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Cowboys Blog - ....and there's nothing you can do about it.

If you want a seminal snapshot of the season to date, it was right there, late in the game, for the nation to see in all its dominance and glory.

Five linemen, a fullback, and DeMarco Murray celebrated together in the end zone, apart from the shiny toys on offense, away from Romo, isolated together in the end zone of the world champs.  They hugged and head butted, knowing full well what they’d just done, and what they’ve become.

They are one.  The most dominant collective unit in the National Football League.  Soak in that for a moment.

They are also everything Jerry Jones avoids at every turn, which makes it all more improbable and twice as delicious.  They are fat guys with 70-something jerseys that don’t sell in the pro shop.  “Zack Martin picks get you to 8-8,” said Jerry the Football Imbecile.  How’s your boy Manziel doing, eh Jerry?

It's so much more enjoyable knowing Jerry is looking at it from the outside with "I told you so" etched in lipstick across his thick skull.  I'll let you figure out who's lipstick.

Yesterday was so much more than a win. Somebody every week upsets a team in difficult circumstances, especially in the watered-down parity the NFL has devolved into. There’s nothing specifically noteworthy about that in and of itself.

But that’s not what happened yesterday.  This was an institutional change in NFL hierarchy.  Richard Sherman’s cockiness and bravado turned into congratulatory daps with Dez, and a post-game hug of respect with Romo.  Pete Carroll’s early camera smugly smirks turned into lost looks of confusion and helplessness.

Dallas had just Seattle-ed the Seahawks, as if to say, “Looky here, boys, we are now who you used to be.”

Dominance is a tricky concoction to make.  It needs a catalyst, perhaps two, to fester into the fabric of reality.  It’s quiet, and it’s everywhere.  You know it when you see it because you can feel it, too.

That’s what this offensive line has done for this team.  Everything is feeding off of it, the backs, Romo and his now deadly play fakes, receivers and tight ends blocking downfield, and a defense that is flying around and hitting everything without mercy.  Everybody feels fresh, mentally and physically, for four quarters and every Sunday.

Even Gavin Escobar is blocking. Good gosh, it’s a miracle.

Such a unit infects malady into the other team, too.  We watched Drew Brees stand on the sideline as a spectator.  Russell Wilson did the same yesterday, merely a face in the crowd, watching a bloodletting reversal.  Seattle’s offense looked impatient and uncertain, as if their identity had been ripped from their souls and held up to their faces.  Fingers pointing, coaches pacing, opposing fans pondering.  Oh crap, the stinking Cowboys are back.

Murray for 5, Murray for 3, Murray for 7, Randle for 15, Dunbar on a catch for 20.  Pound, pound, pound.  The message is loud and clear.  We’re running right there, and you can’t stop us.  And when needed, Romo can still work his magic.  And lest you forget, our receivers are pretty dadgum good, even the ones you barely know.  I can’t remember the last time first downs tallied with such ease and expectancy, but it’s making this a superbly fun season.

OK, it’s October, I know.  Ten games to go, fraught with potential injuries, and pits of calamity lurking around every corner.  Learning to live with expectations remains unproven.  Wearing the proverbial “team to beat” target is a burden, even when accustomed to what wearing the Star brings by its very nature.

But I take you back to that picture of Murray and his team of gladiators in Seattle’s end zone.  That’s a bond that doesn’t break in thick or thin.  That doesn’t wilt in the cold and pressure of December and January.  That’s a constant in any equation.

This is a playoff team, and a mighty serious one at that.

  • Paul Leatherman

    Great article. But Meh on the Jerry dissing. He takes the blame for the bad so you gotta give credit for the good.

    • John Schmidt

      i would have said the jerry bashing was unnecessary to but for jerrys stupid 8-8 comment about manzeil

    • Erod

      It’s necessary because this could have happened so long ago if not for Jerry. He was there in the 90s. He played offensive line in college. Yet, he ignored the proper course for so many lost generations of players. He meddled and took Mo Claiborne instead of DeCastro. He fascinates over the Manziels of the world. He’s PT Barnum, not a football man.
      This team is everything Jerry isn’t. Disciplined, blue collar, fundamentally sound, a group of RKGs. Jerry is the black sheep of it all. He doesn’t belong in the picture of this group of Cowboys. He’s the leper on the other side of the glass.
      Thank Jason Garrett for that.

