Another one gone, Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis has been with the Cowboys for a few years and was almost always the teams third tight end behind and either or Anthony Fasano. He became a restricted this year and the Cowboys, seemingly not willing to give him anymore time, did not make him any offers. Instead they signed former tight end Rodney Hannah to a contract this week.

So it's really no sweat off anyone's back that the Chiefs, who are very recently in the tight end market after sending their perennial tight end Tony Gonzalez to Atlanta for a 2010 pick, signed Curtis today.

Bryson T

Written by Bryson T

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Plus the Cowboys drafted a TE on Sunday. The loss of Tony Curtis is not really a loss at all. He was never gonna be any kind of impact player and was not super great during 2 TE situations. much ado about nothing if you ask me.

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