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ATL 27 DAL 7: Injuries Plague Cowboys In Embarrassing Loss

Kevin Brady



Dak Prescott gave it everything he had today, but he and the Dallas Cowboys simply had no chance.

After a fantastic play by Anthony Brown forced an Xavier Woods interception, Prescott ran it in from a few yards out to give the Cowboys a 7-0 lead. Atlanta quickly cut it to 7-3, where the score would hold for much of the first half.

But as the injuries piled up for the Cowboys, and they were left without Tyron Smith, Sean Lee, and Ezekiel Elliott, they had no answers for the Atlanta Falcons.

Falcons defensive end Adrian Clayborn sacked Prescott six times, each time after beating replacement left tackles Chaz Green and Byron Bell. There is no way to sugar coat it, Green was awful today. On most snaps he offered little resistance, and put Prescott at risk of injury on every play. When Bell came in for relief, he was just as bad.

With the hits piling up and Prescott having no chance, the Cowboys offense struggled to score just 7 points. If not for the early interception, the Cowboys might have been shut out today.

As putrid as the offense was, the defense was no better. With Sean Lee out after just a few minutes, the Falcons exploited the Cowboys' weak linebackers. Atlanta ran and passed the ball with ease en route to 27 points.

Dallas now falls to 5-4, and considering how good the rest of the NFC has been, will have difficulty getting into the playoffs. The next few games are critical to the Cowboys if they hope to make any type of run into January.

Next week, the Cowboys will face the 8-1 division leading Philadelphia Eagles. And if both Tyron Smith and Sea Lee are out once again, it's hard to imagine a scenario where this goes well for the Cowboys.

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and am currently a college student. Lets get going.

  • Michael Barthel

    You are absolutely right. This team is terrible. The coaching staff should of pulled chaz green after first half he was terrible injuries and his play he should be released right now he is not capable of starting in this league. Every damn game we worry about lee and when he goes out there goes the chance of winning that’s pathetic. Jaylon Smith looks lost and confused every play. Anthony Brown gets beaten way too much. I blame the coaching staff for this lost they did not have this team ready to play with 2 of their best players sidelined with a 3rd before halftime. They did not adjust anything at all. Marinelli needs fired like now we as fans are getting sick of this. Garrett almost every week when a key player goes down is getting out coached. Without zeke lee and Smith Dallas is awful. Since Jerry doesn’t want to spend money to help out the damn defense looks like Dallas will continue to have a porous defense. If it wasn’t for dominating bad teams this team could be in very bad shape. If Smith and lee don’t play next week look out cuz dak will get sacked more than 9 times. For one guy to sack dak 6 times by himself is sickening. Green needs to be cut like right now cuz he is one of the worse lineman I have ever seen in my life. Dallas screwed up taking him in the 3rd round

    • Michael Barthel

      That’s Jerry for you though messing up picks and putting this defense in bad spots every single year. Brown is not ready to be a starter at corner. Lewis was beaten alot today too. If Garrett and marinelli return next year I think I’m done watching them cuz they are both terrible and have no reason to be coaching NFL teams. We had a easy schedule last year that’s why Garrett won coach of the year. Still our defense wasn’t very good against bad teams last year. This year has shown fans that were getting sick of this well were miissing 3 of our best players so we’re not that good. No NFL left tackle should give up 6 sacks to a defensive end that is not that very good

      • Michael Barthel

        I mean Williams is inconsistent one game has 9 catches 141 yards then completely disappears. Dak tried to do everything he could but without Smith this offensive line isn’t that good. That’s sad considering we still have Martin Frederick and Collins. Dez started off good then disappeared. Zeke gone we have no offense. Morris didn’t start going until 3rd quarter but then green gets called for holding then gives up a sack. I don’t think Dallas can win games without lee Smith and zeke. I had alot of faith before this game that they could but every analyst said they would be lost without them and they completely were. Defense is lost when lee leaves or isn’t playing. Offensive line can’t block without Smith. Running game can’t go without zeke. Morris said we will be okay with him how our running game didn’t look the same as the past 3 games with 130 yards a game. Our receivers didn’t step up and help dak. Witten disappeared. Everyone on the offense disappeared after the first quarter. Very hard to make playoffs now. We need a high pick to help this defense and get a better swing tackle and backup tackle cuz this game looked terrible and they got dominated in every aspect of the game. I understand you can’t win them all but good teams don’t get completely blown out like we have against Denver who is bad themselves and Atlanta who couldn’t buy offensive help

