Are You Smoking Crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Marion Barber really believe he deserves L.T. money? Or is this just another slime ball sports agent’s ploy to get Marion the most he can? Well either way it’s absolutely ridiculous, and if I were the Cowboys I would call their bluff.

The Cowboys offered Barber a very solid contract the other day at 5 years 30 million. Apparently though Barber and his agent (Drew Rosenhaus) feel that this is not enough money for this type of back. The type of back they are referring to is LaDainian Tomlinson! What?? Are they smoking crack? Did Nate Newton start hanging out with Marion, to supply him with Mary Jane? Did Carson Palmer hit Drew in the head with a football? Or have they simply lost there f**king mind!

At what point do you think the following conversation took place? “O.K. Marion here is what I feel you are worth, somewhere between L.T. and Clinton Portis!” I mean this conversation had to take place right? I will say this he very well may end up being worth that kind of money, but there is no way he is right now! Don’t get me wrong I really, really like “The Barbarian”, but I know I don’t like 50 million like him.

I tell you what I would do if I were Jerry Jones; I would simply tell Drew and Marion you have my offer! You can accept my 5 year 30 million offer and have yourself guarantees beyond this year, or you can play out this years deal and hope your as good as you say you are! There is just no way can I see giving up this much cash on a guy that has been a back up his whole career. The Cowboys were right in line when offering him Michael Turner money.

In the end all I can hope for is that Marion puts down the crack pipe and proves to be worth L.T. money, and not just the next Troy Hambrick!!!!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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