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Is Ryan Switzer To Blame For The Cowboys Loss?

Brian Martin



Is Ryan Switzer To Blame For The Cowboys Loss? 2

Whenever the Dallas Cowboys don't quite play up to expectations, the blame game always rears its ugly head. That is exactly what is happening after the Los Angeles Rams came to town and handed the Cowboys their second loss of the 2017 season. Everybody will have their own opinions about the loss, but where should the blame actually be placed?

I know that it's going to be a copout, but I firmly believe that a team wins and loses together. I don't believe that one individual person is responsible for a win or loss. I believe it takes a collective unit working together to accomplish what they set out to do. And, I know head coach Jason Garrett believes the same.

Mike Leslie on Twitter

Jason Garrett: "Everybody contributed to the loss. You win as a team, and you lose as a team." #Cowboys #Rams

Even though I believe football is the ultimate team sport, it doesn't mean that one individual play can't change the outcome of an entire game. I think that is exactly what happened to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday afternoon against the Los Angeles Rams.

Now, you can blame the loss on the disappearing act the offense had in the second half of the game if you want to, or the defenses inability to contain Todd Gurley and the Rams offense. But, I think it was another play that changed the momentum and outcome of the entire game.

WR Ryan Switzer

WR Ryan Switzer

Unfortunately, it's a play that Cowboys Nation would like to forget, but the Ryan Switzer muffed punt could possibly be the one single play that changed the entire trajectory of the game. Fair or not, I believe that is when the momentum of the game shifted from the Cowboys to the Rams.

Ryan Switzer's fumbled punt return allowed the Rams to pick up the loose ball at the Cowboys 18 yard line with 6:33 left on the clock before halftime. At the time, the Cowboys had a 17-6 lead over Los Angeles, but the Rams offense was able to capitalize off of Switzer's turnover by scoring their first touchdown of the game and decrease the deficit to 17-13.

Before Switzer's turnover, the Cowboys offense had three consecutive drives putting points on the board against the Rams. The Rams defense simply didn't have any answers, which means a fair catch by Switzer would have likely increased the Cowboys lead heading into halftime.

The Dallas Cowboys were still able to head into halftime with a 24-16 lead over the Rams, but it could've easily been 31-16 or at the very least 27-16. That's a much larger deficit to come back from and could have possibly sealed the game then and there. But, we all know how the second half of the game for the Cowboys turned out.

Given what we know now having seen how the entire game turned out, it's probably unfair to solely place the blame on Ryan Switzer and his muffed punt. But, there is no denying that it might have been the turning point in the game. That is why whoever usually wins the turnover battle, typically wins the game.

Do you blame Ryan Switzer for the Cowboys loss?

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  • tom

    special teams was anything but
    muff punt and 66 KO return really put boys in 2 holes that should not have existed.

    • Brian Martin

      I completely agree. The muffed punt and long kickoff return resulted in 10 points for the Rams. It’s entirely possible those two plays alone cost the Cowboys the game.

  • nick

    Yes the rams stole the momentum from there and we never got it back. Switzer said it’s not the first and probably not the last time. I hate to hear that but I guess if it only happens every few years or longer I can deal with it. But I can’t deal with him not calling a fair catch when there is absolutely no where to run and there’s already a few players in your face. We’re only four games in and I’ve seen him do this atleast twice. It’s unacceptable in my eyes, this is not college and 1 turnover can cost your entire team the game which we seen Sunday. They scored a TD off of it and we lost by 5 points. He has to call for the fair catch when there’s nothing there, not only because it can cost your brothers on the team a game but for his safety as well. Hopefully he learned something here and isnt going to have to learn by getting seriously hurt. Fortunately I’m sure these coaches are straightening all of this out with there fearless rookie returner, especially coach bisacia. I think heath should have saved that TD by Gurley. Heath has not looked good yet and if he struggles against the packers I hope they let woods get all the 1st team reps during the bye week and start him against the 49ers. And marrinelli is going to have to quit playing his corners 10 yards off the line. It’s seems to kill us when he does this. But when they play up on the receiver at the line they seem to be alot more comfortable . He’s going to have to adjust that part of his scheme for these corners because it’ seems that’s all of there strengths is when they’re playing tight sticky man coverage. Any ways switzer is the main reason i think we lost but heaths poor safety play and marrinelli not playing to his corners strengths and never bringing any extra pressure whatsoever helped lose this game. If we can get Lee, Hitchens, and irving all back this week or after the bye i think we’ll be fine. But marrinelli is also going to have to play to these corners strengths and also bring a little creative and unpredictable blitzes every once in a while. I’m so happy for jaylon and how far hes come and i truly beleive he’s going to be great but he’s not there yet. He might not get there untill he gets through this season and another offseason. He’s just a tick late most of the time. He’s making tons of tackles but the majority of them are after 3 or 4 yards past the line of scrimmage. That tick late is the difference between 1-2 yards a pop and 3-4 yards a pop. For now I think hitch will be an upgrade but I’m sure by the end of the year or early next season that will change. Like I said I’m so happy for jaylon and he’s going to be a great LB but I think hitch will give us an upgrade on defense for now. If marrinelli can make some adjustments and we can get Lee hitch and irving all back and woods can be an upgrade over heath, I think we’ll get this defense back to being really solid. I think woods is going to be really good.