        • Michael Barthel

          I will say thought that the refs completely screwed us this game. 2 receivers knocked down twice no call. I have never heard of grabbing helmet by ear hole a 15 yard penalty. Everytime Dallas got going they called us for something. Atlanta got maybe 2 penalties Dallas had double digits c’mon man that’s ridiculous. Refs ruin games every week. Wouldn’t of made a huge difference but would of extended alot of drives for Dallas. How many face mask did they miss against Atlanta they missed alot of calls on Atlanta but caught every single call for dallas

    • MD

      Oh stop with the over reaction. They are not terrible but not special or playoff run worthy without injured starters like most teams. That said today’s game was another example of Garett’s inability to make in game adjustments. They are usually fine playing with a lead but having to make adjustments is something he has never really done well. Green was horrific today but it’s obvious the coaching staff should have schemed better to give him help. In all honesty Tyron Smith has been pretty bad this year also. Because of the back issues he just can’t hold his ground in pass protection hence the number of holding calls. I think Jaylon Smith was a nice story but it appears he just doesn’t have it right now to be anything more than a situational player at best let alone an every down player which he will have to be if Lee is absent for an extended period. With all of this adversity a win against the Eagles will put them back on the right track. I said 11-5/10-6 this year. They are capable of going 5-2 the rest of they way. Let’s hope Garrett and the coaching staff can solve some of these problems by next Sunday Night…….

      • Michael Barthel

        I see the only wins without zeke will be the chargers giants and skins. So yeah maybe 10-6 is right but I don’t think that will be good enough for a playoff berth. Falcons and green bay both have wins against us and they both in my opinion have a easier schedule. I think Dallas finishes 7th best in nfc. Wish that wasn’t true but I just don’t see Dallas winning much without them. Say what u will but even with Tyron smith hurt playing is better than chaz green 100% healthy. Smith has given up holding calls yes but he doesn’t give up 6 sacks to one guy that isn’t even that good. Smith is the best left tackle in the game and it was proven tonight. With him Dallas has given up 10 sacks in 8 games. Without Smith we gave up 9. Lee being out kills us at any chance of winning games cuz the defense is completely lost and terrible without lee

  • Russ_Te

    Aikman said he’s never seen pass blocking as bad as Green’s today, or something to that effect. And Aikman absorbed an 11-sack nightmare as a rookie against Philadelphia.

    I think Dallas fans figured the offense was still good with Morris or Smith or McFadden at RB. To see it all unravel because there’s no depth at OT, is pretty deflating.

    Aside from Garrett coaching another stinker like he did in Denver, it’s worrisome for the season and also for how long Tyron Smith can play football. Once the back injuries start, as we’ve seen, it’s usually deterioration from there. So the new draft priority might be OT and not RDE.

    It may prove to not be, but this season looks over now – play subs more to see who emerges and to get the highest pick possible.

    Garrett opened the game with the same predictability as he did in Denver – hand off on 1st downs. If that gets stuffed on the road, it throws off multiple bad effects that can set the tone for the entire game. He seems oblivious to that.

    He lets a player who can change defensive alignments, Butler, sit on the bench most downs.
    Worst is: how many sacks does Green have to give up before you get him help or bench him? Garrett went well into the 3rd quarter before visible alteration was made with Green.

    Then on that 3rd & 19 on the Atlanta 21, Garrett throws a screen that isn’t going to get 19 or score. That is a call for 2nd and very long, not 3rd. On 3rd & 19 from there, you throw it into the end zone, or dump it off as a last option. You roll Dak right to get away from Clayborn, and try to get 7. Instead Garrett calls a cave-in screen to set up a FG to trim the Atlanta lead to 17-10.

    He deserved to miss the FG.

  • tjones122

    The offense never got in a rhythm ala Chaz greenbrier think the offense will be fine. The defense was just starting to turn the corner and lee gets hurt. Why didnt we go after daryl Washington or bowman again?

Game Notes

Why The Seahawks Will Be Looking Into A Mirror Against The Cowboys Sunday

Kevin Brady



Sean's Scout: Starting Front 7 Sets Tone Early, Cowboys Depth Falters in Loss to Bengals 1
AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth

For the better part of the last decade one defense has reigned supreme over the NFC. One defense has continually put their offense and team in position to win big games, including a dominant Super Bowl win over one of the more productive offenses in recent memory.

That defense, of course, belonged to the Seattle Seahawks.

With a secondary deemed as the "Legion of Boom" and a defensive line which rotated through Pro Bowl level talent routinely, the Seahawks bolstered one of the best defenses the NFL has ever seen. A defense which perfectly complimented the physical, run first philosophy their offense lived by.

Players like Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, and Bobby Wagner will arguably be Hall of Famers one day, and they wreaked havoc on the conference for a strong 3-5 year stretch.

Now, however, things are changing.

