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The Cowboys have been relatively quiet this off season, and we are about the witness the last move in this free agency period at least until the draft. Roy Williams has asked to be released or traded by the end of the day today, though I wouldn’t expect a release since the Cowboys would take a considerable hit in the cap area. So I thought we’d take a look at the Cowboys moves in a “Perception Versus Reality” aspect.

A week ago the Cowboys made a jaw dropping move by trading a perceived valuable corner back for a “washed up” Quarterback in John Kitna. Our perceptions are typically based on media, bad tape, and yes even playing video games. But this is reality. The market this year wasn’t great for Quarterbacks, especially backups…Sure there was Byron Leftwich, Jeff Garcia, Kurt Warner-but good luck getting them to agree to a back up roll. John Kitna is a proven jump starter, not flashy, not a star, but solid! He adds the arm strength and accuracy to at least solidify our offense in times of need with huge playmakers like Witten, Owens and Barber. Like it or not (and I like it) Tony Romo is our Quarterback and I wouldn’t have it any other way, so give me a John Kitna as a band aid when small scrapes come along.

Now I’m not stupid and I get frustrated with GM Jerry, but I am getting viciously frustrated with the fair weather fan; who doesn’t understand and verbally slaughters the Keith Brooking signing. This isn’t rocket science, Keith has had a legitimately great career and though he didn’t make a lot of show stopping plays last year, he has that potential. You’re talking about implementing a great player, at a cheap price, in a scheme where he was consistently flourishing. Not to mention he brings leadership unseen since Darren Woodson, and he’ll be able to teach our younger linebackers. He is instant stability in a defense lacking ferociousness.

Lastly, Roy Williams. A great player. We shouldn’t expect much, maybe a 3rd or 4th rounder at best. But let me say this: Was he beat in coverage? Yes. Was he inconsistent? Absolutely. But when he flashed, HE FLASHED! Bone Jarring Tackles, and he instilled fear. 5 pro bowls will say it all… Some years were harder than others but I appreciate what he has done. If he goes you’ll never hear me say anything negative.

It’s easy to get caught in the opinion that is often influenced by media, but perception is not reality in all cases, lets not judge these books by their cover….

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

  • mike

    Now those are reasonable thoughts I can agree with , although I think if Jerry could get a 3rd rd pick for Roy it would be done instantly. I figured they were going to cut him after they picked up a safety or two in the draft or possibly a fa at the right price. They would take a cap hit of course but it would still be cheaper than keeping him.

  • bags030404

    First of all there is absolutely no way anyone gives up a 3rd for Roy “I can no longer tackle” Williams. Flash? This guy has not “flashed” in several years! As far as his Pro Bowls go, I will give him credit for 2 of those! The rest were completely bogus! I have had to suffer, like all other Cowboy fans through years of watching him point the finger at someone else for him missing his assignments. I completely agree with you on all your other assumptions, but I must disagree with you here. Welcome to the site, and very nice article!

  • Bryson Treece

    Yep, a 3rd is going to be too high with how his last three years have been, and there aren’t any teams in the league right now desperate enough to do that for a safety, except maybe Dallas.

    I actually figured a 4th to be at best, but expect to see a 5th if he gets traded. I don’t see him getting traded though, since teams know by waiting they’ll get him cheaper, and without compensating Dallas for him.

  • Bryan Martin

    I don’t think that Roy is a bad player in the RIGHT scheme. The problem is, what is the right scheme? a 4-3 maybe? I think that a team with the right scheme knows that….so at best you could see a 3rd but it is probably unlikely, but in my defense i did say at best. I do however definitely appreciate your compliments, and thank you for giving me opinions from a different spectrum! Hope you continue to read!

  • Teisha Varnedoe

    I actually appreciate this post. We need to have way more folks like you bringing value towards the community. Can I put this post on my blog? I’d give you credit and link back of course.

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