  • TreFKennedy88

    Truth Brian, what really grinds my gears are ppl actually defending him, like we aren’t the same fan base that went off against T will when he didn’t get out of bounds against the G men, week one last season. Switzer’s response really pissed me off talking about “It won’t be the first or last time” like who the f*** is this guy???

    • Brian Martin

      I agree. I wasn’t really happy about Switzer’s response either, even though he was just being honest. I think he will be a difference maker this year in the return game, but he definitely needs to work on his situational awareness. You have to have a better understanding of when you can be aggressive and when it is best to just call for a fair catch.

      • TreFKennedy88

        Truth, side note I counted at least 4 times Dak over threw Dez Sunday, smh if Dak was more accurate Dez would have at least had 130+ yards and we would have won, and would you believe Dez has more yards and touchdowns than Julio and Aj green but Dez isn’t elite anymore lol at least that’s what “They” say right lol

        • Brian Martin

          Honestly think that Prescott is trying to shoulder too much of the load and it’s affecting his accuracy. He seems to be pressing just a little bit, but if we start seeing more consistency in the running game, I think he will settle down. Of course, the OC could help him out by moving the pocket. He is much more accurate when throwing on the run.

      • BadgeofHonor

        Watched him all 4 years in college. He needs some time. I don’t recall that he took kickoff returns, if he did it was rare. He was a wide receiver and took punt returns and NO ONE would kick to him his last 2 years, including Clemson. They would take a penalty rather than kick to Switzer. He missed the preseason due to injury. So he is really a newbie in this position. But he is fast learner, so hopefully he’ll get enough chance to show what he can do.

        • Brian Martin

          I think he’s just trying to be too aggressive to try to make a difference. I think the Cowboys coaching staff will stress the importance of making the right decisions from here on out. I’m not too worried about him personally. I think he will be a difference maker this year.

Dallas Cowboys

Jaguars Waive Barry Church; Could Cowboys Bring Him Back?

Jess Haynie



Barry Church

Veteran safety Barry Church was released today by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Could he return home to the Dallas Cowboys, where he spent his first seven seasons?

Despite his leadership and consistency on defense, Dallas allowed Church to leave in free agency when Jacksonville gave him a lucrative deal. But if he clears waivers, could the Cowboys consider bring him back for depth and support during their likely playoff run?

Jane Slater of the NFL Network reported on this potential reunion:

Jane Slater on Twitter

Cowboys haven't reached out to S Barry Church but I'm told they are discussing the possibility of bringing him back to Dallas according to a source informed. Church, 30, was released by the Jags today and is familiar with the system having played there from 2010-2016.

The Cowboys have had solid play from their current starting safeties, Jeff Heath and Xavier Woods. Neither is a star, but the duo has not been a liability during the team's current five-game winning streak.

Church was a similar player, reliable if never exceptional, during his time in Dallas. He could be a nice insurance policy for the playoffs if something happened to one of the starters.

Barry knows the system. He never played for Kris Richard, but he was with Rod Marinelli for three seasons before leaving in free agency.

According to reports out of Jacksonville, Church is being released because the team wants to go with younger, cheaper players now that their season is over. There is no known injury keeping Barry from playing.

Of course, Dallas would have to make room on the roster to pick Church up. They could third-year prospect Darian Thompson, who is the current fourth man at safety.

Barry Church must now go through the 24-hour waiver process. A team may claim him, including the Cowboys. We'll see what the future holds.

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Dallas Cowboys

How the Dallas Cowboys Can Win the NFC East This Week

Jess Haynie



Jaylon Smith, Eagles

It's only Week 15, but the Dallas Cowboys could become the 2018 NFC East Champions this week through a couple of scenarios. I thought we'd take a moment today to break down how the Boys can win their division and assure their spot in the playoffs.

With three weeks left in the regular season, most of the divisional games have already been played. The only two left to play are the Week 17 finales; Cowboys at Giants and Eagles at Redskins.

