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Bertrand Berry to Dallas, Seriously?

I've got just a couple of points to discuss right now, and the first is Bill Parcels. It's been what, a few weeks since the sale of the Dolphins became final, and I'm still seeing a bunch of news articles and blogs about his option to leave being extended? Bill Parcels wasn't worth that much media attention in New York, Dallas, and damn sure not in Miami. Let's get over the very boring news that the Tuna got some more control … please.

Now that's out of the way, I found a blog offering a top 30 list, including predictions of where each will go, or stay as the case may be for some. What caught my eye was number 16, go check it out and you tell me, what exactly do you think they're smoking over there at

I guess everyone has their own , and it does fit the Cowboys MO the past few years to pick up older players, but come on, DE Bertrand Berry? If, like me, you aren't very familiar with him anymore, click his name to see his player profile.

He started his career with the Colts in 1997, went to the broncos a few years later, including one full year out of the league in 2000, before landing in Arizona in 2004. He has had some decent years but hasn't managed to start a full season since 2004, whether because of , which he's had some pretty big problems with in 05, 06, and 07, or because of performance.

According to at, the Cowboys will pick him up this . I can't say that I know with any degree of certainty that they will or will not sign him, but I'm guessing that the Cowboys are going to play it a little safer this year.

Berry, besides his age, has been far too injury prone missing more than 20 games since 2005. Does anyone have the Cowboys making a smart move in ? I haven't seen any yet is why I'm asking.

And one more note, as a bonus, I love how so many sources are saying that the Cowboys and are already talking, even now after the Ravens have all but said they will pay to keep him. John Harbaugh went so far as to say that they'd likely be willing to pay him more than any other team. What's really odd about it is that people still think is stupid enough to tamper with a player. I know Jerry has made some poor decisions in recent years, but player tampering is hardly one of them.

What fun is a circus if you don't stop to laugh every now and again?

Bryson T
Bryson T
Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside The Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter - @InsideTheStarDC

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Do the people who run that site even watch sports, I mean really, what are they thinking

Bryson Treece

God only knows … I never heard of that site before I saw this article, and it hasn’t really inspired me to go back there.


I like it. I sure as hell couldn’t do any better.

Bryson Treece

Yeah, they do a lot of good things, but since I’m mainly concerned with Cowboys stuff, they kind of turned me off of their site with such a stereotypical projection. The Cowboys don’t always take thugs, they don’t always take old players.

They have taken two old players the past 3 years, and two thugs the past 2 years, and everyone of them has produced to some level at different times. It doesn’t mean the perceived “Freak show” that is the Cowboys will continue to madness.

Kind of against the perpetual laughter surrounding the team right now. product of being a life long, die hard fan.

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