Gone are many of the elite players which once bolstered the Seattle defense to top-tier status, and while some big names remain, the talent level simply isn't the same. The Seahawks missed the postseason a year ago, and now sit at 0-2 before their home opener today against the Cowboys.

Their window looks to be closed, while their opponent today is looking to build their defense (and team) in the mold of what once was in Seattle.

Former Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard has come to Dallas and brought with him a more aggressive defensive philosophy, one which he deployed successfully with the Seahawks. Under Richard the Cowboys are blitzing more often on third down than they have in the past under Rod Marinelli, they're utilizing more single high safety looks, and they are allowing their long and talented corners to do what they do best in coverage.

The Seahawks once leaned on a deep pass rush and long, physical secondary. The 2018 Cowboys are looking to do the same thing.

The Seahawks once leaned on a mobile quarterback to make plays with his feet while relying on a strong running game and one of the league's best backs. The 2018 Cowboys are looking to do the same thing.

Byron Jones and Chidobe Awuzie look like they were molded in a 2013-Seahawks lab as cornerbacks, and DeMarcus Lawrence is as productive as any pass rusher those defenses had. Of course, we aren't able to say the Cowboys have the consistent front four depth that those Seattle teams did or that they have the single high safety of Earl Thomas' caliber, but the preliminary pieces are clearly in place.

Today the Cowboys look to improve to 2-1 with a conference road win. But, they also look to bury the Seahawks in the past and take another step towards cementing themselves as one of the elite defenses in the NFC.

It won't happen over night, but anyone can see that the potential is there.

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Game Notes

Cowboys, Seahawks Week 3 Injury Report

Jess Haynie



Cowboys Offense: More Hot Sauce Needed From Cole Beasley 3
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas isn't the only guy whose playing status is in question for today's game. Other key players for Seattle and the Dallas Cowboys appear on the teams' Week 3 injury reports.

The Cowboys are looking to move to 2-1 and maintain a slim lead in the NFC East. The Seahawks are still looking for their first win of 2018, and the drama around Thomas isn't helping the fear of a locker room implosion.

What players may not be out there to help their teams to victory?

Dallas Cowboys

  • C Travis Frederick (illness) - OUT
  • DT Maliek Collins (knee) - OUT
  • WR Cole Beasley (ankle) - Questionable
  • LB Sean Lee (hamstring) - Questionable
  • S Xavier Woods (hamstring) - Questionable

Frederick remains out as he deals with his neurological disease. Dallas decided to keep him on the 53-man roster, rather than place him on injured reserve, with the hope that he could return before Week 9. There are still several weeks before we'll know if that was a good move.

Maliek Collins will be out today after a minor knee injury suffered last week against the Giants. Taking his spot will be Datone Jones, who returns from his own knee issue after missing the first two games.

You don't like seeing your quarterback's favorite receiver and your defensive leader on the same injury report. Thankfully, though, it appears both Cole Beasley and Sean Lee will be available today.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

For the #Cowboys, WR Cole Beasley (ankle) is expected to play, and LB Sean Lee (hamstring) should be good to go, as well, based on how he moved around in practice on Friday, sources say.

Finally, we come to the ever-intriguing Xavier Woods. While limited in practice all week, Woods is expected to make his season debut in Seattle. We will see if Xavier gets the start at free safety, or if Dallas will ease him back in and keep Kavon Frazier starting for now.

With all of the hype around Dallas' possible acquisition of Earl Thomas, one has to hope that Xavier won't overdo it and make matters worse with his hamstring. Between the enthusiasm just to play and the threat to his starting job, the second-year stud should be pretty amped up.

Seattle Seahawks

  • WR Doug Baldwin (knee) - OUT
  • C/G Ethan Pocic (ankle) - OUT
  • LB K.J. Wright (knee) - OUT
  • C Justin Britt (shoulder) - Questionable
  • LB Mychal Kendricks (ankle) - Questionable
  • S Earl Thomas (???) - ???

Seattle remains without Baldwin, their leading receiver from 2014-2017, and it shows in their offensive play. QB Russell Wilson is currently at career lows in completion percentage and passer rating, plus has already thrown three interceptions in just two games.

The Seahawks have issues up front as well. Starting left guard Ethan Pocic will also miss today's game. With right guard D.J. Fluker returning this week after missing the first two, that will allow backup J.R. Sweezy to flip over to the other side.

If that wasn't enough, starting center Justin Britt missed the entire week of practice with a shoulder issue. He has not been ruled out, though. Regardless, those are a lot of red flags on your offensive line with the Cowboys' emerging defense coming to town.

Also out today will be Pro Bowl linebacker K.J. Wright. That means we could see Mychal Kendricks, who was just recently booted from Cleveland after being charged with insider trading, playing a major role today. Kendricks knows the Cowboys well, having played with the Eagles from 2012-2017.