Here are the current standings:

  1. Dallas Cowboys 8-5 (4-1 in division)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles 6-7 (3-2 in division)
  3. Washington Redskins 6-7 (2-3 in division)
  4. New York Giants 5-8 (1-4 in division)

The Giants have been scrappy lately, winning four of their last five, but it's too late for them to try to win the division. Even if the Cowboys were to fall to 8-8, the best New York could do is tie them in overall record. They would have also split their head-to-head series, negating that tiebreaker.

At that point, it would come down to the record within the division. New York would improve to 2-4 with a win over Dallas in Week 17, but the Cowboys would still be 4-2 against the NFC East. Dallas would still be the division champion.

So, that knocks out New York. Technically, the Eagles and Redskins are still alive. But their margin is about as slim as it gets.

Both Philadelphia and Washington need the Cowboys to lose their last three games, and then to also win out themselves, to steal the NFC East crown.

Sean's Scout: Cowboys Thankful for Cooper in Division Win Over Redskins

Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper

For the Redskins, it's about their record against division opponents. The best they can finish is 3-3, assuming they'd win their last game against the Eagles. With the head-to-head series against Dallas split this year, they would have to finish 9-7 overall and have the Cowboys drop to 8-8 to become NFC East Champions.

The Eagles also need to finish one game ahead of Dallas, but for a different reason. Philadelphia lost both their games with the Cowboys this year, so Dallas has the head-to-head tiebreaker.

So that really makes thing simple for Dallas; win just one of your last three games and you're the division champion.

Not only that, but even if Dallas were to fall this week against the Indianapolis Colts, they could still clinch the division with losses by the Eagles (@ Rams) and Redskins (@ Jaguars).

It would certainly behoove the Cowboys to get the division locked up now. They could then use the last two weeks of the season to get ready for the playoffs.

Dallas would have the freedom rest banged up players like Ezekiel Elliott and Zack Martin. It would also allow them to work in returning players such as Sean Lee and Tavon Austin and figure out their new rotations without pressure to win.

Beating the Colts on Sunday isn't a given; they're at home and desperate to stay alive in the AFC playoff picture. They are the toughest opponent Dallas has left until January.

But despite that, with the Eagles facing a juggernaut team and Washington trying to play football without a quarterback, there's a great chance that the Cowboys will be the NFC East Champions by Sunday night.

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Game Notes

#INDvsDAL: How The Game May Be Decided In The Red Zone

Kevin Brady



Fantasy Football - Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings - Week 2 2
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In many ways the Dallas Cowboys offense has found their stride in recent weeks. Over this five game win streak they have "found their identity" playing ball control offense and trusting their quarterback to make big throws when needed most. Of course the defense has been the star most weeks, but this offense should not be slept on either.

This doesn't mean the offense has been without their fair share of struggles, however, particularly in the red zone. Struggles that the numbers say could cost the Cowboys this weeks' game in Indianapolis if they don't get it cleaned up.

In terms of red zone offensive efficiency the Cowboys have been downright horrendous. In fact, they are dead-last in the league in success rate inside the 10 yard line, last in first-and-goal success rate, and 21st in success rate between the 11 and 20 yard lines.

There's no sugar-coating those numbers, they are bad. Especially when you consider that this team has arguably the league's best running back and a quarterback with the size and athleticism you might expect from a linebacker.

For as bad as the Cowboys are inside the red zone, the Colts are equally as good. Indianapolis is top 10 in terms of success rate inside the 10, at the goal line, and in first-and-goal success rate. They are also 11th in success rate between the 11 and 20 yard lines.

Despite not having the individual running back the Cowboys have, the Colts offensive line and skill players as a whole set them up a bit better when the field is shortened. Tight end Eric Ebron has been rather incredible in terms of production this season, catching 12 touchdowns on 58 receptions. Andrew Luck is also a more accurate quarterback than Dak Prescott, though Prescott should be a much more dangerous red zone threat than he currently is.

Bob Sturm on Twitter

I am working on the Cowboys 32nd ranked Goal-to-Go offensive numbers. They have run 35 of their 59 total plays out of Shotgun-11 Personnel. In those 35 plays, the average gain per snap is....12 INCHES. I am not kidding. They could out-gain that by running QB sneaks. I am amazed.

Of course, some of the Cowboys red zone struggles can be pinned on offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. Linehan has failed to scheme open the "easy" red zone touchdowns we see so often around the league. As pointed out by Bob Sturm on Twitter this week, the Cowboys' personnel groupings and play calls when in goal-to-go situations have been questionable to say the least. But while blame does fall on the coaches' shoulders, the players need to execute better as well.

Games in the NFL often come down to just a handful of plays, and red zone efficiency plays a key role in deciding the outcome of close games every week. If this is once again the case on Sunday, based on past performance, the Dallas Cowboys could be in trouble against the efficient Colts.

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