According to the high emperor, Lord Google, April Showers is defined as rain in the and Ireland during the month of April. I don't know much about the UK, although I did speak to NFL Draft Zone's Dan Turner on this week's #RJOShow, so no worries there.

April Showers is also a song by Louis Silvers as well as a 2009 movie. Who would have thought that?

Here at April Showers means one thing and one thing only – a checkup on our favorite / hybrid, Jameill Showers!

Refresher Course

, for all those who are unaware, is a Quarterback. He was signed last year after going drafted out of the University of Texas at El Paso (after transferring from Texas A&M).

Cowboys Headlines - April Showers: What's The Deal With Jameill?

Showers was showered with, sorry these puns just slip in sometimes, a ton of attention throughout the when he impressed with his quarterback skills, mobility, and special teams prowess (yes, you read that right).

Seven has a skillset that allows him to play quarterback, sure, but he is indeed a great special teams player. He was used on coverages throughout the four games that no one likes to acknowledge in August.

Showers The Cowboy

After some interesting preseason action the Cowboys were fortunate enough to be able to retain Jameill on their . Even though there were more Cowboys Quarterbacks in 2015 than there have been bad Superman movies, Showers was an afterthought in the Weeden/Cassel/Moore stew that the Cowboys brewed all season long.

When Dallas begrudgingly put on IR they decided to give Jameill a Christmas present when they promoted him to the on December 25th. And that was really it, there hasn't been much going on with Jameill since then.

The Future Of Showers

Plenty of people would be thrilled to spend a rookie season on the Dallas Cowboys Practice Squad, and Jameill is very grateful.


Part of his has obviously been spent watching this most recent season of The Bachelor, but one can also assume that he's keeping tabs on the action surrounding the Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks… or lack thereof.

Cowboys Headlines - April Showers: What's The Deal With Jameill? 1

The Cowboys currently employ Tony Romo, , and Jameill Showers at the quarterback position. That dance party figures to change when the rolls around, but for now Jameill is so close he can smell 's jersey.

With how versatile Showers proved to be a year ago it's likely that the Cowboys turn the temperature up a bit with this water. At the very least he'll be an arm for the duration of and .

What are your thoughts on Jameill Showers? Let me know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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Randy Martin

I think the fact that he is never mentioned in any discussion or article tells you all you need to know about Showers. He is an afterthought and little more. Like you said, camp arm to throw to receivers.


I think we all witnessed some flashes of him in the preseason at the QB position but I understand he's still young & needs much more experience. Unfortunately the coaching staff may not have plans to develop him, especially with the "win now" situation. If they do decide to draft a QB after all then Showers will most certainly be waived. I'm rooting for him to get another shot elsewhere if he doesn't get the chance in Dallas.