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Big Trades, Keeping Busy, and the Draft

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Big Trades, Keeping Busy, and the Draft

Talk about a lag … it’s been a full week since the last post here. Not to worry, we’re not going anywhere, just got a big project going for the site and figured the lull before the draft was the best time to take care of it. Not quite ready to reveal what the deal is, but we will soon.

For now though, got a few things to cover. First on my list is the trade today that sent the long time Chief Tony Gonzalez to Atlanta. The Falcons gave up their 2010 second round pick for what few will argue is the best tight end to ever play the game.

The move is a certain upgrade for Atlanta as they haven’t really had a good tight end in recent years, let alone a great one that still has a few years left before retirement. Surprisingly though, Kansas City GM Scott Pioli basically said that the Chiefs would be better off without Gonzalez and I just have a hard time swallowing that.

You don’t get rid of a capable player who has been to 10 Pro Bowls in 12 years, and has started all but two games in those very long 12 years. Of course he did want a trade because he wants the chance to win a Super Bowl before he retires, and considering that the Falcons are on the incline with their second year starting QB Matt Ryan and coming off a division title year with an 11-5 record, Tony is definitely making the right move.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs are left with no real replacement for the massive production that Gonzalez provided year in and year out. I guess they’re hoping for a good draft year … we’ll see.

We know too that since the restricted free agent signing period ended that Miles Austin, who did not actually receive an offer from the Jets, has been locked in as a Cowboy for 2009. Along with WR Sam Hurd, TE Rodney Hannah, and RB Alonzo Coleman, Austin has not only signed his tender but has signed a longer term contract as well. The Cowboys have no more RFA’s to resign.

They do still have a free agent out there to work on though in Keith Davis as he has yet to sign with anyone. It’s almost a no brainer that the Cowboys need Davis around with his near flawless special teams play, and because he was a capable backup when injuries took down all but him, and even him before it was all over with, at the safety position. He did interview with Kansas City a few weeks ago, but those talks seem to be dead at this point.

And now we head into the draft tomorrow, a time that will be a little hard to sit through as the Cowboys are unlikely to make their first pick before the sun sets, but we could all get a better idea of what’s going on before they actually take that 51st pick by watching a few names.

On my own list, I’ll be watching for Patrick Chung, Louis Delmas, and Brian Robiskie. Coming out of Ohio State he hasn’t really impressed anyone with his good, but not great, combine numbers, and his days at Ohio State can be summed up in much the same way. The real intrigue of Robiskie is in his relationships in the NFL. Being the son of Falcons wide receivers coach terry Robiskie, it figures to be interesting to see if he actually learned anything from the old man.

It’s typical for rookie wide receivers to struggle there first year simply because of adjusting to play at the NFL level, yet this young man might very well have the knowledge to come right in and play. Even if he does have the mental stuff down, it’s still no safe bet that he’ll either be able to execute it or have the talent to go with it, the Cowboys have a better idea than most since they worked him out recently.

Oh yes, this draft is looking more and more interesting for Dallas and we’ll be there for it all as our very own Bryan Martin will be keeping tabs on all the hot moves come Saturday and Sunday. And come Monday morning, not only will we finally have our questions answered, but hopefully we’ll be able to announce our plans here as well.

Bryson Treece

Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside the Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter – @InsideTheStarDC

  • bags030404

    Nice article! Although I do have a different opinion on at least one item. The trade of TG by Kansas city to Atlanta, in my humble opinion was a great move for both teams. Atlanta gets a great piece to there puzzle, and KC somehow got a second round pick for a 12 year veteran! I am in by no means saying that TG is washed up, but honestly he has got maybe 2-3 more years left in him, and KC has about 3 good players! If I am KC I pull the string on that deal all day every day. Why keep one all pro with a team full of nobodies? One last thing I am going to instantaneously begin vomiting blood if this team uses the 51st pick on another deadbeat from Ohio State! I do not care who this guys daddy is, he is not any good, and heavily overrated!

  • Robert NIelsen

    Well, I almost vomited blood when I heard that Jerry Jones TRADED the 51st pick!! WTF?

  • Joe C

    Yeah I am glad I didn’t stay up to watch it haha ( I work overnight’s ). But we are stacked now for tomorrow and who knows maybe they are setting up for something big, guess we will see.

  • TT

    Well so far it’s not looking great as they took OLB Jason Williams at #69, that guy wasn’t a projected 3rd at all, by anyone, so we’ll see what they do now at 75.

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