It's been three days since we last saw the . They were trotting off of the field after their fifth consecutive loss. It was tough and it's made this week feel tough as a result.

I was at the game and can tell you that there were plenty of Seahawks fans celebrating the win very loudly. As I sat in my seat I wondered how they could be so proud of beating a Romo-less Dallas Cowboys team with a hobbled  by one point.

I guess some teams just have different standards for success.

Our standard was met a handful of times during the game. These were the moments when we felt that victory was possible and that everything was going right (a sense of jubilation that was short lived).

Feast your eyes upon the best plays from when the Dallas Cowboys hosted the 2-Time Reigning Champion and lost by one point.

Or as the Seattle faithful seemed to treat it… as the most impressive victory in franchise .

Matt Cassel Finds Dez Bryant For A First Down

How good did it feel to see Dez Bryant again?

During the National Anthem they showed him standing next to Coach Garrett on the jumbotron bigger than my house and the crowd erupted. His fans and teammates have all missed Dallas Bryant's dad, and while he didn't break any records he did make a nice play on Sunday.

On 3rd and 4 faced a free rusher coming at home. That's free. F-R-E-E. That means you have about a 98% chance at the lights being turned out on the play you're running. Unless you have Dez Bryant.

Cowboys Blog - Big Moments From Cowboys/Seahawks 4

Cassel found a pivot-route-running Dez Bryant who beat . Dez caught it right beneath the first down markers and planted his foot to make a great catch.

After wrapping up the ball Dez turned upfield and scampered for a great first down. It looked like vintage Dez Bryant for a moment, and it shouldn't be overlooked what a great play it was by Matt Cassel.

To get the ball out of there that quickly and get it to Dez in time took some serious speed on the ball. Cassel delivered it perfectly as the Cowboys moved the chains in the third quarter.

Greg Hardy Tips An Interception To Himself

I cannot tell you how hard this is to do.

Seattle's Alvin Bailey, playing in 's absence, tried to get low on . Unless your name is Flo Rida you cannot “get low.”

Hardy simply one hopped over Bailey and saw getting ready to throw. Quick, defensive linemen… what do you do when you see a getting ready to throw?!

Cowboys Blog - Big Moments From Cowboys/Seahawks


With his hands in the air, waving them around like he just didn't care, Hardy was able to get one of his earth-sized hands on Wilson's pass.

He took enough off of the ball and tipped it in the air. With the hopes and dreams of the Dallas Cowboys seemingly floating in the air right in front of him, Greg Hardy knew what he had to do.

He reached out his hands and cradled them ever so gently into his arms. For crying out loud I thought it was Dez Bryant holding Dallas Bryant for a second!

Cowboys Blog - Big Moments From Cowboys/Seahawks 1

After Hardy hauled in the interception he set his eyes towards the endzone and said, “let's roll.”

He scampered down the field and tried his best to get past a flailing Russell Wilson. In all the commotion it hasn't really been said what an amazing Wilson made on Hardy to prevent a touchdown from being scored.

Hardy ultimately returned the interception to the Seattle 15-yard line… exceptional field position for his (which they were only able to convert into 3 points… but that's a different story). This is actually the first interception in Greg Hardy's career… consider The Kraken released!

David Irving Blocks A Go-Ahead Field Goal

With about nine minutes left in the ballgame the Seattle Seahawks sent their , ace Steven Hauschka, out for three points. Trailing 10-12 they knew that a 47-yarder was no big deal for Hauschka and that he could take care of business. Raise your hand if you had other plans in mind!

Cowboys Blog - Big Moments From Cowboys/Seahawks 2

Hello, ! Nice to see you!

The undrafted rookie out of Iowa State has been a guy that the Cowboys have been using on the rotation throughout the season. He made a big time impact when he, a lot like Dikembe Mutombo, told Hauschka that making a field goal under his watch was a big no-no.

Irving's block was huge as it kept the Cowboys in the lead and gave them the ball back with just under nine minutes. Not too long ago the Cowboys would have been able to grind out the rest of the game and run their way to victory in that exact situation.

Unfortunately the Cowboys gave the ball back to the Seahawks and they went downfield and successfully converted a field goal that would prove to be the difference in the game as Seattle won 13-12.

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