B.W. Webb Making Strides in TC

Who else thought that B.W. Webb was a wasted draft pick about the midway point of last season? The game seemed too fast, too smart, and just too big for the rookie out of William & Mary.

I was one of those people; don’t get me wrong, I was hoping for the best. But does everyone remember the Chicago game from last season? Yeah, the whole defense was horrid, but B.W. looked like he didn’t belong in the NFL.

In my opinion, it was a forgone conclusion that Webb would be cut as early as the first round of cuts. Especially the emergence of Terrance Mitchell and other rookies with strong OTA and minicamp performances.

But what a difference an offseason can make. As David Helmon pointed out on in last weekend’s power rankings, “B.W. Webb has actually looked surprisingly good at camp this year. Not starter-good, but good.”

Webb has been more of a physical presence so far in training camp, using more of his long reach and strength instead of just relying on speed. Overall, he seems to be playing with more confidence and swagger, which could just be from enhanced comfort within the scheme.

Webb’s swagger and confidence from training camp carried over into the Cowboys’ first preseason game. In a game that didn’t see a whole lot of positive things for the defense, one of the bright spots was B.W. Webb. Webb allowed one catch for 10 yards and played in 65 snaps. He also showed he was capable of playing special teams as a backup at punt returner.

When his release was all but a sure thing for many fans, Webb’s growth as a player has made the decision for the coaches a lot tougher. And really, that’s all you can ask for from a player. Make it hard for the coaches to keep you off the field, and Webb is doing just that.

What do you think?

Brian Leatherman

Written by Brian Leatherman

Brian has been a football junkie from the time he was 5 years old. He lives, eats and breathes the game. Brian is a college graduate living in the south who loves his faith, his family, and his Dallas Cowboys.


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