Ahmad Dixon: “I’m Feeling Good”


was all over the map Thursday night at Qualcomm Stadium. He registered 12 total tackles – 11 solo –  in the 27-7 loss against the , leading all Cowboys defenders. But Dixon took a shot to the head in the fourth quarter that ended his night early.

Obviously, if Dixon's making plays that means Chargers players are getting past the defensive linemen and . But Dixon's big hits bailed out the a few times.” says Rowan Kavner of DallasCowboys.com.

Dixon told Kavner that he was feeling good shortly after the game, but one can't help but wonder if he's gonna be in for even more head-pounding action as this defense continues to struggle. Sort of like in the old days, when was known for more than breaking ' leg, I love to see a lay the wood on folks during a game.

But even more than that, I'd like to see one of the front seven or – god forbid – the front four leading the team in tackles. I maintain my position that the pay for the short-comings of the line, and if Dallas is going to improve upon on last season's performance, they can't very well have their safeties and corner getting all banged up tackling RBs downhill.