And lastly, Earl Thomas.

No health or injury-related reason has been given for why Thomas missed practices on Wednesday and Friday. "Personal reasons" is all you're getting from Seattle, fueling rampant speculation that a trade is in the works. Whether or not that trade is with the Dallas Cowboys is pure conjecture at this point.

What we do know is that Seattle is 0-2 and trending down this year. Holding onto Thomas and his expiring contract, only to lose him for nothing next year in free agency, would be foolish.

We'll see if Earl plays at all today. If he doesn't, the trade talk is going to explode.

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Game Notes

Cowboys Wishlist: Dallas Cowboys VS. Seattle Seahawks

Mauricio Rodriguez



Cowboys Center Travis Frederick Still Hoping to "Be a Rock" for Teammates Despite GBS Syndrome

It's week 3 of the 2018 NFL season and this match-up already feels like one of the most important ones the Dallas Cowboys will play in the season. The reason why is they need to prove they're good enough to win consistently and that they won't have another year that feels like a roller coaster of wins and losses like 2017 did. As they travel to Seattle to face the 0-2 Seahawks, the 1-1 Cowboys can't miss a perfect opportunity versus one of the weakest units in football: the Seahawks' offensive line.

As every gameday, here is my Cowboys Wishlist for this week's action. As always, I encourage you to share your wishes with me in the comments section below or tweet me @MauNFL!

Meet Brett Maher, the Cowboys Kicker Replacing Dan Bailey for 2018

Dallas Cowboys K Brett Maher (Shanna Lockwood / USA TODAY Sports)

Wish #1: Brett Maher Kicks a 50+ yard FG.

Dan Bailey recently signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Cowboys Nation will experience a very odd feeling when they see their former kicker wear purple. If there's something that can make fans feel better is watching the guy who replaced Bailey nail a long field goal in Seattle.

Brett Maher showed he could kick a 47-yard FG in preseason, but we want to see him pull it off in a kick that will actually go down in the books. The decision to release Dan Bailey won't leave our minds until we see Maher do his job.

Wish #2: Rico Gathers Scores His First Career TD.

It felt like forever, but tight end Rico Gathers was activated for the first time in his career last Sunday. Rico didn't get his first catch even though he was targeted twice by Dak Prescott. The most notable moment was when Gathers seemed to be open in the endzone but Dak missed him.

Although Prescott's pass could've been better, Gathers did stumble a little bit and wasn't where he should've been to catch that touchdown. No worries, Rico's career is only beginning. I wish his first touchdown ever finally comes this week.

Sean's Scout: Starting Front 7 Sets Tone Early, Cowboys Depth Falters in Loss to Bengals 1

Dallas Cowboys CB Byron Jones, Chidobe Awuzie (AP Photo / Michael Ainsworth)

Wish #3: Defense Gets Its First Interception of the Year.

Through two weeks of NFL action, the Dallas Cowboys defense has been one of the most impressive units. Ranking as the third best in total points in the league, the Cowboys' defense might begin being the team's best side of the ball. At least, it has been for the first two weeks.

Last week, they limited Odell Beckham Jr. to only 51 yards. Byron Jones and Chidobe Awuzie have played pretty well so far, but I wish they're able to get their first interception of the year. Dallas has one takeaway from week 1 versus the Panthers, but it came in form of a fumble.

Let's get that interception from Russell Wilson, who will be pressured most of the day by a very productive Cowboys' front seven.

Wish #4: 20+ Point Performance

Despite a very exciting first drive versus the Giants last week, the Cowboys' offense still needs to prove it can be successful enough to win games. Scott Linehan's unit had some good drives but it also failed to maintain a consistent attack all game. That may seem okay, but the Cowboys will have to win against some pretty tough defenses.

Seahawks will present the team with a very interesting challenge and one that I wish they pass. As good as the defense is playing, the offense needs to show up in order to win later games.

Wish #5: Contain Russell Wilson

Wilson is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL. His agility might be the best among every other signal caller in the game, becoming a very tough guy to defend. He can hurt you with his arms and legs and can throw on the run pretty well. All week we've been talking about how sacking the Seahawks' QB is a key to the victory, but it's more than that.

Wilson is good in the pocket, but when he starts scrambling or running out of the pocket only to throw the ball once the defense is out of position, he becomes a pretty painful headache. The Cowboys need to put him on the ground, but they also need to contain him all day long. He's basically his team's entire offense.

Tell me what you think about "Cowboys Wishlist: Dallas Cowboys VS. Seattle Seahawks" in the comments below, or tweet me @MauNFL and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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