Miles Austin Unlikely To Be Franchised: Mike Iupati Watch Begins

Ok Cowboy’s fans and NFL fans alike.  Lets get this show going.  The NBA allstar game has cleared out of Cowboys Stadium, Valentines Day is over, and the franchise deadline looms.  All this means one thing… Our small vacation is over and coverage is back full swing.

Lets get started.  The Cowboys have a decision to make in the upcoming days.  Do we Franchise Miles Austin?  While the argument could be compelling, do you really want to give your most productive receiver and young star an opportunity to look elsewhere?

Miles Austin didn’t really do much this season just posted a mere 1,320 yards and 11 touchdowns.  Not really too exciting when thinking about how many cowboys receivers have posted better stats.  Wait you mean he’s had one of the top seasons out of all the cowboys receivers ever?  He posted more touchdowns this season then Irvin ever did?


Miles Austin is more then a franchise tag, he is a long term franchise receiver.  Someone for Romo to grow with and make waves with.  I expect Jerry to ink Miles long term, but we’ll keep you updated.

Draft Watch

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Mike Iupati.  I have projected this Dallas Cowboys to pick Iupati at the 27th pick and apparently I am not alone.  MyNFLdraft a draft specialized NFL website has also projected Iupati to fall into the Cowboys laps.  After a brilliant display at the Senior Bowl Iupati would be exactly what the Cowboys are looking for in an offensive lineman.  Keep an eye on him during the Combine in the next couple weeks.

As I’ve said before, the break here for us DCN bloggers is over and it’s time to attack this offseason full force, so stay tuned for player biographies, analysis, and news breaks.

What do you think?


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