      • Paul Leatherman

        He was there in the 90’s right. So how many of those oline guys were 1st round picks. Zero. I get it. You blame Jerry for 20 years of misery. Rightfully so. He deserves more than his fair share of it. But to blame the oline failures on him is ridiculous in mind. He meddled and took Claiborne? Well thats just not factual at all. Stephen Jones had that trade worked out the day before the draft. Not Jerry. How long do you have to be involved in football to be considered a football man? See, the problem is you start off blaming everything on Jerry and then you say this team is everything he is isn’t? So when did Jerry stop meddling? When did he stop making picks? When did the “football man” start making picks? Who is this “football man”? If you look back on it Jerry has almost always made draft choices depending upon what his head coach wanted. He did it with Parcells, well except for that one time Parcells wanted to take Spears at 11 and pass on Ware. Ol Barnum Jones decided to take Ware and wait on Spears. So what if he fascinates over Manziel? Did he pick him? No. He was fascinated by Dez Bryant and thank God he took him. It’s obvious you hate Jerry and blame him for everything and will never give credit for anything. Not trying to change your mind. Believe me, I’ve done my fair of Jerry cursing. But I give credit where credit is due. I don’t bash him for bad picks and then give credit elsewhere when a good pick is made.

        • Erod

          Jerry is the embarrassingly drunk rich uncle at the wedding that won’t stop feeling up the bridesmaids on the dance floor. He writes the check for the shindig, so he gets the mic when he wants it.
          Fortunately, he’s largely ignored these days. Players, coaches, even his own family…nobody takes him seriously as a serious person anymore. He’s just Daddy Pocketbook.

      • vrusimov

        Excellent, deadly accurate observation on Jones, who will look to again take credit for the insights of others who must keep him from making bonehead choices like Manziel. This line should have been addressed following the ’07 season, but it was Romo’s improvisational skills that allowed him to neglect what made the Cowboys great when they were winning SuperBowls. While I have my reservations about Garrett still, he has to at least get some credit for what we are seeing now…hard as that is for me to admit. Jones has always had a perverse penchant for “bling”.

  • Jonathan Day

    Great write-up Erod.

  • Jerry Jones 1 Dallas Fans 0

    What a bunch of hot air over a football game, and a regular season one at that. Seattle lost, Cowboys won. There’s nothing revolutionary or poetic about a football game. If you think you can write, use your talents on something worthwhile like a real writer, don’t waste them on blowing a bunch of hot air over a child’s game.

    • Erod

      …says the guy who logged on to a football site to read a column. Things a little slow over on the Redskins forum, or whatever rock you crawled out from under?

    • Paul Leatherman

      Hey Jerry Jones 1 Dallas Fans 0…………Go be a dick somewhere else.

  • mike

    too bad that is the wrong picture you have up…that one is the TD pass to 82

    • Bryson Treece

      You got the right one???

    • Erod

      I asked for the other, but it’s no where to be found apparently. This was the closest we could find.

  • Cowboysdude

    Good write up… still all in all this team has improved greatly under Marinelli and Linehan… it’s certainly not because of their “HC”….garrettkeet the puppet. My only fear is that they are hired away and garrettkeet stays because it’ll be right back to mediocre football…

Star Blog

Starters Make Cowboys Serious Contenders, But Depth is a Concern

Mauricio Rodriguez



Cowboys Defense Better Or Worse Then Last Season?

Playing in the National Football Conference, the Dallas Cowboys have a difficult task ahead of them if they are to be serious Super Bowl contenders. Even still, they've become a very underrated football team due to their 9-7 record last season. The Cowboys struggled in many areas and with the Philadelphia Eagles crowned as Super Bowl Champions, everyone has forgotten about America's Team.

2017 was an awful year for the Cowboys. It seemed like a roller coaster of success, putting up an impressive performance one week only to disappoint the next one. Let's be honest with ourselves here and talk about what really ended the Cowboys' last season.


As much as we talk about how there shouldn't be any excuses in football - the Eagles made a huge statement by winning it all with a backup QB and other key starters missing - we can't deny the impact of these injuries.

Anthony Hitchens, Sean Lee, Tyron Smith and Ezekiel Elliott all missed some time last year, affecting the team's performance week in and week out. Had the starters been healthy, the truth is this team would've been in the playoffs.

Heading into 2018, the Cowboys will face a very similar situation. This year, starters make Dallas a serious contender. Even if they're playing in a conference that will feature a lot of quality teams, the Cowboys are a team that could beat any team in the league if healthy.

Even the dreaded wide receiver position - which has been famous this offseason for the lack of a #1 receiver - won't be as bad as we make it out to be starter-wise. A starting trio of Allen Hurns, Michael Gallup and Cole Beasley doesn't really sound bad.

Heck, not even Jeff Heath and Xavier Woods starting at safety is concerning. They have what it takes to be decent starters. Sure, Heath isn't a guy who will make the Pro Bowl, but his skills will show on the field once the season starts in September.

The Cowboys' starters will do just fine this season. If the team's fate is up to them, they are in a very good spot. The same can not be said about depth, though.

Except for the defensive line, every other position lacks depth. If Sean Lee goes down, the linebackers stop looking like a three-headed monster. Same goes for the cornerbacks. Byron Jones, Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis seem like a good group but as soon as one of them suffers an injury, the Cowboys will be in trouble.

We're in for an exciting season with a lot of young talent waiting to breakout. The Cowboys are underrated this year. They may not be among the NFC's favorites, but they truly have what it takes to replicate the success they had in 2016. However, it seems like circumstances have to be ideal for them to make a run for the Lombardi Trophy.

