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Alert: WR Cole Beasley Out Versus Eagles

In what has become a busy roster week for the ahead of a virtually meaningless game against the 2017 Champion , Dallas has been downgraded to out in .

Though the move isn't as drastic as placing CB and LT on earlier in the week, downgrading Beasley carries the same effect.

Cole Beasley has struggled to make the sort of impact in 2017 that fans swooned over in 2016. Speculation abounds as to the cause, but Beasley simply was not a threat in the Cowboys' this year.

Ryan “Clone Beasley” Switzer will likely pick up most of Beasley's snaps against the Eagles.

With similar traits, including size, speed, and style, Switzer has been a fan favorite since his selection in the fourth round of the 2017 . This change to the game day roster offers Switzer and fans an opportunity to see more of the young receiver on , as opposed to his more frequent role on as the primary return man.

The Eagles appear to be gearing up for a straight regular season matchup due to their own -induced struggles at , so this game is shaping up as a solid opportunity for Dallas, much like a game.

The Cowboys called up both OT and WR from the following IR moves this week, and now looks primed for premium snaps as well. No doubt the Cowboys coaches will look to evaluate these younger players in a more pressing environment than you typically find in preseason.

This final game of the Cowboys' season is sure to be full of new faces doing new things for .

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Wasn’t beasely rumored to be on the trading block just before the trading deadline? I think we may have seen the last of beasley in a Cowboys uniform.

Bryson Treece

I never saw a credible source confirm that rumor, just a lot of people wanting it to happen, for some reason.

Look, people are tripping right now. They were tripping before the trade deadline too. Yes, Beasley has been off this year, but so have Terrence Williams, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten. Think Williams is still without a single touchdown this year, meaning his last TD was thrown by Romo S2016:W17.

Been a rough year for Dak Prescott. He’s done well at times, but had an out-of-sync o-line through the first month of the season, and then Tyron Smith’s injury against ATL and repeatedly since, then Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension. Add to that Scott Linehan getting super pass happy. Dak had a rough season. The receivers all suffered from that.

I’m certain Beasley stays. I was poking fun a bit at the Switzer fans in the article because I don’t see it. Same size, sure, but Beasley has a way about him that Switzer just doesn’t. Glad we’ll see more of Switzer tomorrow though, I can get a better look at him as a WR on an NFL field, hopefully. But I suspect Beasley is the only Beasley we’ve got.

What we need is a burner. Like John Ross fast, only healthier. Thanks for reading.

Clark E. Dunlap

I found this line laughable: “Cole Beasley has struggled to make the sort of impact in 2017 that fans swooned over in 2016. ”
You can add Dez Bryant, Zeke, and the offensive line to that list.

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