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Beyond the bubble: 7 players that won’t pass waivers

Every year fans tend to go a little crazy over players who seemingly show up in a big way during only to be cut when the final 53 is announced.

With the task of fielding a legitimate unit, replacing injured players that will come back at some time during the regular season, and accounting for players who are suspended for the start of the season (Scandrick) the coaches often have to make tough choices when it comes to certain players that otherwise are worthy of a spot on a final 53.

Often times these same players do not make it past the and go on to be productive elsewhere to the sound of “told ya so’s” across .

The following is my list of guys on the bubble who have potential of being that next star player somewhere else.

Dustin tops my list. As a result of the aforementioned issues, it will be very difficult for the Cowboys to go 3-deep at QB. However, given the potential of reinjuring his back, Vaughan still has an outside chance to be the player backing up Weeden, should the unthinkable happen.

Based on his few carries against lesser-competition, Ryan Williams could be the better . But unless the Cowboys keep four, which is doubtful, Williams is likely on the outside looking in considering Randle’s ability to contribute on Special Teams.

Jakar Hamilton – The 2nd year has drawn much praise during , but has failed to impress during the actual games. If the Cowboys keep 5 safeties, he would be my choice for the 5th at this point in preseason.

Jamar Newsome – As Dustin Vaughan’s favorite target, he has made a strong case for belonging on the final 53. Trouble is, the Cowboys likely do not keep more than 6 receivers, and 5 spots are locked down. The 6th, in my , will likely go to LaRon Byrd.

Zach Minter – He has played in one game after only one practice, and was able to establish himself in a manner that none of the other have been able to do in 2 preseason games. It could be argued that he had the benefit of playing against a who likely doesn’t make the Ravens final 53, and he seemed to struggle against the run, however, he finished with 4 tackles, 2 , two tackles for loss, a hurry and a forced fumble.

LaRon Byrd – It’s hard to imagine Byrd not making the team. At 6-4 220 lbs. and the ripe age of 25, he has caught just about everything thrown in his direction during training camp and preseason games. However, given the separation of talent being minimal between him and 3 other players likely vying for the same spot, he very well could find himself playing for a different team this year.

and are locks. Amobi Okoye reportedly returns to practice this week for the Cowboys. is the incumbent veteran. is a better fit as a DT. Zack Minter – in limited work – showed up more than any one of the above in 1 game… after 1 practice. While it's difficult to imagine a final 53 without Coleman, given the above considerations, it is not entirely unthinkable.

It is my personal belief that if any of the above are cut for any of the aforementioned reasons, these players will not make it past the waiver wire. However, should they make it to the Cowboys , they are a few across the NFL away from fielding offers.

I am hoping the Cowboys continue with their trend of opting to develop youth and weathering the growing pains over choosing players whose abilities have peaked at average or worse. All of the above have a strong chance of making the team.

At this point, though, it truly is anybody's guess as to what the coaches see and believe.

Jonathan Day
Jonathan Day
I am 35, married and a father of 2 boys. I have been a Cowboys fan since Jimmy Johnson took over; not because I had anything against Tom Landry, but because it just so happens I was old enough to start following and understanding football right as that new era began. Since then, I haven't missed games if I could help it.

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Dave Woodard

I have not missed a game since 1975 that I can remember, if it’s been televised! DirecTV help solve that issue too. I grew up during the 20+ straight winning seasons and playoffs! I was so spoiled to winning, Id cry and throw stuff when they lost! I felt like Tom Landry was my Grand Dad I never got to see! Having said that, I am keeping Mr Vaughn! If I can’t fit him on the 53. then I’m taking him over Weeden too! Season is shot if Tony goes down anyway (Playoff hopes anyway) and a year from now Dustin is a better QB than Weeden will ever be IMO! He could be the franchise guy in 3 – 4 years! Weeden is not that guy! If he played every down at his best, then he would be fin! But his mental errors? are too many!


I am with you. I said in another post this is the best prospect at QB the Cowboys have seen since Romo was a prospect. But with all the issues they are having on defense, it will be really difficult for them to keep 53. If it were me making the decision, given the point you made about this season being shot should go down, i’d keep Vaughan over Weeden, as well. Vaughan’s ceiling look’s to be franchise caliber – I’d say he could be the guy in a year to two years based on the limited work we have seen thus far. But it is difficult to say for certain given the level of talent he has played against.

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