With a little bit of luck, they'll bounce back this season.

Tell me what you think about "Starters Make Cowboys Serious Contenders, But Depth is a Concern" in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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Star Blog

The Dallas Cowboys WR Position Battle is Heating Up

Brian Martin



Dallas Cowboys WR Position Battle Heating Up 1

Earning a spot on the Dallas Cowboys final 53-man roster is going to be a lot tougher in 2018 then it has been in years past. There is no shortage of position battles taking place right now to earn one of those coveted openings, but it's the battle taking place at receiver that's gaining steam and starting to heat up.

The ultimate unknown right now is how many wide receivers the Dallas Cowboys choose to carry on their 53-man roster this season. Last year they decided to carry six, but they have been known to carry just five. Unfortunately, this means they will have to release some talented players and risk losing them to another team.

As things stand right now there may just be one, possibly two, roster spots up for grabs. I think the only thing we know for sure right now is Cole Beasley, Allen Hurns, Michael Gallup, and Tavon Austin are the only WRs who can feel secure their jobs are safe for 2018. Everybody else is playing a game of Survivor, just hoping their name isn't the one written down and their torch isn't snuffed out.

Terrance Williams' flame may be safe due to his current contract. The Dallas Cowboys can't save anything by releasing him, but it doesn't cost them that much either. It's unlikely he has a future with the team, so if someone were to prove themselves more worthy, his flame could be extinguished.

Terrance Williams

Dallas Cowboys WR Terrance Williams

Last season I thought Noah Brown was ready to unseat Williams, but that never really materialized. Unfortunately, Brown hasn't really shown up as much as I thought he would this offseason, and missing the game against the San Francisco 49ers last week didn't do him any favors either. This doesn't bode well for him moving forward.

Deonte Thompson was signed as a free agent to provide some veteran experience and speed to the passing game, but that in no way means his job is secure. He needs to do something to show up a little more because his age and salary means a younger up-and-coming WR could make him expendable.

Second-year WR Lance Lenoir Jr. might just be the receiver who has stirred things up the most. He has not only created a buzz for himself in offseason practices, but he was able to carry it over into the preseason last week against the 49ers. His arrow trajectory is definitely pointing upwards.

I'd definitely hate to be the one to decide who stays and who goes when final cuts are made. It's not going to be an easy decision to make, because the outcome will definitely have an impact on the team's success this year.

All of these players were brought into help Quarterback Dak Prescott and the passing game reach new heights, so making the wrong move could be detrimental. The number of wide receivers and who the Dallas Cowboys decide to keep might be the most important decision they make before the season starts.

How would you predict the Dallas Cowboys WR position battle turning out?

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Star Blog

Any Concern About Dan Bailey Not Playing Against 49ers?

Brian Martin



Decision not to Play Dan Bailey against the 49ers a Concern? 1

With all the excitement of the Dallas Cowboys finally playing in a game last week against the San Francisco 49ers, it may have escaped your attention that Dan Bailey remained on the sideline the entire time. He didn't attempt one field goal or kick off once last Thursday, which in my opinion is a little concerning.

Dan Bailey joined Ezekiel Elliott and Sean Lee on the sideline as a healthy scratch last week. The decision to sit both Zeke and Sean Lee makes sense due to the physical demands of their positions, but sitting Bailey was a bit of a head scratcher. After all, it's not like he plays a physically demanding position like the other two.

I know. I know. Dan Bailey is an integral part for the Cowboys success moving forward. I'm not arguing that he's not, but after sitting out the majority of the 2017 season with a groin injury and lingering concerns about his health this year, not playing him at all against the 49ers is a bit confusing.

I don't believe there is any kind of kicking competition between Dan Bailey and Brett Maher, who handled all of the kicking duties against the 49ers last Thursday. Bailey will be the Cowboys kicker when the 2018 season gets underway in just a few short weeks. But, the question remains… Why didn't he receive any playing time?

Dan Bailey

Dallas Cowboys K Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey was never quite the same last season once he returned from his injury. Something was off and I don't know if it was more mental or physical, maybe a little of both. He just wasn't splitting the uprights like his normal self.

Unfortunately, we have seen this kind of thing happen in the past with one of the Cowboys kickers. Nick Folk went through a similar situation with an injury and never really bounced back. I'm just hoping history doesn't repeat itself.

Obviously, the Dallas Cowboys know more about what's going on with Dan Bailey than I do. But, you would think they'd have allowed him to attempt a field goal or at least an extra point in a game situation to build up his confidence once again. It's what I would have done.

Hopefully I'm just being a little paranoid and I'm reading more into this than there actually is. But, the fact I haven't heard any reasoning as to why Dan Bailey was held out last week is sitting a little uneasy with me. I'm just hoping it was precautionary in order to keep him as healthy as possible for the upcoming season.

Should we be concerned Dan Bailey was a healthy scratch last week?

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