It's always tough to stomach a loss, but one to the stings just a little bit more than usual.

When it's your fourth in a row it just feels terrible. You feel like the world is ending for you and your favorite team.

While, yes, the Cowboys lost 27-20 to the New York Giants this past Sunday… there were some moments, two in particular, that made us all smile and gave us all hope for the rest of the 2015 season. Let's take a look.

Terrance Williams Toe Taps For A First Down

Well this was just total shades of Seattle in 2014, wasn't it? Terrance Williams has developed a knack for making big plays – that's a given.

Within that he's also developed a knack for great field awareness that allows him to make these incredible catches near the sidelines. It's practically his signature move.

Cowboys Blog - Big Plays From The Cowboys Week 7 Loss To Giants

He did it again on Sunday.

With the Cowboys trailing 13-20 and facing a 3rd and 9, Matt Cassel knew what all of did… Terrance Williams makes clutch catches.

He rolled out to his right and found T-Will (this is T-Will Tuesday, after all) for a big gain that moved the chains.

This play was particularly epic in the moment as it allowed the Cowboys to continue their drive in their trademark clutch fashion. There was no way that they could have possibly topped this, right?

Devin Street Toe Drags A Touchdown

Right after his first down Terrance William trotted over to the bench for a rest. Feeling like a stud he looked on as one of his fellow receivers managed to outdo what he put together for an incredible play.

Devin Street has yet to really make an impact through his two years in the silver and blue, but man alive did he arrive with a force.

Cowboys Blog - Big Plays From The Cowboys Week 7 Loss To Giants 1

On the very next play after Terrance's brilliant catch Street came up with his own… except Devin's counted for six points.

This was a huge touchdown for the Cowboys as it tied the game at 20 apiece and gave the team hope that they could indeed pull off a win in New York.

It's rare that you see one catch like this in a game, with supreme toe-dragging precision, and it's even more rare that two would happen! It's downright impossible that they would happen back-to-back as the set up and spike for a game-tying touchdown in such epic fashion!

The Cowboys will host the this week as they look to get their first win without the services of . It's going to take some big-time catches like these if they want to take down the Legion of Boom on Sunday.

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