trade Adrian Peterson to the Cowboys –

There is no possibility of this. The Cowboys wouldn't even pay DeMarco Murray $8 million a year, so why would they accept a trade for a player with a contract worth 184% of what they already would not pay? Forget that the Cowboys don't have the cap room to make that trade possible, it's just not worth it to them. They wanted to give Murray $6 million a year, per @fishsports. Peterson would cost more than double that on a trade.

Vikings cut Adrian Peterson for the Cowboys to sign as a free agent –

Same issue as above. If A.P. is owed more than $14 million by the Vikings for 2015, even if he was cut by the team, what makes anyone think that he'd come to Dallas for less than half what he is currently worth?

Sure, getting cut would be a clear sign that his worth has dropped since he signed that contract, but more than 50% less? Nah.

I realize that A.P. has said he's always wanted to play for the Cowboys, but wishing just doesn't make it so. And paying his bills will trump his life long dream Every. Single. Time.

So no, Adrian Peterson will not be wearing a star on his helmet anytime soon.

Next question.

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Mick Murry

oh so that’s just your opinion, so there’s still a chance, I clicked thinking the heading came from management. AP to Boys


“: Adrian Peterson Will Not Be A Cowboy In 2015 #AdrianPeterson #Cowboys” GOOD!

Dwaine Saffle

I hate to tell the writer this but Adrian will be forced to take a pay cut no matter where he plays

Bryson Treece

That’s virtually assured, but as I pointed out, the cut will not be the 64% that’s needed to put him in the right price range for Dallas. Not for the next year anyway. He’s still something of an unknown commodity right now, having missed so much time, so his reputation and prior stats will hold most of his value until he gets a chance to demonstrate his current abilities. He’s still not going to take just $6 million for 2015, and therefor he is not coming to Dallas.

George Martin

Better ways to spend that money for sure.


not at his price

Kevin Snow

I’m not sure what people still don’t understand. Even with your post, people are clueless. Thank you for your posts.