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Inconsistency Plagues Dallas Cowboys in Loss to New York Giants

Tonight we saw each running back in action and they looked pretty good. Barber banged out 124 yards on only 18 carries and Felix Jones added 96 yards and both players scored key touchdowns in the loss. But the win goes to the Giants, not the Cowboys.

Immediate Reaction: Cowboys Sink The Bucs

The worrisome part of the game was the Dallas defense actually. The Bucs ran for over 170 yards and scored two touchdowns, racking up 5.6 yards a carry.. The Cowboys cannot play that way against the Giants and expect to win, not with Brandon Jacobs in the backfield.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Preview: Part Two

The defense may be a little meaner and the offense a little more disciplined. The turnovers have to stop, and Romo can’t throw his customary one interception a game just to get it out of his system.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Preview: Part I

Jason Witten and second-year man Martellus Bennett are poised to become a potent receiving tandem as the Cowboys look to feature more two-tight end sets than in past seasons.

Why DeMarcus Ware Is Better Than Shawne Merriman

has more tackles that Shawne during the final period amassing 17. Another situational stat shows that Ware has 3 sacks on 3rd and long, forcing the team opposing into an obvious 4th and long situation. Merriman on the other hand had no sacks and only 1 tackle on 3rd and long in 2007.

Jason Henry

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